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Astrology, are things as bad as they look?

Dr. Loretta Standley

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q Dear Dr. Standley (Astrology, are things as bad as they look?)

My question is about my husband's chart for January. I'm concerned about transiting Chiron conjunction radix mideaven. Could you possibly tell me if this is as bad as it looks?

Thanks so much, D

a Dear D:

Thank you for the e-mail.

I have no idea how this effects your husband because I do not know the whole of his chart. Natal Charts are read as a whole. Just like the human body, a natal chart is . . . . "The whole is more than the sum of the parts."

Here's an analogy: This would be like asking me to diagnose at a patient's foot without doing an exam. Just wanting me to look at the foot and nothing else. I'd want to know their age, if they were male or female, I'd want to know the history of the patient, I'd want to know if diabetes ran in the family, etc. I'd do an exam!

Just like a Natal Chart, an exam has to be done.

I'm curious about something, why would you "choose" to look at this as bad? There are NO bad charts in astrology. NONE! Astrology is as solid as our "free will" chooses to make it. We "choose" to make things bad.

Challenging transits are opportunities for us to build our character. And sometimes when a challenging aspect hits, it will kick our butt into action because the time is long overdue and we "chose" to miss an opportunity earlier during an easier transit. Challenging transits force us to change ourselves in order to be bigger, better and more.

If he "chooses" to embrace this as a bad thing, then that's his choice. All aspects are opportunities.

What Good is astrology if you "choose" the negative choice of a challenging aspect. If you know the aspect ahead of time, you can make a choice on how you will act and react.

That's like saying a big truck is going to come down the road so I may as well lay down in front of it. The big truck is coming ANYWAY, but you don't have to lay in front of it for Goodness Sake.

Here's an example of how I handled a challenging transit:

Last spring I read in my transits and progressions that I'd be going through an extremely busy and challenging time during the summer with regard to my work and clerical type stuff and it would be chaotic, disruptive and frustrating. After all, I do have a web site and write things on it about 18 hours a day. AND I WAS GOING TO BE BUSIER AND CHALLENGED EVEN MORE !?!?!?!? I thought I couldn't do it and when will I sleep?

I sat down and figured out a way to handle what I was already doing only with more organization and efficiency. So in the Spring, before the challenge hit in the summer, I made clerical and office changes to become more efficient.

I could have said, "It's coming and it will be chaotic and I can't handle it." First, not handling a challenge or being fearful is simply not my style. Instead, I was ready, prepared and efficient.

Remember Debra, we ALWAYS have a choice. We can go nuts and be dramatic or handle it with grace and determination.

God gave us "free will." We "get to" choose. If we didn't have "free will" then astrology would eliminate the existence of God. And that's just simply not possible.


A Bazillion Blessings~ Dr. Standley

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