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aaron e-ya-ni

abdomen u-s-quo-li-i

abe e-qui

ablaze a-da-we-la-gi-s-gv

able ye-li-quo-i-ya-dv-ne-di

abnormal ka-li-ni-ge-sv-na

aboard i-nv

abode ga-ne-lv

abolish di-yo-hi-s-di

about gv-wa-du-wi-dv

above ga-lv-la-di-dla

above ga-lv-la-ti

abraham e-qua-ha-mi

abram e-qua-ha--mi

abridge a-s-qua-lv-do-di

abscess ga-wo-s-gv-i

absent ne-do-hv-na

absolute u-do-hi-yu-hi-ha

absorb a-ka-yo-do-di

abstinence a-su-la-go-hi-s-di

abundant gv-wa-lo-sv-s-di

abuse u-yo-i-gv-ne-di

accelerate ga-tsa-nu-la-hi-s-di

accent i-gv-ne-di-ka-ne-hi-s-di

accept di-da-ni-lv

accept da-da-ni-lv-ga

accident u-da-se-ga-tse-di

accomodate a-li-s-de-lv-di

accompany a-s-ta-qua-dv-s-di

accomplish a-s-qua-di-s-di

account gv-ni-ge-sv-i-gv-ne-di

account gu-ni-ge-sv--i-gu-ni-di

accrue u-da-ne-quo-tse-di

accumulate ka-ne-gwo-ga

accumulate ga-sv-da-s-di

accurate ka-li-di-do-la-gi

accuse gu-hi-s-di-ha

accuse a-da-du-hi-s-do-di

accused a-gu-i-s-di

accustomed o-gi-sa-di

ache e-hi-s-dv

ache u-we-hi-s-da-ne-ha

achieve e-li-ni-gv-ne-dv

acid tsu-nu-tso-s-ta

acknowledge go-li-ni-gv-ne-dv

acorn gu-le

acquaintance go-li-gi

acquainted di-na-do-li-ga

acquit di-da-yo-hi-s-di

acquire o-tse-li-i-gv-ne-dv

acre su-tli-lo-dv

across di-ga-na-di-wi-s-sv-i

act i-ya-dv-ne-lv

act i-ya-dv-ne-di

acted nu-dv-ne-lv

active gv-hna-ga-li-s-di

actor a-dv-ne-li-s-gi

actress a-dv-ne-li-s-gi

actual u-do-hi-yu-sv

adam a-da-wi

adapted ye-li-di-do-la-gi-i-gv-ne-lv

add ga-tli-so-di

added ga-tli-sa-nv-hi

addict u-ga-na-si-s-gi

addition ga-tli-so-di-yi

address na-na ge-sv wa-se-s-di

addressee wa-tsi-nv-ne-lv-tsu-ne-s-di

adjacent u-da-no-tlv-i

adjourn di-ni-ye-li-sv

adjourned du-ni-ye-li-sv

adjust o-s-dv i-gv-ne-dv

adjusting o-s-dv-na-nv-ne-ha

adjustment o-s-dv-na-nv-ne-hv

admire ga-lv-quo-do-di

admit go-hi-yu-ta-nv

admitted u-wo-hi-yu-ta-nv

adopt a-tlo-ya-s-do-di

adorable u-li-lo-hi

adore a-da-la-du-di

adult u-ta-nv

adulterer a-da-hy-o-ne-ni

adultery a-da-hy-o-ne-di

adultry u-de-li-dv-dv-di-nv-si-di

advalorem i-ga-ti-ha-tsu-gv-wa (lo)-di

advanced a-da-sa-la-do-di

advantage a-tla-nv-da-di-s-gv

adventure a-ne-(lv)-do-di

advertise de-ga-no-tsa-lv-s-ga

advertisement de-ga-no-tsa-lv

advise a-da-de-yo-di

advocate ga-ni-la-di-s-di

adze de-ga-nu-da-s-ti

affair na-na-dv-ne-hv

affection di-da-da-ni-lv-i-s-di

affectionate tsu-da-da-ni-lv-tsa

affidavit a-se-li-ta-nv

afford ya-li i-yu-dv-ni

afire u-tsi-s-tlv-i

aflame a-da-we-la-gi-s-gv

afloat u-yo-lu-ha

afraid da-s-ka-s-ti

afraid a-s-ga-s-di

afraid a-s-ga-ha

after u-lo-so-nv

after o-ni

afternoon sv-hi-ye-yi-di-tlv

afterwards o-ni-u-wa-ga-di-di-sv

again si-quu

again ta-li-ne

again si-wu

against a-tlu-do-di

against di-ga-te-le-gi

against u-tlv-wv-la

against di-ga-ti-le-gi

age i-yu-de-ti-yv-da

aged a-ga-yv-li

aged a-ge-v-li

agent a-tsi-nv-si-da-s-di

agitate ga-nv-qua-e-ha

agitate a-yo-tla-di-s-di

ago i-yu-tsi-ge-sv

agony a-gi-tli-yi

agony a-gi-li-yo-gv

agravate a-da-de-ya-do-di

agree go-hi-yv-da-ne-ha

agree i-su a-ye-lv-di

agreeable tsu-da-da-ni-lu-v-tsa-di

agreed du-da-ni-lv-tsv

agreement da-da-he-tse-lv

agriculture di-ga-lo-go-di

ahead i-gv-yi-di-tlv

aid a-li-s-de-lv-do-di

aid a-da-s-de-lv-di

aim a-li-s-de-nu-do-di

aim a-li-so-s-dv

air u-no-le

airplane tsi-yu

airplane tsi-yu ga-no-hi-li-do-hi

ajar u-s-di a-s-du-i-da

alarm a-s-du-i-da

alcohol a-ma' a-su-yv-di wi-s-gi

alert gv-ni-ga-(li)-s-di

algebra di-se-s-di u-gv-wa-li

alias nu-da-le du-do-i

alighted tsu-le-gi-la-nu-na-yi

alike u-tlo-yi

alimony a-ga-gu-ye-he-di-tsu-ga-le-nv-da

alive gv-hna

alive gv-no-dv

all ni-ga-da

all o-wa-sa

all ni-ga'-dv

all ni-ga'-da

alligator tsu-la-s-gi

allot a-ya-do-s-di

allow a-(li)-s-go-(lv)-do-di

ally a-li-(go)-di

almanac nv-dv-di-se-s-di

almost na-v-ni-ge-s-di

aloft ga-lv-la-di-tlv

alone u-wa-sa

alone u-wa-sv

aloud a-s-da-ya u-no-yv-gv

alphabet di-ga-lo-qua-s-do

already ga-yu-la

also na-s-gi

also na-s-quu

also na-s-quo

also nu

alter ga-ne-tli-yv-s-di

alternate a-da-ne-tli-yv-s-di-ha

altogether ni-ga-dv

always ni-go-hi-lv-i

always ni-go-hi-lv-i

amateur a-le-ni-s-gi

amaze a-s-qua-ni-go-hi-s-di

amazed a-s-qua-ni-go-s-ga

ambassador ga-nu-se-da

ambulance tsu-ni-tlv-go-i-di-ga-lv-do-di

ambush di-s-ka-lu-na-gi

ambush a-ha-lu-na

ambush a-ha-lu-di

amen e-me-nv

amen na-s-gi-wu-wi-ni-ga-(li)-s-da

amend go-tlv-hi-so-di

America a-me-li-ga

amiable u-li-lo-hi

ammunition di-s-da-yo-s-do-di

among nu-na-dv-nv

amount i-ga-i-ge-sv

ample ye-li-quo i-ga-i

amplify a-ta-no-hi-s-ti-di

amuse a-s-qua-ni-go-hi-s-di

amusement a-s-qua-ni-go-su-di

ancestor tsu-ni-ga-yv-li-i-yv-(li)-s-ta-nv

ancient a-ga-yv-li-ge

ancient ka-i-e-le

ancient hi-lv-hi-yu-i

and ni-hi-nah-v

and u-le-nu

and a-le

and ni-hi-na

angel di-ka-no-wa-di-do-hi

angel a-da-we-hi

angels a-ni-da-we-hi

anger a-ta-li-wo-hi-s-di

anger ka-na-lv-i-s-di

angle da-s-da-nv-nv--du-lu-tsv

angry o-gi-ni-hna-lv'-(ga)

angry u-hna-lv-ha

angry u-ni-hna-lv'-(ga)

angry o-gi-hna-lv'-(ga)

angry i-tsi-hna-lv'-(ga)

angry u-hna-lv-:(ga)

angry s-di-hna-lv'-(ga)

angry i-gi-hna-lv'-(ga)
angry tsa-na-lv'-(ga)

animal ga-na-tla-i

animals e-hna-i e-v

ankle u-tsi-qua-lv-dv-i

ankle u-(tsa)-s-qua-la-dv

anniversary u-de-ti-yi-s-gv

announce de-ga-no-tsa-tlv-s-ga

announce de-ga-no-tsa-lv-nv

announced du-no-tsa-lv-nv

announcement di-ga-no-tsa-nu-di

annoyance a-da-tso-se-di-s-gi

annual a-yo-s-do-di

another nu-da-le

another so-i

answer ga-wo-hi-li-yv-dv

ant tso-su-da-li

ant do-sv-da-li

antagonize a-da-de-do-di

antelope a-wi-yu-s-ti

anthem a-li-he-li-s-di di-ga-no-gi-s-di

anticipate u-du-gi e-li-s-di

anticipated u-du-gi e-li-s-sv

anticipating u-du-gi e-i-s-gv-i

anticipation u-du-gi o-ye-(lv)-sv

antique u-we-ti go-tlv-nv

antler tsu-lu-nu-hi

antler u-s

antlers a-wi-tsu-yo-ni

anvil go-tlv-(nv)-di-a-tlo-di

anvil a-so-di ta-lu-gi-s-gi u-li-gi

anxiety o-we-li-hi-s-di-s-gv

anxious u--we-li-hi-a

anxious o-wa-nv-gv

any ni-ga-(li)-s-di-s-gv-quo

any i-nu-s-di

anybody na-ni-v-quo

anyhow i-gv-ni-si-s-di s-gv-yi-ni-ga-(li)-s-di

anyone na-ni-v-quo

anyone yi-ni-ga-li-s-di-ha-quu--gi-lo

anything ni-ga-nv-quo

anyway yi-ni-ga-(la)-s-di-quo

anywhere ni-gv-quo

anywhere yi-ni-ga-li-s-di-ha-quu--i-lv-tlv-i

apart tsu-ga-le-nv-da

apart i-yu-da-li

apartment de-ka-nv-su-lv

apiece a-ni-si-yv-wi-ha-i

apologize go-hi-yu-do-di-do-hi

apostle a-da-s-da-wa-di-do-hi

apparel di-nu-wo-s-di

appeal a-ta-yo-s-di

appealed a-ta-yo-lv-hi

appear ga-na-nu-go-tsv

appeared u-na-nu-go-hi-s-di

appearing ga-na-nu-go-tsv

appears ga-nu-go-ga

appetite o-yo-si-s-gv

applaud di-si-dv-ni-s-di

apple sv-ga-ta

apple sv

application a-ta-yo-s-do-di

applied i-gv-(na)-ta-nv-hi

apply i-gv-(na)-do-di

appointment di-su-ye-dv

Apportioner u-ne-la-nv-hi

appraise di-gv-wa-(lo)-do-di

appraisers di-ni-gv-wa-(lo)-di-s-gi

appreciate a-da-li-he-li-tse-di

appreciated u-da-li-he-li-tse-di

appreciating a-na-da-li-he-li-tse-hv

apprehend a-da-ni-ti

apprentice a-de-(lo)-qua-s-gi

approach a-da-lu-tse-di

approval go-hi-yu-ta-dv

approve go-hi-yu-do-di

approved go-hi-yu-do-di

apricot da-lo-ni-ge--a-da-dv-s-gi

apricot da-lo-ni-ge a-da-dv-s-gi

april ka-wo-ni

April tsi-lo-ni

apron a-tse-sa-do

apron ga-tlo-a u-a

apron a-tle-sa-do

area e-s-ga-ni

area i-gv-na-de-na

argue a-ti-yo-hi-ha

argument di-go-si-so-di

argument a-ti-yo-s-di

arguments da-no-si-si

arise di-le-di

arise a-di-di

arithmetic di-se-s-di

Arkansas yo-wa-ne-gv

arm ka-no-ge-ni

arm hi-no-ge-:ni

arm tsi-no-ge-:na

arms di-ka-no-ge-:ni

army a-ni--yo--wi-s-gi

arose du-le-nv

arouse a-ye-s-do-di

arrest ga-ni-yi-ha

arrest a-da-ni-(yi)-di

arrival u-lu-hi-s-di

arrive ga-lu-ga

arrived a-ni-lu-ga

arrived ga-lu-ga

arrives ga-lu-hi-s-di-yi

arrives ga-lu

arriving ga-lu-hi-s-di-i nu-li-s-dv

arrogant u-da-lv-quo-di

arrow di-ga-da-tlv-da

arrow da-ka-le-da-ti

arrow gu-ni

arrow ga-tli-da

arrow shaft ga-nu-s-ta da-ka-le-da-ti

arrowheads di-a-ga-da-tlv-da tsu-s-go

art di-tle-lo-s-do-di

art di-tli-lo-s-do-di

artery tsu-wo-du-no-hi

artichoke gv-ge

artificial di-tli-lo-s-ta-nv

artist di-tli-lo-s-di-s-gi

artist di-tle-lo-s-ta-nv-s-gi

ascend a-gi-lo-hi-s-di-yi

ascend a-li-sa-la-di-a

ash do-s-du

ashamed a-na-de-ho-s-di

ashes ga-s-du

ask a-dv-dv-hv-s-ga

ask a-da-dv-(do)-di

asked a-da-dv-di

asking ga-da-dv-dv-hv-s-ga

asking a-da-dv-dv-hv-s-ga

asleep ga-li-ha

assault di-da-(ga)-ti-lv-s-di

assemble a-da-tli-so-di

assembly da-ni-la-wi-v

assert ka-ne-hi-s-di-yi

assigned da-tsi-yo-hi-s-se-lv

assignment di-da-yo-hi-s-se-lv

assist a-da-s-de-(lv)-di

assistant a-(li)-s-de-li-s-gi

assisting a-(li)-s-de-li-s-gv

associate u-na-li-go-hi

assortment di-su-ye-dv

assume i-ye-li-s-di

assumed ne-li-sv

astound a-s-qua-ni-go-hi-s-di

astray u-le-nah-i-yv-s-ti

asylum tsu-ni-lv-no-ti-s-gi-u-ni-yv-s-ti

at na-na-i

at na-nah-i

ate tsi-ga

ate a-ga

athirst u-ta-de-gi-s-gv

athlete di-ne-lo-hv-s-gi

attach a-tlo-ya-s-do-di

attach ga-sa-ne-na-dv-s-ga

attached a-tlo-ya-s-ta-nv

attack di-(ga)-ti-lv-s-di

attack di-gi-ti-lv-s-di

attempt a-ne-(lv)-do-di

attempt a-ni-lv-do-di

attempted a-ne-(lv)-ta-nv

attempting a-ne-(lv)-ti-yi

attended a-quo-do-lv

attended u-ne-do-lv

attention a-(ga)-se-s-do-di

Attention! ka

attitude nu-s-dv o-da-(nv)-dv

attorney di-ti-yo-hi-hi

attorneys di-(na)-ti-yo-hi-hi

attractive u-li-lo-hi

auburn da-lo-ni-ge i-yu-s-di

auction a-ye-li a-ni-(na)-de-gv

audience u-(na)-dv-da-gv-ne

auditor o-s-da i-di-gv-ne

august ga-lo-ni

aunt e-lo-gi

aunt u-lo-gi

aunt a-lu-tsi

author go-we-li--go-we-li-s-gi

author go-we-li go-we-li-s-gi

authorities du-na-la-si-dv

authority da-la-si-dv

authorize a-da-na-tse-di

authorized a-tsi-ne-tse-lv

automatic u-wa-sv--a-na-gi-s-gi

automatic u-wa-sv a-na-gi-s-gi

automobile o-da-mo-qui-li

automobile o-da-mo-qui

Autumn u-la-go-hv-s-di

available ye-li-a-wa-dv-di

avenge a-tle-a-s-di-yi

avenue ga-la-nv-dv

avenues de-ga-la-nv-dv

aviator ga-no-hi-li-do-hi

avoid di-da-nv-di-s-do-di

avoided du-na-da-nv-di-s-ta-nv

avoided du-da-nv-di-s-ta-nv

awake a-ye-gi

awake u-ye-tsv-i

awake u-ni-ye-tsv-i

aware ge-ya-do-hv-s-di

away u-tsa-ti-na

awful u-lo-sv-s-ta-nv

awhile na-tle-gv-quo

awkward u-tso-s-da-ne-hi

awl de-ta-la-s-ti

ax u-dv-na ga-lu-ya-s-ti

ax ga-lu-ya-s-ti a-gi-ya

ax ga-lu-ya-s-ti u-s-di

ax ga-lu-ya-s-ti

axe ga-lu-ya-s-di

Alihelisdi!-- Ganag'ati Lowe'di Alahusgi'

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