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face u-ka-dv

fact ya-dv-na--u-do-hi-yv

fairies yv-wi tsv-di

fairies a-ma-yi-ne-hi

fairies nv-ne-hi

fairy yi-ne-hi

faith go-hi-yh-di

faith go-hi-yu-di

Fall u-la-ga-ha-s-ti

fall nu-gi

fall u-lo-sv-gi

falling gu-ga-la-s

falling off a-da-te-li

false ga-io-nu-ne-dv

family tsi-da-na-lu

family si-da-ne-lv-hi

far i-nv-hi-yu

farm ga-lo-ge-sv

fast i-nah-i-yu

fast ga-tsa-nu-li

fast ya-lu-a

fast ga-ya-nu-la

fastened tsu-ga-nv-yi

fat ka-le-tsa-hi-di

fat ga-li-tso-hi-da

father do-da

father a-gi-do-da

father ga-do-da

father a-da-do-da

fault ya-da-s-ka-gi

fear u-na-ye-hi-s-di

fear a-s-ka-i

feather u-gi-da-li

feather u-lu-nu-hi

feather tsu-gi da-wa-li

feather tsu-gi gu-li

feather headdress ge-da-la-s

feathers tsu-lu-nu-hi

February ka-ga-li

feeble u-da-ni-la

feeling a-sv-na-s-di-yi

fell down ga-nu-gi

fell down tsi-nu-gi

female a-gi-si

female a-ge-yv

fern yo-na tse-s

fertile u-dv-hi-s-di

field ka-la-ge-si

field ga-ge-si

field la-ge-si

field tla-ge-si

field tlo-ge-si

fifteen s-gi-ga-du

fifth hi-s-gi-ne-i

fifth hi-s-gi-ne

fight a-la-s-di

fighting a-tsi-la-hu

fighting eagle u-wo-hi-la-tli-ti-gv

finger ga-ye-sa-dv

fire a-tsi-la

fire a-tsi-la ga-lv-ka-we-ti-yu

fire ga-ta

fire a-tsi-lv

fire a-ya-ta-s

fire a-tsv-s-ta-ti

Fire Carrier a-tsi-la-di-ye-ga

fire maker a-tsi sv-ti

fire water a-mo a-tsi-la

fire water a-ma a-tsi-la

fireplace ga-do-di-yi

fireplace a-tsi-la-yi

first i-gv-yi-i

first i-gv-yi

fish a-tsa-di

fish u-tsu-ti

fish da

fish u-gv-s-ti-li

fish net de-sa-di

fish trap u-ga-yv

fisherman a-su-hi-s

fishing a-su-hu-s-ka

five hi-s-gi
fixed o-s-dv--nu-wa-ne-lv

flag ga-da-ti

flame a-da-we-la-gi-s-gv

flat u-wa-na-de-s-gi

flat a-ya-te-ni

flats di-ya-te-ni

flax a-ta-le-ta

flea tsa-su-ga

flea ka-se-he-la

flea tsu-ga

flea bane a-tsi-la-sv-ti

flesh eater u-que-da-li'-gi-s-di

flight u-la-wi-dv-da

flint da-wi-s-ga-la

flint ta-wi-s-ka lv-ti

floor a-ya-te-no-hi

floor a-ya-di-tla-hu

flower a-tsi-la-s

flower a-tsi-lu-s-gi

flower tsi-la

flowers a-ni-a-tsi-la-s

fly dv-ga

fog u-ka-ha-da

fold ga-que-nv-di

food a-li-s-da-yv-di

food a-gi-s-ti

foods u-ni-gi-s-ti

foolish u-lv-da-le-s-gi

foolish person a-ga-la-yv-wi

foot tsu-na

foot u-la-si-de-na

footlog a-sv-tli

footlog a-sv-tlv-yi

footprints u-tsu-ni

footprints u-tsu-la si-nv-yi

force ga-sa-do-ya-s-di

ford a-sa-tsv-yi

forest tsa-lu-yi

forever i-go-hi-dv

forgotten tsa-wo-ne-su-ga

fork yv-gi

forked di-gu-ni

forked tongue di-gv-tsu-gi

form u-do-tlv-sv

fort a-ni-ya-s-ka nv-a-yu-da

forward i-gv-yi-di-tlv

four nv-gi

fourteen ni-ga-du

fourth nv-gi-ne

fourth nv-gi-ne-i

fowl tsu-da-la-na-da

fox i-na-li

fox tsu-la

fox sparrow wa-::

fox squirrel sa-lo-li wo-di

frame ga-lv-do-di

free a-se-quu-i

frequent i-yu-da-li

Friday tsu-nv-gi-lo-s-di

friend u-na-li-i

friend o'-gi-na'-li

friend u-gi-ne-li

friend a-gi-ne-li-i

friend gi-ne-li

friend hi-gi-ne-li-i

friends tsv-gi-ne-li

friends di-gi-ne-li

frog wa-la-si

frog wa-lo-s

frog wa-la-di

frog da-li

frog wa-lo-si

frog du-s

from a-ni-gi-s-di--ni-dv-le-nv-da

front i-gv-yi-di-tlv

frosted a-ya

fruit u-da-ta-nv-a-gi-s-di

full ka-li

future u-wa-gu-di-di-sv

Alihelisdi!-- Ganag'ati Lowe'di Alahusgi'

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