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Astro Chart, personal readings with DrStandley, health consults with DrStandley, eBooks and more

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Astro Chart, personal readings with DrStandley, health consults with DrStandley, eBooks and more

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Most accurate horoscopes on the web! Free Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Generational Horoscopes! The Moon is in Sagittarius until Friday, July 7, 2017 at 1:45 PM EDT.

**NOTE -- I write only one (1) Daily Horoscope for all 12 Sun Signs. The Monthly, Yearly and Generational Horoscopes are tailored to each of the 12 Sun Signs.

Today is loaded with action as we have a little bit of everything swirling about the heavens. If you have been keeping up with the July 2017 Astro-Memes then you already knew what was in store for today as the energies were leading up 'in applying degrees' to these aspects. Remember, 'in applying degrees'applying degrees are our intuition as we begin feeling the prodrome (early symptom) of the energies involved. As two planets move closer together where they will soon create as an aspect (trine, square, opposition, etc.) that is 'applying degrees'. After the planets are exact and begin moving apart that is 'in separating degrees' because the planets are separating and growing further apart in degrees. Separating degrees leave us feeling relieved or refreshed that the aspect is over or that it happened at all. If I wrote your Expansive Natal Chart or Solar Return then I included these degrees with each aspect. The closer the degrees to '00' the closer they are to exact and the more you will feel the energy.

While today only has one lunar (moon) aspect, it is an opposition between the Moon and Venus. Dang it! Remember, the Moon rules our emotions, feelings, moods and sensitivities and Venus rules both Love and Money. That is because Venus naturally rules Libra (committed relationships) and Venus rules Taurus (personal money, earned income, self-worth and finances). This can get couples fighting over money in an all out tug-of-war. Someone spent without the others knowledge or approval and they are PISSED! Mercury in Leo on DrStandley.com

Yesterday Venus moved into Gemini and today Mercury moves into Leo. Leo also has a strong will and willpower like none other. This Mercury position produces focused concentration with much will power and strength. It can certainly cause one to become a know-it-all. Mercury in Leo likes to be regarded as the voice of authority because Mercury rules the voice. This can bring about a dramatic and forceful manner of speech. When this is carried too far, it can produce excessive mental pride and arrogance. Mercury in Leo is the placement for the one who thinks they know everything and sees themselves as always being right. There is a strong need to be right. Whatever it is 'in your Life' where you need more willpower to keep you from doing whatever it is that takes you off your path, goal, intention or purpose, that is where you should use the willpower this Mercury in Leo. Where do you need willpower? Do you have a problem eating too much or the wrong foods? Do you have an attitude problem? Do you have anger issues? Channel this fixed mental Mercury in Leo energy inward and fix yourself. If its always someone else's fault, I guarantee, it's probably not. Since Leo has fixed purpose and needs to be right, then apply this to yourself in the form of willpower and make yourself into something better. If you think everyone else has a problem except you, but yet your Life is in shambles, then use this Mercury in Leo to brainwash yourself into a better person. This is THE BEST placement to brainwash yourself into a better self. I need to add this paragraph to full monster-size write-up here! After I finish your Daily Horoscope I will be updating your Monthly Horoscope so you will know how this placement impacts each Sun Sign. Sun trine Neptune aspect on DrStandley.com

The real wonderful news relationship-wise is the Sun Trine Neptune. This aspect has the highest expression of Love and has perfect-timing where Love is concerned, just like the timing of the two cats tails forming the heart. This aspect has all kinds of wonderful qualities associated with it besides relationships. So make certain you click and read more about this aspect. This aspect will help you get 'the get' whatever it is. I cannot stress enough how this aspect has 'perfect timing' down cold. It also knows what to say at just the right time, whether that is comforting someone who just lost a Loved one or shaking hands with a head-of-state. Princess Diana had this aspect. I wonder if each of Jesus's apostles had this aspect because He told them not to worry about food, or where they would sleep or what they were to say, He would provide for them and they would not what to say at the right time. Interesting huh? All successful teams, groups, friends and couples have aspects that work together and I'll bet the apostles had this aspect going on either when they met Jesus or maybe 11 of the 12 had it. Sun square Jupiter on DrStandley.com

And speaking of 11 of the 12, the second major aspect today is the Sun square Jupiter, which you can see I used the 30 pieces of silver to show 'Ill gotten gain'. The 30 pieces of silver was the money Judas (1 of the 12 apostles) made from selling his soul and selling-out Jesus. It is my belief that there is a Judas in every group, family, team, organization or effort. All of the energies of 'the 12' show up and today while everyone is in 'Higher Love' mode, there is someone else taking advantage of them or someone else. I believe if you look closely enough and examine your Life, you will see where you have been the sellout at one time or another, so you will know exactly what it looks like when you see it somewhere else. We all have experience in this, if we are honest. Watch this energy folks and make certain you are not being 'a Judas' (sellout) while there is so much Love going around. Remember how Judas greeted Jesus with a kiss just before Jesus was arrested due to Judas's betrayal and selling of his soul? Well, this day is pretty much the same kind of energy.

Your Monthly Horoscope is updated for each of the 12 Sun Signs. Oh, there's that number again, 12. I could really roll off into some heavy writing here but I'll save it for another time. (winky wink) Just below the date above you will see a drop-down-menu with the Monthly Horoscopes. Click on your Sun Sign and read about Mercury in Leo and how it impacts your Sun Sign. You might want to read the full monster-size write-up here first and then at the end of the write-up you can click your Sun Sign and read about it in your Monthly Horoscope. Some of you may wonder about Mercury in Leo and question whether there is a need to be right. But what if I said it differently, "Mercury in Leo has a very hard time accepting being wrong." How about that? Same thing, just a different way of saying it. Leo is the opposite sign of Aquarius who carries the motto, "I know therefore I am" who is the epitome of the know-it-all. All Sun Signs have an equal and opposite sign. Leo is the opposite of Aquarius and has the same know-it-all-ness, it just shows up differently. Hey, I have Mars in Leo and Jupiter in Aquarius in my natal chart . . TALK ABOUT A KNOW-IT-ALL! Hey, I can admit it, laugh about it and embrace it.

  • The Moon in Sagittarius opposing Venus in Gemini at exactly 1:38 AM EDT. (You will feel this energy within 12-14 hours 'before and after' it occurs.)

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