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Astro Chart, personal readings with DrStandley, health consults with DrStandley, eBooks and more

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Most accurate horoscopes on the web! Free Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Generational Horoscopes! The Moon is in Aquarius until Tuesday, August 8, 2017 at 5:56 PM EDT.

**NOTE -- I write only one (1) Daily Horoscope for all 12 Sun Signs. The Monthly, Yearly and Generational Horoscopes are tailored to each of the 12 Sun Signs.

Today's BIG NEWS is this is the 'eve' of the Full Moon in Aquarius, which is THE MOST friendly and freedom loving sign of the zodiac. I have Jupiter in Aquarius in my natal chart and I always say that everything I do is based on how it impacts my freedom and that is the God's honest Truth. That is one very Good reason why I prefer to schedule readings right away rather than too far out into the future because I don't know what I'm doing 3 or 5 days from now and I don't want to be restricted. It could mess with my freedom. Aquarius rules the future, so I'm keeping my options open. That's also why I take phone calls on the fly. I would prefer to take a phone call in the grocery store rather than have to call someone back. Being a Gemini who flies by the seat of her pants helps out as well with that level of freedom and spontaneity.

Aquarius energy DOES NOT want to be restricted and it cannot stand clingy, emotional, needy people. So when you see this Aquarian Moon, the hugs are not going to feel all Lovey-Dovey, the hugs are going to be a bit more distant where the chests are not touching and you get those little pats on the back. I Love Aquarius energy, of course I would with Jupiter in Aquarius, and two of my best friends are Aquarian's (one male, one female) are Aquarian's. They don't hug me like that because we are very close. In fact, we give tight hugs and kiss on the lips. That's different because we are all close. But generally speaking, expect the distant hug with a pat on the back. Natal Chart, Solar Returns, 15, 30, 60 or 90 minute readings with Dr. Standley on DrStandley.com

There is one (1) square to the Moon coming from Uranus. That's interesting because Uranus naturally rules Aquarius, but if you notice from the aspect link below, the Moon does not move into Aquarius until 8:16 AM EDT, so when this squaring aspect occurs it is at 5:22 AM EDT when the Moon is still in Capricorn. Sometimes below where I list the days aspects you will occasionally see the Moon in one sign and the Moon in another sign. That is because the Moon could be changing signs that day and aspecting one sign earlier and aspecting another sign later. Dang, there's always something, isn't there? Uranus is the planet of sudden change in circumstance, so you may wake-up earlier and have a sudden change in plans. You thought you were going to do one thing this morning and alas, now you are going to do something else. You can pretty much expected the unexpected (or some sort of change) when Uranus is knocking on the door. Wait, Uranus doesn't knock and give warning or announcement of appearance, it just shows up. This aspect can create so much change that chaos ensues in the home. Remember, the Moon rules the home and family, so a square coming from Uranus disrupts the home and family. This aspect is definitely looking for attention. Maybe that child came into your room in the middle of the night because of the closet monster. Expect the unexpected in the middle of the night or earlier in the day since this aspect has a 12 - 14 hour 'orb of influence'.

While there are no major 'exact' aspects today, there are plenty of major aspects taking place in either 'applying' or 'separating' degrees, which you can see just by looking at the August 2017 Astro Memes because I detail the length of time these energies are impacting us. Also, the Sun conjunct Mars aspect is still occurring until August 20, 2017. Today, the Sun conjunct Mars has at 'orb of influence' in separating degrees of 03 degrees 15 minutes. So you see my little mentators, the Sun conjunct Mars is still pretty dang close and giving you the stamina to succeed. You should be using this aspect for added energy, persistance and endurance to get through anything difficult times, including that nasty Jupiter square Pluto aspect that was exact on Friday, which will continue to be felt until September 1, 2017 in separating degrees. The Sun conjunct Mars aspect is one of the escape hatches that you can use to see yourself through the hard times. Also, if you are not using the Sun conjunct Mars aspect to whip yourself back into shape (emotionally, physically, financially) you are missing one rare opportunity. It's not like the Sun conjuncts Mars occurs that often (every two years and sometimes longer). So this is a rare opportunity to use some energy that is not always available. It's like having a 55 gallon drum of extra gasoline on-hand for your lawn mower instead of the smaller 1 gallon container that you have to keep running back to the gas station to refill. You have more than enough gas on-hand and available to get you going on a new pace and in a new direction. Use it or lost it.

  • The Moon in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries at exactly 5:22 AM EDT. (You will feel this energy within 12-14 hours 'before and after' it occurs.)
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