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Astro Chart, personal readings with DrStandley, health consults with DrStandley, eBooks and more

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Astro Chart, personal readings with DrStandley, health consults with DrStandley, eBooks and more

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Tipi Mail
Archived September
'Daily Awakenings'
from Dr. Standley

"If you believe things happen for a reason,
then don't freak out when things do happen, for a reason."
-- Dr. Loretta Standley

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[Posted Thursday, September 3, 2015]


Audio'Siyo or Osiyo [Hello in Cherokee]

Last Daily Message, You Better Be Good To Me

It's a Good thing that I wake up a happy camper because this morning's Musical DLG™ (Musical Download from God™) called, "Born To Be Alive" by Patrick Hernandez came through with enough rhythm and repetition that I went from a dead sleep to dancing in the sheets. Almost immediately I was reminded of how easy it is to fall into the dead space and turn into the walking dead.

Most of us are familiar with some form of dead space in our personal or professional life. Right off the top of my head I can think of many references to 'the dead space' on the radio, in physiology, surgery, radar, weaponary and even observation where nothing is witnessed, occurring or accomplished. It's just that area of in-between where nothing is occurring. We might even witness the dead space or dead weight in our everyday lives. Regardless of where or when we know of the dead space to be, it doesn't have to envelope us and turn us into the walking dead, but all too often, it does.

I live my Life fairly outloud, meaning that my switch is flipped ON. I am physically active, deliberately productive, verbally communicative, spiritually connected and socially engaged. I also 'show up'. If we are friends on Facebook, then you already know this about me. Some days are better than others. I Love and I like, a lot more than I don't. I'm also pretty darn clear that this is my Life to live, which helps keep my judgment about others in check. I don't care if you tattoo your face, spray paint your hair blue, wear strips with plaid, wear white in the winter or wear Ugg's in the summer. Whatever makes you feel ALIVE and engaged is what matters.

This song inspired me, to remind you, that you were born to be alive. I take it as a gentle reminder to myself as well, to keep putting myself out there. Whether I am the example, the influencer or the motivator, I was born to be ALIVE! God has not called me back to Himself yet, I am still here, and so are you. You are not the walking dead and you are not sheeple. You are ALIVE and you are people. Now get out there, go place yourself UP! and practice being you.

by Patrick Hernandez

"Now get out there, go place yourself UP!
and practice being you."
-- Dr. Loretta Standley

Audio'Siyo or Osiyo [Hello in Cherokee]

Last Daily Message, Two Heads Are Better Than One

It's been quite a while since my last Daily Message. I used to write them daily and then suddenly, out of nowhere, I became wrapped up in other projects that delayed the daily message and next thing you know, I wasn't writing them at all.

This morning I woke up to a Musical DLG™ (Download from God™) that I could not deny was meant to get me back to writing Daily Messages. If you are new to this site and have not read any of the archived Daily Messages, I will quickly explain what I call a Musical DLG™, which is my Source of inspiration for writing. When I say, "Source" I mean it with a capital 'S', meaning Spirit, God, Creator, Universe, Father.

Every single morning, without fail, I am awakened by an external (yet internal) alarm clock that isn't an alarm clock as you know it. I wake up to a song that sounds as though it is coming from outside of myself (like an alarm clock) but there really is no sound that anyone else can hear, yet it is completely audible to me. The sound is outside of myself, that reaches inside of myself, to my spirit. My spirit knows this is from Spirit. I can hear it and I can feel it, even if no one else can. For as long as I can remember, songs have come to my spirit to wake me up and they stay with me all day, every day. I do not use an alarm clock at all, ever. This morning as I laid there listening to my morning Musical DLG™ I was inspired to call this section of my site, "Daily Awakenings" from now on. So, it is done.

This morning my Musical DLG™ came in the form of Tina Turner's song, "You Better Be Good To Me." This song has always been one of my favorites to help me snap out of any less than attractive behaviors. I suppose it would be easy to project this song on to someone else 'as if' they were responsible for my happiness, but I don't believe anyone is responsible for my happiness except me. If you really want to do the heavy work on yourself, then I challenge you to stand in front of the mirror and look yourself in the eye when this song plays. When you are tempted to point at someone else during these lyrics, I want you to point at yourself. The YOU in this song, is YOU! This song should not be about you saying to someone else, "You better be Good to me." This song should be about you saying to yourself, "You better be Good to me." Look yourself in the mirror and stand face to face and present your case. Let's see if you can look yourself in the eye and stop with the overloaded lines. If you can stop fighting with yourself, maybe you can stop fighting with others. Sometimes we are a prisoner of our own Love because of how we Love. Read that line again. We entangle ourselves in our web of lines (lies)! Folks, if you aren't crying at the end of this song while looking in the mirror, then I don't think you dug deep enough. Then play it again. Stay with yourself, not allowing yourself to project this song on to another person.

Go in the bathroom, close the door, look yourself in the mirror, play this song and sing it to yourself in your best Tina Turner impersonation voice. Sing this as if you are demanding from YOU to be Good to YOU. After you finish, flush the toilet and let it go. Now get out there, go place yourself UP!
and practice being you.

by Tina Turner

"Now get out there, go place yourself UP!
and practice being you."
-- Dr. Loretta Standley

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