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Astro Chart, personal readings with DrStandley, health consults with DrStandley, eBooks and more

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Astro Chart, personal readings with DrStandley, health consults with DrStandley, eBooks and more

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Mars Opposing Neptune on www.DrStandley.com

This aspect depicts conflict which, when resolved, results in growth. Oppositions show a tug of war between opposing forces. If they are resolved, then the oppositions become the backbone and strength of the chart.

It is important to understand that Mars is busy, hyper and action-oriented. Mars is assertive, aggressive and competitive, while Neptune is in-tune. Think of Neptune as being intuitive, in-tune and tuning in like a Tune-Ah-Fish, since Neptune is the ruler of Pisces (the fish).

This aspect depicts conflict which, when resolved, results in growth. Oppositions show a tug of war between opposing forces. If they are resolved, then the oppositions become the backbone and strength of the chart.

Mars opposing Neptune is the classic out-of-control mind that leads to the body being out of control. Sex, drugs, alcohol, violence, debauchery, depression, psychosomatic illness, hypochondriac, etc. All sense of reason is lost.

You can be drawn between your assertive self (Mars) and the side which wants to dream (Neptune). Learn to integrate the two sides, which can lead to wonderful creativity. This is how songs are written in a half hour, books are written in a weekend and mountains are climbed in record time.

Mars is aggressive and typically hard to control, while Neptune takes us into the unconscious realm and dream state. This can lead to decisions without much thought leading to the decision. The knee-jerk reaction or reflexive action can be so aggressive that it could turn violent. This kind of quick action doesn't leave much room for the individual to consider what motivated them to react that way. With Neptune involved, it is probably deep.

This aspect reveals it is hard to relate to others emotionally. This makes the individual susceptible to deceit and becoming involved in misdeals. This aspect can be very problematic because the emotions are simply out of touch on both ends of the spectrum. The emotions are distorted either too aggressively or too passively. Unless there is a stable influence of Mercury, Uranus or solid-functioning Saturn, then this aspect can be downright dangerous because the unconscious mind is not tapped for reasoning. When the knee-jerk or reflexive action is taken without the mind going through its reasoning power, then the result is living in distorted or possibly violent conditions. This reminds me of the violent and/or alcoholic family that is out of touch with reality. Living under those conditions usually encompasses a high degree of lies, deceptions, cruelty, secretiveness, underhandedness and wild imaginations. Remember, the unconscious mind (Neptune) is not computing properly here, so nothing is as it should be.

Mars is a planet that is heavily involved in sex, so wild imaginations with sex (intercourse) or wild imaginations such as infidelity or accusations of such are likely. This is most certainly NOT the aspect to engage in bad or sneaky sexual behavior because the chances of getting caught are strong. This includes sending sex laced e-mails, texts, taking pictures or meeting in person for a sexual liason. It's all just WRONG!

Those who are not wrapped up and obsessed with sexual gratification may be caught up with the obsession of drugs or alcohol. Neptune cannot handle chemicals (drugs or alcohol), so Neptune opposing Mars is a very bad combination to feed the body chemicals.

Those with this aspect in their natal chart will likely have chemical dependency or at the very least they will experience trouble with aspect, such as DUI's (driving under the influence) or waking up next to someone they don't know still under the influence. Drugs and alcohol do not mix under this aspect. They never did and never will.

Even those who do not engage in alcohol or drugs, there may be unexplained or mysterious health issues. This is the individual who cannot get enough information from doctors and insist that there is something wrong with them. Keep in mind that Neptune naturally rules Pisces, which rules mental health, including depression. The body absolutely does form chemical reactions as a result of emotional anxiety. This can easily become a catch-22 situation. Psychosomatic illnesses are very real because of the chemical relationship. Psyche = mind and somatic = body. It's real but the illness is caused by the mind. Think of acne, ulcers and even headaches as a result of stress. If they are caused by the mind (worry, doubt, fear, anxiety) then they are psychosomatic. It doesn't mean they are 'imagined'. They are very real conditions caused by the stressed mind.

There is also the strong spiritual influence with this aspect where the individual could get caught up in unrealistic mysterical, spiritual or religious practices that are more cult-like. The mind gets lost (Neptune) and now it is suspectible to infiltration. The danger here is being taken advantage of by deceitful individuals.

While the individual may be perfectly honest and above board in their activities, the motives and actions will be questioned and suspected. Be careful not to become involved in any activity that is the least bit shady.

Learn to reason with your intellect and not be led by your fascination for thrills and the unknown. Avoid drugs, alcohol, and the occult. These are highly dangerous with this aspect because the susceptibility is so high and the individual is so easily influenced. The individual is easily mesmerized by illusions and those who create them. Avoid setting unrealistic goals. Now click the graphic for your Sun Sign below and go read today's Daily Horoscope, plus your Monthly, Yearly and Generational Horoscope.

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