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When you are preparing to hole-up and huddle-up for an extended period of time due to circumstances beyond your control, such as a power outage, you are going to need LIGHT.

I am a super-organized person and I do NOT like to search for anything, especially in the dark. When the lights go out, I'm always ready.

Below are pics of some plastic bins that I keep on-the-ready. There is a caption beneath each pic.

Push Lights

I LOVE these simple 'Push Lights'. I bought them at Dollar Tree for $1.25 each. So four (4) of them is $5.00. We have one of these in each room of the house. Each one is 80 Lumens, which is plenty to Light up the bathroom, use at your nightstand, have one at each end of the kitchen, you can even double-sticky tape them to the wall in the hallway or above a doorway. The minute Lights go out, we know exactly where to tap the Light so we are not fumbling and stumbling around looking for a flashlight or candle. The 'Push Lights' are the first thing we tap, which are battery operated by three (3) AAA batteries. Below are the other sources of Light we have. Once we opt for one of the long-burning candles or use our head lamp, we immediately turn off the 'Push Light' to conserve the batteries.

I'm taking these side-by-side pics from inside our pool house, so I'm about 10 feet above the backyard that slopes down to the lake from the retaining wall. You can see our kayaks on the dock below. The pic on the left looks funky because of the screen on the window, although it doesn't look funky on the right.

I Love this battery organizer. It just came today (Sat. 7/31/22) and I haven't opened our other batteries to load completely into the organizer. Note that in the left upper corner (left photo) there is the 'battery tester'. In the right photo I am using it to test the strength of the battery. I bought this from Home Depot. It was $11.89.

Note the directions on the picture. I would NEVER let this burn sitting on wood. I just did a quick light to show you. I would use a pan to sit this tuna can in and then put it on the stove or on something that can withstand the heat. This contraption burns VERY HOT! And DO NOT blow it out or you will blow lit isopropyl alcohol everywhere. Instead, just take a lid from a pot or pan and smother the flame. And yes, you can absolutely cook over this flame as it will burn for quite a long time and burn VERY HOT!

It really does not take that much to make your own candles. Grab a tub of lard and stick a candle in it. This sure beats wax candle making and the mess.

8 ounces will burn eight hours a day for 16 days. 16 ounces will burn eight hours a day for 32 days. 32 ounces will burn eight hours a day for 64 days.

You can get all hoity-toity and fancy if you want and melt the shortening and pour into mason jars and then use a bigger candle that you can snap in half and BOOM, cheap and easy light for hours on end. The tubs of lard were $2.24 each. You can use Crisco brand, same thing just costs more. The jar pictured is 8 oz. and the tub is 16 oz. So the 16 oz. tub will make 2 candles in an 8 oz. mason jar.

The tub is a #5 as far as recycling goes, which means it is microwave safe and the same number as Tupperware. It is perfectly safe to stick a candle in this. A microwave is a helluva lot hotter than this birthday candle stuck in it will ever be.

In every single room we have a really bright flashlight that we can immediately go to in the event of a power outage. While that might sound a bit over-prepared, you will find it isn't when the lights go out and you know exactly where the flashlight is, no matter what room you are in.

Notice in this bin there are all kinds of flashlights. Even a keychain flashlight, which is actually pretty darn bright. I save them all. I don't need a pretty flashlight, just one that works. The tactical flashlights are the best, which we have one in every room. Also the ultra-light LED shop lights are great too. They are rectanglar and prop-up on their own. We have a couple and I'll post them later.

When the lights went out in mid-June 2022, we immediately went to the headlamp bin and put on our headlamps. I do not like to fumble around for anything, especially in the dark. Hence hers and his as we already have them adjusted to our head size.

This picture needs no explanation, but okay. The matches you can get at 'The Dollar Tree' for $1.25 for 6 or 8 boxes. Then there is the BIG BOX of matches. As far as the long lighters, I don't like to get the cheapies at a dollar store because I find that I get what I pay for, so typically I will buy a trusted brand that has a reputation to support it.

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