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A B  C D  E F  G H  I J  K L  M N  O P  Q R  S T  U V  W X  Y Z

sacred e-ti-ka-i-e-le

Sacred Fire a-tsi-la ga-lv-ka-we-ti-yu

sad u-we-do-li-s-di

sad na-le-he le-gu-nu

saddle ga-ya--hu-lo

sadness e-e-e

sail a-i-sv

salary a-da-tla-s-gv

sale ni-ga-na-ge-gv-na

salt ma-ma

salt a-ma

salt lick ga-da-u-ni-gi-s-ti-yi

same a-yv-s-ti

same u-tio-yi

sand na-yu

sand no-yi

sand no-ya

Sand Mountain o-da-lv-?i no-ya

sassafras ga-nu-s-ta-gi

sassafras ka-na-s-da-tsi

Saturday un-a-do-da-qui-de-na

saucer ha-wi-na-di-tlv--a-tlo-di

sausage ha-wa-ya--a-s-do-v-hi

saw u-go-hv-gi

say ga-di-a

say ha-di-a

say a-na-di-a

say hi-ne-gi

say ni-di-di-wa

says a-di-a

scale di-ga-dv-di

scalp u-s-ka-ni-gi-li

scalping u-s-ka-ni-gi-ga-lu-da

scarlet u-s-go-s-da-gi-ga-ge

scent ga-lu-nu-s-ti

school di-de-lo-qua-s-di

science a-ga-do-hv-s-di

scissors di-la-s-do-ya-di

scissors ta-li-ta-ya-s-ti

scolar di-de-lo-qua-s-gi

scorpion tsi-s-dv-na a-da-tsv-i-s-gi

Scotsman s-ka-tsi

scout a-ga-te-no

scouts a-ni-ga-te-no

scraper ga-tsu-wa-s-ta-di

scratch ka-nu-ka

scratcher nu-gu-la

scratcher ka-nu-ka-s

scratcher ka-nu-ga

scream ge-lu-hv-s-ga

screw u-di-qua-lv-de-ya-di

sea a-me-quo-hi

seat ga-di

second ta-li-ni

second ta-li-ne

second ta-li-ne-i

secret u-de-li-da

secretary di-go-we-li-s-gi

see a-go-wa-dv

see he-go-wa-ta

see he-go-wa-ka-ta

seed u-ga-ta

Seeker of Truth du-yu-go-dv a-yo-s-di

selection a-su-ye-s-di

self o-wa-sv

send a-da-nv-s-di

Seneca Indians a-ni-se-ni

sense u-da-nv-te-di

separate tsu-de-le-nah-i

September du-li-:s-di

serene do-hi

serious u-tlv-yo-li-s-di

servant a-tsi-na-tla-i

seven ga-li-quo-gi

Seven Clan Society u-ga-ya

seventeen ga-li-qua-du

seventh ga-li-quo-gi-ne-i

seventh ga-li-quo-gi-ne

sew ga-ye-wi-s-gv

sewing ye-wi-ya

sewing tsi-wi-ya

shade da-wa-di-s-gv

shade u-da-wa-di-s-gv

shadow u-di-yv-li

shake a-de-lv-di-yi

shame a-de-ho-hi-s-di

sharp ga-s-ta-yi

sharp u-tlv-ta

sharp u-do-tlv-sv-i

shed ga-hu-ta-yi

sheep u-no-de-:(na)

sheep u-ni-no-de-:(na)

sheep a-wi u-no-de-na

shelf da-ya-ta-na-lv-ti

shelf a-ya-ta-na-li

shell u-ya-s-ga

shell da-gu-na

shell u-ya-s-ka

ship tsi-yu

shirt ha-wi-ni--a-nu-wo

shoals u-s-ta-la-na-li

shock u-s-ga-s-da-ne-lv

shoe a-la-su-lo

shoot na-da-a-s-ti-ya-li

short tsu-s-qua-li

short u-s-ka-li

short s-qua-la-i

shot a-da-s-ti-ya-li

shoulder ga-nv-wo-i

shout ga-ta-hi-yu

shout ta-hi-yu

shut a-s-du-di

sick u-tlv-gi

side a-s-qua-ge-ni

sign go-we-lo-di

silk si-li-gi

silver u-tsi-s-ta-lu-:gi-s-gi

silver de-lv-ne-gv

silver a-de-lv-u-ne-gv

simple nu-tso-s-dv-na

sin a-s-ga-ni

sinew u-wa-du-na

sinker a-li-tsi

sister u-lv

sit down tsa-la-di

Sitico u-tsu-ti-qua-yi

sitting wa-la-tla

six su-da

six su-da-li

sixteen da-lu-du

sixth su-da-li-ne

sixth su-da-li-ne-i

size nu-gv-i

skin ga-ne-ga

skinning da-ga-ne-ga la-do-di

skirt a-sa-no

skunk di-la

skunk di-?li

sky ga-lu-na-di

slanting gu-la-ga-lu

sleep a-hu-lu

sleep ga-lv-di

sleep e-ga-si-nu

sleep hi-lu-nu

sleeping tsi-li-hu

sleet ne-wa-di

sleeting ga-ne-so-s-ga

slip di-da-nv-di-s-do-di

slope a-lu-du-ka-ti

slow u-s-ga-no-la

slowly u-s-ga-no

slowly lu-s-ga-no-li

small u-s-di

smallpox u-nu-da

smalls tsv-s-di

smash a-yo-s-do-di

smell ga-wa-sv-gv

smilax du-nu-s

smile u-ge-tsa-s-gv

smile u-tse-tsi

smoke tsu-ga-sv-s-di

smoke tsu-s-di

smoke tsu-na-lu-gi

smoking ga-gi-s

smoky du-tsu-s-du

Smoky Mountains tsa

smooth u-wa-na-de-s-gi

smooth ta-wi-s-ka

snake da-li
snake u-tsa-na-ti

snake i-na-dv

snake wa-di-ge-a-s-ka-li

snake wu-di-ge-i-s-k

snake ka-ne

snake i-na-du

snake u

snake sa

snake button root u-na-s-te-tsi-s-ti-ya

sneeze du-yv-s-do-yv

snipe da-s

snow u-na-tsi

snow v-tsi

snowing gv-tsi-ha

snuff tso-la--wa-ni-ge

soap o-la

society u-na-do-tlv-hi

sock a-li-yo

soft wa-ni-ge-i

soft u-wa''

soldier a-yo-s-gi

soldier a-ya-s-ti-gi

solid a-ka-li-wo-hi

some i-ga-du

son u-we-tsi

song da-ga-no-ge-da

song ka-no-gi-s-di

soon na-tla-gu

soon after a-ni-qua

sorcerer di-da''

sore u-ta-s-ti

sort di-su-ye-s-di

soul a-da-na-ta

soul a-do-nv-do

sound u-no-yv-gv

soup u-ga-ma

sour u-ga-si-ta

sour corn mash ka-nah-e-na

sour corn mash ka-nah-e-ni

south u-ga-la-ya-i

south u-ga-no-wv

south tsu-ga-na-wv

space u-dla-nv-dv

spade go-de-s-di

Spaniard s

Spaniards a-ni-s

sparrow tsi-s-qua-ya

speak slowly u-s-ga-no

speaking ga-wo-ni-ha

spear da-tli-de

spear da-da-s-do-di

special u-tse-li-dv

speech wa-ni-hu

spider ka-na-ne-s-gi

spiders a-ni-ka-na-ne-s

spirit a-da-nv-do

spirit a-do-nv-do

split u-ne-s-tli

spoil tsi-a-s-ti-hu

spoil a-s-ti-hu

spoiler a-ya-s-ta

spoon a-di-do-di

spring a-ma

spring a-ma--ga-nu-go-gv

spruce tree nu-na

square nv-gi--tsu-nv-si-ya

squash s-qua-si

squash wa-tsi-gu

squaw a-yv-wi-ya-a-ge-yv

squirrel sa-lo-li

squirrel gi-u-ga

squirrel te-wa

squirrel sa-la-li

stage go-wo-ni-s-di-a-yo-da-dla-v

stamp ga-ya-lv-di

stand do-ga

star no-qui-si

stars a-ni-no-qui-si

start a-ni--gi-s-di

state ka-no-he-

statement ka-no-he-lv-hi

station u-le-we-s-di

steam a-tsi-lv-ga-sa-do-yo-s-di

steel a-tsi-lu-ta-lu-gi-s-gi

stem gu-ha-la-hi

stem u-w-ni-ga-lv

stem da-ga-lo-s-ti

step a-la-s-gv-da

stick ga-na-s-da

stick da-ga-lo-s-ti

sticker u-ni-s-ta-lv-s-ti

sticky ga-ya-lv-gi

stiff ga-ne-ta-ya

still do-i

stitch go-ye-wi-sv

stockings a-ni-ge-yv--tsu-ni-li-yo

stomach u-s-quo-li

stomach u-s

stone nv-ya

stone nv-yu

stop ha-le'

stop ha-le-wi-s-ta

store u-s'

store a-da-na-nv

storehouse a-da-na-nu-hi

storm u-nu-la

story ka-ne-he-lv-s-gi

straight ga-tsi-ni-s-ta

straight ga-tsi-no-s-du

strange a-se-gi

strawberries a-nv

strawberry a-nv

strayed u-la-yu-tsi

stream s-te-wa-ya

stream tsa-gi

stream ge-i

street ga-la-nv-dv

stretch di-da-ne-s-do-di

strike ka-ya-ne-ga

strong u-la-ni-gi-da

strong u-hu-s-ti

strong believer a-du-la-di'

strong of heart u

strong willed du-la-di-nu-li-ni-gv-gv

stuffing a-su-ya-na

stuffing a-su-ya-na-i

stump tsu-na-lu-ga

substance di-ka-no-di

succotash i-ya-tsu-ya-di-su-yi--se-lu

succotash se-lu-du-ya-na-de-la-hu-ni

such ya-dv-nah

sudden u-la-ni-gi-da

sugar gu-li-se-tsi

sugar ka-li-se-tsi

Sugar Town gu-li-se-tsi-yi

suggestion ka-ni-i-s-ta-nv

sumac ga-lo

summer go

summer go-ge-yi

sun nv-do-i-ga-e-hi

sun nv-da-e-ge-hi

Sun Spirit u-ne-la-nv-hi

Sunday u-na-do-da-qua-s-gv-i

sunny u-da-ha-li

sunny side u-da-ha-li-yi

sunrise de-ga-lv-yi

sunset u-di-ga-lv-yi

support a-li-s-de-lv-di

surprise a-s-qua-ni-go-his-di

surprise i-i-i

swallow tso-de

swallow u-tsi-ka

swamp e-ga-te-ga-wi

swan sa-:sa

sweat a-li-a-lu

sweat batch a-li-a-lu u-ta-wa-s-ti

sweatlodge a'-si

sweet a-ga-na-s-ti

sweet gum tree tsi-la-lu

sweet potatoes nu na-ni-nv-hi

sweetheart tsu-na-da-da-tlu-gi

swim yu-ni

swim a-da-wo-s-di

sycamore gu-tsu-ne-gv

sycamore tsu-wa-tsu-ne-ga

Sycamore Shoals wa-ta-u-ga

system i-ya-dv-ne-li-da-s-di

Alihelisdi!-- Ganag'ati Lowe'di Alahusgi'

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