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Astro Chart, personal readings with DrStandley, health consults with DrStandley, eBooks and more

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Astro Chart, personal readings with DrStandley, health consults with DrStandley, eBooks and more

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The Moon in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus at exactly 9:42 AM EDT. Lunar aspects have an 'orb of influence' of 12 to 14 hours 'before' and 'after' their exactness.

Venus in Pisces square Jupiter in Sagittarius at exactly 7:15 PM EDT where it began in applying degrees on April 9, 2019, it is exact today, and will last in separating degrees until April 22, 2019.

The Moon in Virgo square Mars in Gemini at exactly 11:28 PM EDT. Lunar aspects have an 'orb of influence' of 12 to 14 hours 'before' and 'after' their exactness.

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Side note - 'SOON' I would no longer be writing Expansive Natal Charts or Solar Returns. I don't know the date that I will pull the pin, but I do know that I will soon stop in order to give myself more time to pursue other writings, interests and opportunities that I am creating for myself.

Venus square Jupiter on DrStandley.com

The BIG NEWS today is Venus in Aries square Jupiter in Sagittarius. If there is 'any square' that could possibly be Good, then this square would be the Good one. Remember, squares are 90 degree angle's, like a corner on a box (a square) that feels like a sharp elbow in our side. Still, this aspect 'can be' Good. Venus square Jupiter likes to have just a little bit too much fun, but it could cost you because there is a tendency to be extravagant and self-centered, giving yourself too much attention. This aspect is great for those who can't seem to give themselves some self-care, time alone or do anything wonderful for themselves. If you are constantly doing for others and not taking any time, money or bliss for yourself, then this aspect is for you. For those who have a strong sense of self and have no problem giving yourself what you need then this placement can cause you to think, feel and believe as though the Universe revolves around you. Believing that you are the center of the Universe can lead to self-indulgence in the worst ways.

You will need to make certain you do not walk too far down the, "Me, me, me path", especially if you have a South Node Aries. If you have a North Node Aries, you could certainly use an aspect like this to pull the, "Me, me, me" out of you. This aspect also indicates that a moral code may be lacking. Venus square Jupiter is pretty much a traveling party just looking for a place to land. Self-indulgence is so high with this placement that it can lead to weight gain due to self-indulgent habits. Eat, drink and be merry all in honor of the self. If you want others to see you, make certain you get the input of a trusted friend before you post that selfie that makes you look 'less than' who you really are, but 'more than' in other ways. This will be interesting to see the selfies that pop-up all over social media.

This aspect also produces some carelessness in matters associated with Venus in Love and/or finances since Venus rules both. Too much is taken for granted, and you may lack an appreciation of the true value of things, which includes valuing the people in your life. This could also cause you to squander money, while not appreciating the value of a buck. This could cause you to be very extravagant in both your affections and your finances, finding it difficult to manage both. What ends up occurring is reckless behavior wasting your own money and other people's time. Venus square Jupiter resents being forced to do anything that you would prefer not to do.

So we are back to how this aspect could possibly be Good as a square. If you are a person with low confidence, self-esteem or self-worth, then this aspect will help you 'take' the time for yourself and think, "What about me?" You know that you should, "Put your mask on first before assisting the person next to you" on the airplane. You know that you can't give Love if you don't have it for yourself. How can you give anything that you don't have? I couldn't even give you a drink of water if I have none for myself. There is even Scripture about the oil lamps. If the maidens gave their oil away for those knocking on the other side of the door who had none, then there would be no oil for themselves when the bridegroom arrived. If you have nothing to give, then what you give isn't what you thought. Keep in mind, the wonderful aspects occurring yesterday are still very much in play and serving you as well.

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