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Dr. Loretta Standley is a retired Chiropractor, Acupuncturist and a current Yoga studio owner and teacher.  She is a Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider through Yoga Alliance

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Dr. Loretta Standley is a Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider through Yoga Alliance

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Using my Astrology, click here to see how I came up with the name of this section, the graphic and of course, how I ended up practicing hot yoga.

FIRST HOT YOGA CLASS OF THE DAY - 5:15 AM This was a power yoga class, which kinda intimidates me, but not enough to make me want to stay in bed. The great thing about yoga is everyone is on their own mat, doing their own thing, looking at themselves in the mirror, doing their best to breathe, hold, reach, tighten, flex, strengthen, lengthen and push all at the same time in different directions. No one is looking at me, so my ego can relax because my yoga practice isn't about them and their yoga practice isn't about me. Believe me, when you are in a 107 degree to a 110 degree room and holding a pose for an entire minute, you are just concerned about holding your own. I'm sure the same holds true for regular temperature yoga classes. The ego is something you will have to work with on your own mat. There is also no competition in the room because it's just you and your mat. Yoga is your own personal best in your own time.

This morning I stayed on track and Caroline's cues were so detailed. It's amazing how yoga instructors know exactly what to say that will take pressure off one area and help you put the energy somewhere else. Even though my right foot hasn't quite healed, I'm hangin' in there. Oh, I didn't tell you? About 4 weeks ago I broke my little toe playing ball with my grandson 'Big Tree' in the pool. We were playing ball and as I jumped up to hit the ball, 'Robbie the Robot' that motors around the bottom of the pool cleaning it, my foot collided with Robbie and I broke my toe. Now if you are a yogi, then you know that you need that little toe. You need all of those toes to grip, raise, flex or bend and sometimes you are in side plank and resting on the side of your foot, which of course is where your pinky toe lives. And when you are in upward dog and the top of your foot is laying on the mat, you are pressing down with your feet and then roll over your toes into downward dog, believe me, that little toe doesn't like it. So for the last 4 weeks while my little toe has been buddy-wrapped with the 4th toe, I have been modifying where I might have to raise the side of the foot or not roll my toes. Arrrrghhhhhhh! [Keep reading . . .]

And of course in side plank when I am on my right side, that is the side where my shoulder was dislocated. Yep, I was practicing for God only knows how long with a dislocated right shoulder. I'm coming along just fine now, but it was hell for a while there. My friend and Chiropractor, Dr. Michele Walker has been adjusting my shoulder, which is getting stronger everyday. I don't like to dwell or announce injuries too much because I don't want attention paid in that direction. So once I come out of an injury, then I'll say, "Hey my little toe was broke." It's funny because I also just got over a week long battle of swimmer's ear. It was from the sweat running into my ear during hot yoga classes. I let it resolve itself and didn't take any action. I was Ocean-ee and sore for about a week. I did put cotton in that ear during class to absorb some of the sweat.

The other thing this morning is my hamstrings finally woke up from their Rip Van Winkle sleep. They are finally beginning to stretch allowing me to bend further. It's subtle but I can certainly feel it and see it and in yoga, that matters.

And the really big deal today is I wore yoga shorts! I never even wear regular shorts much less yoga shorts. I'm a skirt and dress gal. In my opinion shorts (and pants) show everything. If I'm in shorts or pants, then I want that shape to be great if its going to show the exact shape of my rear-end. Know what I mean, jellybean? A couple of the instructors (Kellie and Jaime) have commented several times on how hot it must be to wear yoga pants. Not the thicker kind of yoga pants worn in regular temperature classes. In hot yoga a lot of people wear the yoga capri's that is a much thinner material. And others will wear the short yoga shorts and jog bra's. Men wear their regular shorts and are shirtless. Well after yesterday's class, my yoga capri's were so heavy with sweat that it felt like my pants were going to just fall down. It felt like I had just gotten out of the pool with all of my clothes on. Since I have lost so much weight, I decided to just go ahead and bite the bullet and switch to the shorts I bought a long time ago for when I became thin enough to wear them. So today I ditched the yoga capri's for yoga shorts. Yay for me! [Keep reading for 2nd class today . . . ]

SECOND HOT YOGA CLASS OF THE DAY - 6:00 PM I actually showed up to the 12:00 PM class because I thought it was a flow class (constant steady pace) but it was a stretch class. The stretch class is about 88 or 90 degrees and I actually get cold and stiff in those classes. The other day I was at a stretch class and left wanting more. I can only describe it as feeling like you were close to an orgasm but it didn't happen. LOL! I was frustrated and had to return later for a second hot yoga class, which made my 3rd class that day. So when I showed up today and it was stretch class I decided no more stretch or cooler temperatures. So I returned for the 6:00 PM class. One Leg Balance on DrStandley.comTree Pose on DrStandley.com

I really like going to a morning and evening class since I sit on my rear-end all day typing. This evening I just felt like a slug in class. I didn't really have any trouble, I just felt heavy, lethargic and kinda like a slacker. I just didn't give it my all. I didn't feel dehydrated but I did feel thirsty. And I don't like to drink a lot of water during class because my stomach has to be as empty as possible during class. The Scorpion King and I even skipped the gym, so I didn't row today either. Yep, I go to the gym and row for 30 to 45 minutes. I'm hoping I can weight-train soon once my shoulder is healed, so I am really looking forward to that.

Oh and the only problem with shorts is during tree pose, my foot slides down my thigh from the sweat. The more my hips open up, the easier it will be for me to hold my leg up that high. Before I could rely on friction from my yoga capri's to hold my foot up. Not anymore!

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