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New Moon in Sagittarius on DrStandley.com

The New Moon in Sagittarius is when the Moon conjuncts the Sun at 15 degrees - Thursday, December 7, 2018 at 2:20 AM EST. Download the chart wheel and lay it over your personal natal chart. When the Moon conjuncts the Sun, this is a New Moon, which a time of new beginnings and fresh starts.

For some astrologers, the grouping of Jupiter, the Moon and the Sun all in the sign of Sagittarius, they would consider a Stellium. But techically, us older school astrologers would only consider a grouping of planets a Stellium is if there are four (4) planets in the same sign all within 10 degrees of each other or all four (4) planets in the same house. It's pretty easy to find three (3) planets in the same sign in a lot of charts, but ahhhhhhh, four (4) planets is a whole other story. If you want to call Jupiter, the Moon and the Sun a Stellium, go ahead, but I simply cannot. Stelliums tell us there is a heightened focus on the sign of the planets involved, but in this instance, we already have a heightened focus on the planets involved because it's a New Moon and heck, Jupiter is sitting right next to it. HOW LUCKY! So you definitely want to look at your natal chart to see where this New Moon in Sagittarius is impacting your chart.

Sun Conjunct Jupiter on DrStandley.com

This New Moon is important because it is lucky and it is incredibly optimistic. This New Moon is accompanied by a conjunction between Jupiter and the Sun. Now granted a conjunction is when two planets are within 10 degrees of each other and this conjunction between the Sun and Jupiter are 09 degrees from each other, but in Astrology, IT STILL COUNTS! So count on it working for you. USE IT and squeeze the juice out of this aspect.

Sagittarius rules our ambitions, goals, dreams and visions that we hold for ourselves. Sagittarius pushes us toward adventure, experiences and activities that are much different than what we know or what we are used to. When you ask a Sagittarius if they want to do something, the answer isn't "Uh, Hell uh-huh," . . . it's more like "OH HELL YEAH!" Sagittarius is happy, it is happy-go-lucky and it is happy-damn-hour! Keep in mind that New Moons have an 'orb of influence' of two weeks, which takes us straight up to the next Full Moon, which will be in Sagittarius's opposite sign of Gemini. What a time to get your groovey on and your groovey back before the next New Moon on January 5, 2018, which is also a Solar Eclipse. It's like we get a jumpty-jump-jump on our game.

Even though this New Moon is lucky, especially with a conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter, it does have its challenges. The Moon has a hard aspect (square) coming from Neptune, which has an orb of influence at 01 degree 23 minutes. That's pretty dang close folks! Moon square Neptune on DrStandley.com When the Moon and Neptune square off (literally in this case) it is prone to heavy moods and bouts of depression. Often times this aspect will leave an individual without a grip on reality and often times sinking further and further into fantasy and imagination. In other words, this aspect runs away with its imagination. If you can literally picture a spider web and visualize it loaded with emotions, that is what a web of emotions looks like. The Moon squaring Neptune can leave you so confused that you have trouble separating fact from fiction. The loss on reality is so great that depression sets in and everything around you can become disorganized, out of order and downright dirty. The clean watery elements become more like a cesspool of emotion. This is where the escapist tendencies come into play. Come on . . you have to know what I'm about to say next. NO ALCOHOL OR RECREATIONAL DRUGS DURING THIS NEW MOON! You knew that sentence was coming, right?

This New Moon is also accompanied by a square between the Sun and Neptune creating a foggy, fantasy-filled and over-imaginative Neptunian influence. This won't be an ugly New Moon (unless you insist on walking with blinders on). Since this New Moon is in the sign of Sagittarius, the Centaur, who is half man and half horse, then picture a horse with blinders on to keep him from seeing his periphery. The Sagittarius motto is, "I see/perceive therefore I am." This New Moon in Sagittarius comes to us with blinders on! Stop the madness and open your eyes wide. Wide-open folks! Do not let Neptune fool you. It's like you look in the mirror and see yourself one way, but the Truth looks different than what you think. What you need to see or perceive is being blocked. It's hard to see the periphery if you don't turn your head or simply look up! TURN YOUR HEAD! LOOK UP! or at the very least OPEN YOUR EYES WIDE! You are being blocked from seeing the entire picture so you will need to use some common sense and intuition. Use it or lose it!

Sun square Neptune on DrStandley.com

So not only is the Moon squaring Neptune, the Sun is squaring Neptune as well. And why wouldn't it if the Sun and the Moon are in the same sign and same degree (conjunct) then they would both be squaring the same planet. If one is squaring a planet, then they both have to be. Since the Sun is HUGE and represents our identity, then every single person needs to check themselves constantly under this aspect so that the ego does not become inflated or disillusioned with grandeur. This could easily turn into self-ingratiating actions and driving while looking in the rearview mirror. I wouldn't buy any clothes, accessories or make-up during this aspect. The Sun squaring Neptune will be over by December 12, 2018 which is the same date that Mercury will be out of its post-retrograde storm.

While the mirror might deceive you, vanity purchases could prove to be a waste of money. Remember, Neptune is the higher octave of Venus. When it comes to Love, if you do not keep your ego in check during this aspect, Love can easily turn into over-the-top Love where romance soars off the charts, so much so that romance can turn into something morbid and ugly, such as debasing and debauchery. You might do things for Love sexually that you would otherwise have the common sense not to do. Again, this is because Neptune is the higher octave of Venus and Neptune is clouding your vision. This leaves scandal, affairs and secrecy in its wake. Love can be confused, weak, drunk, pornographic and unfulfilled. DANG!

Mars Conjunct Neptune on DrStandley.com

The other issues we have going on with this LUCKY NEW MOON is the square between the Moon and Mars, and the square between the Sun and Mars. If you Download the chart wheel then you will see Mars and Neptune conjunct, which has 'escape from reality' written all over it. It's a Good thing this New Moon is lucky with all of these distorted influences attempting to corrupt our decision making. This aspect can cause your enthusiasm to lack boundaries, which means you need to use some self discipline. Think of Neptune as 'no boundaries' because Neptune rules the Ocean, which is incredibly vast and boundless. I know it's PARTY TIME around the holidays, but this aspect will definitely get in trouble if it is paired with addictive behaviors. It would be better to avoid alcohol, recreational drugs and keep prescription drugs to the absolute minimum if you are able. This aspect has a psychedelic flair to it, which could take you into the mystical or spiritual realm without having to use drugs or alcohol to get there. So why not do that? Things can go south real quick with this aspect if you are not mindful. Those who keep their head screwed on straight with this New Moon are going to really benefit. Others will be saying, "What the hell happened last night?" and they may just pay for that night for an entire year. This aspect is laced with contempt and temptation. Your escape route from the busy life needs to be artistic and creative, rather than boozy and sexual.

Moon square Mars on DrStandley.com

As you no doubt read above, the Moon and the Sun are squaring Neptune, and since Neptune and Mars are conjunct in the same degree and sign, then that means the Moon and the Sun are also squaring Mars. Arrrrghhhhhh! The Moon square Mars is emotionally volatile and a bit nuts! This is definitely a mercurial and unstable placement for emotions. The emotions are changeable and downright fickle. One minute you might be lively and giddy, then in the next minute you may be on the verge of an aggressive raw burst. Either way, the emotions are just too much. This aspect is quick-tempered and intolerant. There is impatience and irritability, which can mean feeling lonely when left alone. If you have learned self-control then you will discover plenty of energy to be channeled into productive activities. If you are alone, take advantage of it and be productive, rather than pour a class of wine. We all know one pour turns into four pours and there are four pours to a bottle. The Moon square Mars also takes everything personal and its just too damn hard to spend time with anyone who takes everything personal. Think about this ----> not everything is about you. Really!

The Sun square Mars is also present, which is that dang aspect that says, "Just calm down!" Oh wow, who likes to hear that when they are upset? And someone is bound to say it when you are upset just because it will upset you and make you look nuts. Passive-Aggressive is very controlling because this behavior can get a rise out of you even when you claim to be calm. Folks, step out of the drama and step into the LUCKY NEW MOON. If you can get away from the crazy, then this New Moon will serve you very well. If you insist on lacing it with alcohol, passive innuendos and fantasy, then you will miss out.

Sun square Mars on DrStandley.com

I wish I had better news for you during this New Moon but it is, what it is. This New Moon 'can be' really fantastic if you are wide-awake, conscious and not influenced by drugs, alcohol or if you have 'not' been bitten by a 'New Love Bug'. New Love just doesn't work well with this New Moon because it is clouded by strange occurrences and fantasy. Existing relationships won't have such issues with Love because they have been around a block or two with their current Love and will not be easily fooled by crazy energies. The more you are aware and wide-awake, the less you will be caught with your pants down or caught off guard.

Now since this is a New Moon, then it still gives us a fresh start and new beginning in the area of our chart ruled by Sagittarius. So as long as you are aware, awake and prepared, you should be able to channel this energy into some very useful assignments. Download the chart wheel for this aspect and lay it over your personal natal chart. Line up the Sun Signs to see where this aspect is affecting your chart.

Now since this is a New Moon, then it still gives us a fresh start and new beginning in the area of our chart ruled by Sagittarius. So as long as you are aware, awake and prepared, you should be able to channel this energy into some very useful assignments. Download the chart wheel for this aspect and lay it over your personal natal chart. Line up the Sun Signs to see where this aspect is affecting your chart.

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All about Aries on DrStandley.com

Now for all Aries on the planet this pertains to your 9th house of the higher-thinking mind, religion, college, higher education, legalities, brothers and sisters-in-law, philosophy, prophecy, philanthropy, all things "foreign", intuition, long distance journeys abroad, churches, airlines, vacations, international commerce, dreams, visions and teachers.

You may have an itch to travel or ants in your pants during this New Moon as you are geared toward new experiences and adventures in this 9th house that Sagittarius naturally rules. It is time to set new goals and identify your ambitions so you can set your sights.

The Sagittarius energies of Jupiter, the Moon and the Sun are a beautiful influence in your 9th houses. If you notice from the keywords in the above paragraph this involves both education and travel. The 9th house is a knack for introducing us to new experiences and adventures through education and travel. When you think about it, both of these subjects awaken our worlds to new information. Many times we are either well-traveled or well-read. This New Moon seeks to open your world through either or both means. Perhaps you are planning a trip, or better yet, maybe you should just go ahead and pack your bags. Perhaps you planning on taking a course(s) in the next semester or an upcoming workshop. This New Moon suggests that you are going to study something new through education or travel.

The Mars in Pisces and Neptune in Pisces aspect will square your 9th and 12th houses and create some deception around you. This could lead to false accusations or false judgments. Bite your tongue dear Aries because this could create a problems that will last a while. You may end up feeling like a victim and try gathering others to take your side. You want to hear the Truth, but yet may not speak the Truth. eeeeeek! No, I did NOT just call you a liar. It may fall into 'poor me syndrome' and find it hard to trust others if you don't keep your head screwed on straight. WAKE-UP, STAY ALERT!

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All about Taurus on DrStandley.com

Now for all Taurus' on the planet this pertains to your 8th house of the wealth of your spouse or partner, spirituality, insurance, legacies, other people's money, stocks, bonds, taxes, inheritances, wills, surgeries and astral experiences. It is the house of regeneration, and covers death, transformation, sex, legal matters, and metaphysics.

This New Moon in the 8th house of helpful financial backers works in your favor. Make certain you are well aware of the places or people that represent your 8th house. Perhaps you have just not set your sights high enough or expanded your horizons wide enough. This New Moon in Sagittarius motto is, "I see/perceive therefore I am" so the question to you is, "Where do I see myself?" This New Moon brings Taurus a lucky break, which can help you get out of a sticky situation. Helpful people and helpful circumstances come out of the woodwork. Make certain you are not just being a stubborn bull and crapping on an idea before it is finished being presented to you. Let's put it this way, cows and bulls are ALWAYS standing in green pastures. ALWAYS! They are attracted to the best and to the green (money). Get your mind straight Taurus because you are the sign that profits.

The Neptune in Pisces aspect will square your 8th house and 11th houses causing you to feel as though your trust has been broken or make you feel as though you have been betrayed by friend(s). This aspect will shake your trust causing you to feel an undertone of manipulation. You sense attitude issues with friends. What you will need to do, that you may not want to do, is keep your head screwed on straight and look at yourself as well. It can't be everyone and if that is the case, then you must look at yourself. These friend(s) have shared interests and you do talk the same language, so it is best to wait until this fog clears from this aspect and then have a conversation. If certain friendship(s) were meant to be, they will be. If not, you might just need to consider it a shift in associations and then move on to a new herd. And by all means, STAY AWAKE AND STAY ALERT so you do not get confused or fantasize that a friendship looks a certain way, when it doesn't.

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All about Gemini on DrStandley.com

Now for all Gemini's on the planet this pertains to your 7th house of contractual relationships. This house also rules unions, lawsuits, contracts, partnerships, marriages, agreements, and open enemies with the public. This can be partnerships in business, marriage or a committed relationship that is a live-in arrangement. It also includes long-term associations, the animus (underlying passion or force), the relationship between soul and personality.

This New Moon is taking your relationship to new heights and will bring an agreement or coming together with your current relationship. Granted there will be some Gemini relationships who will decide to go their separate ways because they want two different things. That's called, "growing" but "growing apart". And those who are single are likely to find a new Love in their Life. Gemini does tend to fall in Love during the late Fall and we are in the late Fall. Some will fall in Love and some will fall out of Love. All the same, it is a period of growth, change and renewal in this 7th house of committment. This renewal of energy could bring an engagement or a serious decision to finally marry after a long courtship or engagement. Uh oh . . . I'm a Gemini and have been engaged for about 7 years now. LOL

The Neptune in Pisces aspect will square your 7th and 10th houses causing a rift between those you care deeply about and your career. You might be thinking, "Damn! Just when I have a little time for myself, I get robbed of my focus." Now listen dear Gemini, I am a Gemini too and if there is anything we can do, that is juggle 12 things at once. It's when we only have 3 things to juggle that it becomes a problem. You can do this. You must stay up late and get yourself organized, scheduled and on-track. You do not have to have control in a relationship, you just have to have control of yourself. If you turn nutty, then it will impact your career and then the 12 bowling ball juggle becomes a problem. What you can control, is YOU! Publically and professionally, some people will ignore you and attempt to break your confidence and make you feel self-conscious, but if you remember that your confidence is yours, not theirs, then that ought to make you feel better. Thank God your level is confidence is yours, not theirs. (winky wink) Still, there are controlling people around you. STAY ALERT, OPEN YOUR EYES and recognize yourself for who you are.

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All about Cancer on DrStandley.com

Now for all Cancer's on the planet this pertains to your 6th house of daily life, health, hygiene, food, work ethic, employees, service, skills, servants, small animals, clothing and sickness. It is about the service you give to others and your daily habits. This house rules daily routine, the working environment, skills, pets, animals and service.

All too often Cancer gets a little too comfortable in the same place. This New Moon in the house of daily routine is asking you to adopt a new routine. There's a new you in town! This New Moon wants you to get back on your daily health, fitness and nutrition routine. There may also be a job opportunity in this house of work, work ethic, co-workers and employees. This could put you on the path to that new job, hobby, career or creative outlet that you have been wanting all along. Working more and working-out are all in store for you.

The Neptune in Pisces aspect will square your 6th and 9th houses causing analyze the facts a little too closely, focusing on one tiny detail that is really insignificant and then blow it completely out of proportion. This square can cause you to be so blunt and frank that your words have nothing but criticism attached to them. Your words may lack tact and end up being taken the wrong way or your words may have hit a sour note and left someone wounded. This results in conflict. STAY ALERT AND KEEP YOUR NOSE CLEAN!

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All about Leo on DrStandley.com

Now for all Leo's on the planet this pertains to your 5th house of pleasurable activities, dating, love affairs, playtime/acting, sensual emotions, lovers, parenthood and sexuality, creativity, artistic pursuits, hobbies, recreation, procreation, children. It also includes leisure, games, sports, self-fulfillment, joy and bliss.

Oh dear Leo, this is an exciting time for you in the area of play, fun and romance. It's like you are a little kid again. Boys, girls -- just wanna have fun. I like this placement of the New Moon for you because it makes you incredibly lucky. I mean lucky in Love and lucky in cards. I sure as hell would buy a lottery ticket right now if I were you! You don't need to buy 100 tickets, you just need one if you were destined to win. I want you to notice how lucky you are in other areas of your Life as well during this New Moon because money could just plop right now or some lucky break when you least expect it. Out of left field comes a much needed lucky break.

The Neptune in Pisces aspect will square your 5th and 8th houses causing to stir up some raw emotions that may result in jealousy, cruelty and insecurity. Eeeeeek, it looks like some old wounds have been opened and someone is bleeding (tears). Leo literally gives their heart to those they Love and this is why it hurts so much when it is barely scratched, much less pounded. For some Leo's there may be power and control games occurring where Love and shared monies are concerned. You may be watching very closely where the money is going. STAY ALERT AND OPEN YOUR EYES! It's quite possible that you are dreaming up problems that aren't even there.

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All about Virgo on DrStandley.com

Now for all Virgo's on the planet this pertains to your 4th house of home and family. It describes your roots, your heritage and your private life. This house also rules land, property, residences, domestic affairs, psychological foundations, biological inheritance and place of abode.

You may be experiencing a change in circumstance in this area of your Life. There is newness here that is undeniable. I can't make this Sagittarian New Moon not show up in this 4th house. It is here and there is newness. There may be a new person introduced to the family through marriage or a baby, there may be change in residence or a new room addition or even new furniture. Something is expanding, growing and reshaping in this 4th house. Whatever it is, it is exciting and brings that sense of newness that is much needed in this area of your Life. Maybe the home is expanding with a new room additiona, a renovation or moving to a bigger space. It's getting BIG around here!

The Neptune in Pisces aspect will square your 4th and 7th houses creating conflicts in the home (family). It looks like other people's problems are turning into your problems and this pisses you off. It's quite possible that you are supposed to be the peacemaker, so make certain you don't get too pissed off when your role is so important. You don't have to take sides in the family, you just have to be the mediator or the negotiator. Your maternal instincts are going to come out during this aspect so you will need to remain ALERT AND WATCHFUL so that you do not get tied up in other people's drama. Yoga anyone? STAY ALERT AND THOUGHTFUL.

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All about Libra on DrStandley.com

Now for all Libra's on the planet this pertains to your 3rd house of communication, writing, mental abilities, lower education from 1st to 12th grade, early learning, immediate environment, short journeys, local travel and travel within your own country. It also rules neighbors, siblings and extended siblings such as cousins, nieces and nephews.

This New Moon may have you on a teaching, workshop or talking binge. The word 'teaching' is very strong right now where you might want to consider that possibility, if not, then it is writing or publishing. This could be a blog, website, book or teaching a workshop. Even if you don't have a teaching certificate, you can teach what you know. You might know how to play the piano or ride horses, which you can teach to others. Teaching, talking and writing are very big for you. Maybe this is a bunch of upcoming meetings about a new project.

The Neptune in Pisces aspect will square your 3rd and 6th houses causing you to feel let down. Communication has a lot to do with this, so make certain that you are communicating as clearly as you would like others to. Scheduling, organization and management of time appears to be a problem where you may be running behind and trying to beat the clock. This can make you irritable and critical of others. Make certain you have your own timeline straight before you point fingers at others. If you are handling your hurried life well, then that may cause others to think you have it all under control, so why should they interfere? There is a possibility that your stress overloads and you end up with neck pain, shoulder pain or butterflies in the stomach (nervous stomach), which can result in loose bowels. STAY ALERT AND CONSCIOUS! Remain aware of your own timeline.

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All about Scorpio on DrStandley.com

Now for all Scorpio's on the planet this pertains to your 2nd house of value systems, physical possessions and money, personal self esteem and talents. This house also rules your personal earnings, bankers, budgets, money that 'you' make, material resources, value system, monetary gains and losses, security. Basically this house is about your self-worth.

When it comes to you and money right now, it is important for you to think long term investment. This fiery New Moon can cause money to slip through your hands but it can also cause you to think bigger about money and what to do with it. This 2nd house is the house of self-worth and when you get a better handle on your worth, then money sky-rockets for you. The Sagittarian archer takes aim very high, pulls back his bow and shoots. There is nothing else in sight except the intended target. BULLS-EYE! This is a time for setting personal financial goals and setting out to attain them.

The Neptune in Pisces aspect will square your 2nd and 5th houses causing you to question your self-worth with those you Love. There may be a concern over money or a lack of concern over money that you over-spend on someone you Love. First, you do not have to buy someone's Love and affections. And if you want to buy their Love and affection, you can do that without spending a dime. Your worthiness has you questioning Love. Forget putting on an impression, if you just be your natural suave and wonderful self, then everything will be fine. Do not let the fog from Neptune cloud your Love-vision. STAY ALERT AND KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN! This will keep you from feeling self-conscious where Love is concerned.

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All about Sagittarius on DrStandley.com

Now for all Sagittarian's on the planet this pertains to your 1st house of identity and how other's see you. This house also rules the personality, your attitude, how you see the world, how you look, appearances, your worldly outlook, and self-awareness and how you respond. It includes the self, ego, anima, projected image, expression of inner motivation, soul purpose, initial approach to life and your aura. Take special note that this first house rules your soul's purpose and your inner motivation.

This New Moon in your Sun Sign amps you up quite a bit. As the sign that rules global awareness, you could feel so confident that you feel like world domination. If there were something that you needed to put your mind to and accomplish, then you have the wherewithal to do it now. You may feel healthier and stronger than you have in quite some time and the intuitive flash is telling you exactly what to do. It's time! This such a fantastic placement for you that not only do you feel lucky, you are lucky! Everything is expanding and opening up for you. It's going to be a phenomenal year from 2018 birth date to 2019 birth date.

The Neptune in Pisces aspect will square your 1st and 4th houses causing blame to come up in the household. More than likely you will get blamed simply because this is affecting your 1st house of the self and the 4th house of domestic affairs. You might hear, "If you didn't do that, then this would not have happened!" This could really set you off because what you need is a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen, not a confrontational blame game. This is definitely an issue in the home with plenty of obstacles and land mines all the way. You must stay ALERT, SOBER AND WIDE-EYED so that you don't get blamed just because you are in the vicinity. After the fog clears (Neptune) you may be left with a grudge.

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All about Capricorn on DrStandley.com

Now for all Capricorn's on the planet this pertains to your 12th house of the hidden realm, subconscious, past, pain, karma, jails, institutions, hospitals, finances of friends, secret sorrows, fears, self-destruction, large animals, skeletons in closet, self-undoing and self-injury. It is about your hidden strengths, weaknesses and what you don't want others to see or know about you, unredeemed karma and selfless service to humanity. Refrain from letting this house frighten you because it is necessary that you look at your own self-undoing in order to keep yourself on the straight path.

What you need to jam into your brain is a more positive outlook on Life. Capricorn is the most pessimistic, skeptical and negative sign, which tends to see the dark before the dawn. You need to literally brainwash yourself to see things from a more positive and lit-up perspective. It's all in what you see. This New Moon says, "I see/perceive therefore I am" so you perception is vital to this next step in your Life. What you see is literally what you get. Rub your eyes and focus dear Capricorn. This New Moon is all about excitement, adventure and future goals and ambitions. Where you see yourself is exactly where you will be. And that's no joke!

The Neptune in Pisces aspect will square your 3rd and 12th houses causing you to be the victim of your own words. This 3rd house of communication tied into the 12th house of behind the scenes action could cause conversations to be confused, misleading, misunderstood and twisted. You must be clear with your words because you may be going down the wrong path only to find out that is not what 'THEY' said. You could swear on a stack of Bible's what you heard, but alas, it is not correct. You may end up feeling that you just wasted your time, which will likely lead to hurt feelings. Sacrifice and victim are words you might recognize during this square. STAY ALERT AND SOBER so you can hear what is said and then you can choose whether you want to do it, or not.

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All about Aquarius on DrStandley.com

Now for all Aquarian's on the planet this pertains to your 11th house of friends, VIPs, groups of people, social acquaintances, former relationships (ex's), organizations, alliances, fraternities, memberships, money from the employer, finances of employer and stock exchanges. It is also about your hopes, wishes and dreams.

Do you know what you need? You need a team and you need to work this team. Aquarius is a team player and it is time to rub some elbows and take some names to help you get to this place that you need to be. Aquarius does get by with a little help from their friends. In fact, Aquarius gets by A LOT with a little help from their friends. Work your social networking skills, call those you know and call in the troops because they will help you achieve your future hopes and wishes.

The Neptune in Pisces aspect will square your 2nd and 11th houses creating unexpected expenses. The fog from Neptune may have clouded your world making it difficult for you to see what was needed. Perhaps your values have changed and this is what makes your finances change. It's likely this is just a temporary setback because once you read this, you will align with your value system again. STAY ALERT and do not be tricked by the fog of Neptune. For some reason you security is not what it was and has left you feeling a bit insecure. While it appears as though things are not going quite according to plan, they will once you smack yourself and WAKE-UP!

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All about Pisces on DrStandley.com

Now for all Pisces' on the planet this pertains to your 10th house public life. This house also rules fame, notoriety, occupation, career, ambition, government, military, chief executives, business life, goals, ranks, political position, status, standing in the public eye, position in society. It shows your standing in the community and social status. It can reflect your attitude to parenting.

Well it appears Pisces has been thinking bigger than I thought. As the visionary of the zodiac, you have an eyeball on each side of your head enabling you to see 360 degrees. Couple that kind of vision with 'the big picture' dreams and visions of Sagittarius and this can really take you far in your career. This New Moon is kicking up your career several notches and will be pushing you to go for it. Just go for it and don't look back at your tail. If you look back at your tail then you will be caught up in a whirlpool type of motion. Fish now how to swim straight and fast. Fish also know how to take a flying leap out of the water and into the air where they can be seen. Fly little fishy . . . FLY!

The Neptune in Pisces aspect will square your 1st and 10th houses creating a challenge to your own foundation. You may be thinking, "What the hell is going on around here!?!? Who's Life is this?!?!" You may have been tapped to shoulder even more responsibility when you are already tired, confused and fed-up. Imagine how strong you are going to be when you swim through this. Mutable signs have been smacked around and beaten to a pulp, so you are not alone (if that makes you feel any better). It seems like the harder you work, the less recognition you receive. It's all going to come around and serve you, so you just sit tight and hold on. I know you feel like a drowning fish with little recognition or support. Just remember this, if you exercise discipline and patience, these two things alone will carry you and settle your spirit. When you exercise discipline and patience, then it is easier to "Let go and let God" because you can only do so much. STAY ALERT, SOBER AND WIDE-EYED.

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