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Dr. Loretta Standley is a Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider through Yoga Alliance

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q Hi Dr. Standley: (Chinese Calendar)

What date was the new moon in the year 1964? I was born on 2-2-64. I believe I am a Rabbit/Cat not a Dragon as your web site says. ??????? Help!


a Dear Leah:

You are correct. The year of the Rabbit was Jan. 25,1963 to Feb. 12,1964

The New Moon occurred the following times in 1964: I don't have the exact dates. I could figure it out by hand but that would take too much time right now.

23 capricorn
23 aquarius
23 pisces
22 aries
21 taurus
19 gemini
17 cancer
15 leo
13 virgo
12 libra
11 scorpio
11 sagittarius

Hmmmmm . . I'll have to check out that program. Many of the programs and web stuff that you see on websites are purchased or accessed through those who write these programs. I'll have to contact the people who wrote this program so they can permanently make the changes.

Until then, I'll remove it from my site.

Thanks so much Leah, typos and mistakes drive me crazy. (smiles) I have a strong Virgo chart. hahahaha

A bazillion blessings -- Dr. Standley

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