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Mars in Gemini on DrStandley.com

MARS KEYWORDS: Energy, aggressiveness, competitive, decisive, action, initiative, impulsiveness, adventurous, quick, rapid, physical energy, headstrong, courage, assertiveness and rash.

Mars is in Gemini from July 20, 2024 until September 4, 2024.

We get to see Mars in Gemini say what needed to be said in the first place. It's aggressive and there will be no beating around the bush. Gemini wants to be the first to get the word out. So this is going to be fun.

We could all stand to be a little more 'clear' with ourselves (meaning you, and the other side of you) that we don't always get to see.

Mars is the planet of assertion and drive. Mars (along with the Sun) is the testosterone in the chart. It will describe the degree of force that we go after what we want. Depending on the sign that Mars is in, it will tell us whether we are forceful and confrontational or if we prefer to sit back and watch. It will also reveal what motivates us and what desires drive us most powerfully. The house that Mars occupies in your Natal Chart or Solar Return is where these characteristics will manifest the most.

Mars in Gemini in a very aggressive communicator because Mars rules impulse, aggressive and force while Gemini rules communication. Mars in Gemini can be downright rude, especially when it has hard aspects to it such as squares or oppositions. Those with Mars in Gemini in their personal Natal Chart or Solar Return will need to make certain that are aware of this tendency, especially if they have a hard aspect (squares or oppositions) to Mars in Gemini can cause them to process impulsively and often take things one way, when they were meant to be taken another way.

Remember, Gemini has two faces, so the individual with this placement can be aggressive in a positive way, as well as aggressive in a negative way. Even though Mars in Gemini enjoys a great mind wrestle, it tends to be argumentative and 'can be' easily offended and irritable.

This is one tough communicator who also carries a tough hard tone. This can easily turn out to be one who curses a lot and may even smoke. So you see, even how Mars sounds, can be hard and raspy. Mars is hard on the lungs with this placement, so I STRONGLY SUGGEST no smoking with this aspect, especially if it is in the natal chart because you would just be asking for trouble (called lung disease) or at the very least, bad breath. Further, Gemini rules THE LUNGS!

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This aspect can cause an individual to be just downright rude and foul-mouthed when there are squares connected to it. And if Mars in Gemini has squares to the North and South Node, this can put a real damper on an individual's level of success that they are able to achieve because the individual's style of communication will invariably hold them back.

Mars in Gemini accompanied by hard aspects generally has a dirty mouth and often times has an ashtray mouth to go with it. Gemini rules the lungs, so you can see how dangerous Mars in Gemini can potentially be.

An aggressive planet like Mars with hard aspects is a health condition waiting to happen. So let's just say that smoking is NOT the issue, but getting the clot-shot (vaccine for Covid) is the issue. Watch for this folks because that shot is on the block for lawsuits already for employers forcing employees to get the shot or lose their job.

Check your natal charts to see if you have Mars in Gemini natally, or if Mars in Gemini is squaring any of your Virgo or Pisces planets (or Nodes) during this transit or natally. Also check to see if Mars in Gemini opposes any of your Sagittarius planets.

While Mars in Gemini is certainly a gift for so many reasons, as all planets in a sign are meant to be, it can come with some ugliness and lip service that is just not appreciated, nor easily forgotten, which will dampen career aspirations if this energy is not checked and addressed by the individual.

EXAMPLE OF MARS IN GEMINI -- Mars in Gemini is 'two-faced' which will sure as I'm sitting here talk bad about their best friend or family member. I know one Mars in Gemini individual who could not wait to get on the phone with me to tell me what 'their' close friend said about me after something I wrote in the horoscopes. Again, this was 'their' close friend. Some friend to that person huh? That person's 'close friend' unfriended me, which I would have never known until this person's close friend told me. I would have never known only because I am friends with so many people on Facebook that I really don't even know a lot of the people (not really), so I wouldn't really notice if they were not there any longer unless we had not been interacting regularly. Expansive Natal Chart on DrStandley.com

Anyway, I called this person 'out' on it and brought this 'tattling' and aggressive communication tendency to their attention.

Further I said, "This is YOUR close friend, not mine. Some kind of friend you are, huh?"

Using the Mars in Gemini explanation. I asked, "How does knowing this make me a better person? And how does you telling me this make you a better person?"

If this tattler-teller EVER thinks they will be a close friend of mine, they are delusional. They will NEVER get through my front door.

This is classic Mars in Gemini energy, which is two-faced and attempts to get bad communication stirred between others. Ultimately, this same person ended up unfriending and disconnecting from me a couple of years later, but I always suspected it would happen sooner or later because of this person carries the 'Mars in Gemini' aspect and tendency. One face acts out, tattles and stirs the pot between people, while the other face tries to duck out innocently.

Sometimes even I can be so close to a situation that I don't see it, but when the tattling occurred, it caused me to take note of this person's Mars in Gemini along with squares to Leo planets proving that disloyalty was the likely result.

I am a Gemini so this kind of communication really rubs me raw when I see it, much less experience it. I suppose you could say that telling you this is 'tattling' but I think it is a teachable moment. Notice, I did not reveal the gender of this Mars in Gemini individual or the gender of the other person. There is no need for me to cause others to throw their chi' (energy) at anyone. Just learn the lesson that is being taught here.

This placement makes the mind active, critical and analytical; therefore, that one mis-spoken word could have someone else hanging on it challenging your words or vice versa, wherein you may be doing this to someone else.

For instance if you said to someone with this placement, "You should drink more water." That person might aggressively answer, "Oh I should, SHOULD I? Stop trying to boss me around, tell me what to do and control me!" It is merely being suggested that the person with this placement drink more water, but it is not meant as forceful as it is taken. In a flash the other person analyzed the statement, then forcefully and impulsively answered. That is the nature of Mars, which is forceful, aggressive and impulsive.

Mars in Gemini with a hard aspect (affliction such as squares or oppositions) creates argumentative and irritable reactions.

Mars in Gemini is just a tough communicator and will often find themselves on the outs with others, including friends. If this keeps occurring it would be wise to look within rather than blame shift. 'Maybe' it wasn't meant that way, but 'maybe' you took it that way.

The path to self-actualization is long and tough. It's exciting and enLightening. It's inspiring and uplifting. It's ego-checking and makes us humble. Not everyone can do it and call themselves out on their own sh!t. But try it anyway.

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The great thing about this placement is if there are no hard aspects, then it creates a mind that is mechanical and skillful. This is the placement found in the chart of the child that takes the TV or radio apart and puts it back together. In fact, if you have a child like this, then buy old gadgets at rummage sales or thrift stores that they can tinker around with and they may grow up to be an engineer. Mars in Gemini will figure it out!

Since Gemini rules journalism, writing and interviewing this placement also makes it a wonderful time to further your purpose under this influential aspect. If you are a writer, website builder (like muah) or a blogger, then there is no better time to take advantage of this aggressive energy because you will not tire out during this time. Notice how aggressive journalists, interviewers and the papparazzi will be under this influence.

Looking ahead, I look forward to many journalists, reports, TV new report readers (because that's all they do is read a teleprompter), satellite and cabal (eh hem I mean cable) news stations to fold and go under, literally to the pit (netherworld) where they belong. Mars in Gemini this time around will not be pretty.

Another thing to consider is that Mars is sexual, as it is the ancient ruler of Scorpio and the co-ruler of Aries. Mars in Gemini will have a lot of sexual innuendo and veiled sexual messages. And I mean MESSAGES as Gemini is the messenger of the zodiac. Mars is sneaky, jealous, cruel, manipulative, sexually charged and perverted. Not as much as Pluto, but when channeled in the worst possible ways, perversion is the undertone.

Gemini rules messages, messaging, messengers, reporters, reports, reporting, documents, clerical, secretaries, note takers . . . uh oh, what?

Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio, right? Secretive Scorpio. Mars in Gemini equals secret documents and secrets revealed on what is reported and what is not. This is going to be interesting to see just what Mars uncovers in the sign of Gemini. Get ready for Gemini to show you what was covered up, hidden and tucked away. The two-faces of Gemini is going to tell on itself. Lawmakers are in deep sh!t. Why? Because Scorpio (Mars) rules feces, the swamp and sewage.

Mars in Gemini can be incredibly rude, which leads me to this ---> There is no awakening without a rude-awakening.

on DrStandley.There is no awakening, without a rude awakening on DrStandley.com

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