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Dr. Loretta Standley is a Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider through Yoga Alliance

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I have always been attracted to nature disaster and apocalyptic movies. I watch every single movie one of them, needless to say, my mind is filled with the possibility of everything that could go wrong, to the possibility of what I never imagined. I'm just a natural preparedness type of gal. Even though I think this way, I see myself as THE MOST optimistic and positive person I know, simply because I am prepared. It takes fear and puts it in the back seat.

Heck, when I was pregnant with my daughter (she's now 41 year old), every single time I went to the grocery store I bought a package of diapers. I also saved the receipts so that I could return them if she was allergic. By the time she was potty-trained at 10 months old, I still had a closet full of unopened diaper packages. Preparation is my True nature, long before disaster and apocalyptic movies became so grandiose.

During a grid down situation, you absolutely have to think of all your transportation options and whether or not you will need a power source - pedal, push, gas or electric? Car or scooter? Vespa or bicycle? Golf cart or go-cart? ATV or skate board? Wagon or shopping cart? Stroller or cooler on wheels? You will need to consider, contemplate and kick-around what you might do for transportation in a grid-down situation. Are you hauling yourself, a family or children? Pushing, pulling or driving? How are you getting to the store and do you have children with you? How will you get the groceries back home?

Gas may be too expensive or there may be periods where gas stations simply run out of gas. What then? You have to be prepared for every situation imagineable and unimagineable. Every single option has to be backed-up, with your back-up.

In that case, have 1, 2, 3 or more 5 gallon gas cans ready to roll. Keep your vehicles full of gas and DO NOT let them get below 3/4 tank. If your gas cap is not the locking type, then you can go to the auto parts store and get one for your vehicle(s). If gas is a premium, you will need a locking gas cap.

You will also need plenty of gas and oil if you are running a generator. A generator will require oil in addition to gas. Do you have oil? Unless of course you are on a solar powered generator or one attached to the house.

Below is a load of pictures to give you some ideas for transportation whether you are hauling yourself or carting others, like children. Then there are your groceries.

5 Gallon Gas Can
Generac Motor Oil

Electric Car
Gas Powered Car


Mini Bike

Medi Motor Scooter

Skate Board
Hover Board

Golf Cart
Grocery Cart

Go Cart
Go Cart


4 Wheel ATV
3 Wheel ATV

Riding Lawnmower

Cool on Wheels

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