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Dr. Loretta Standley is a Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider through Yoga Alliance

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There is a small little mental exercise that I will often use with my clients when they are having a hard time accepting who others are

There is a small little mental exercise that I will often use with my clients when they are having a hard time accepting who others are, how others act and react, or what Lifestyle choices others make that are different than their own.

I use to use this same technique on my patients in my former holistic clinic when the they were having a hard time accepting others.

Even the most self-proclaimed 'spiritual person' can have a hard time accepting others for where they are on their Spiritual Progression Path™. Not on our path, but accepting where others are on their own path, which is different than our own. Either we are living the 'Spiritual Life' or we are not, which can change from one day to the next. That is our nature. If we could stay completely in a spiritual state, then why would we be here? Why would we not just turn to Light and leave the planet because our work would be complete. Either we believe that we are a spiritual being in a human body, creating the totality of what a 'human being' is or we don't believe it. Like it or not, we are in physical 'human' form, and there is no getting around that fact no matter how spiritual we are today, tomorrow or some time down the road.

I believe we as 'human beings' (spirit being in human body) are all walking, tripping, stumbling and slobbering all over ourselves just trying to figure it all out and we are doing it together. No wonder it can all easily turn to chaos if someone is not on the same page (path) as us. Sometimes we are doing the best we can and sometimes we aren't even cognizant enough to do that! Most of us are not leading a Life of contemplation, meditation and reflection 24/7. Who could do that? One minute we are in a profound moment in time, and the next minute we are angry because someone rattled our cage. We are a fiesty bunch, who often times can be very unforgiving of another person's mis-step.

In the type of work that I do now, I use this technique over the phone quite often. Back in the day, my patient would lay on their back on the treatment table with their eyes closed and I would sit at the head of the table on a stool and talk them through the mental exercise below without touching them. I did not touch the patient through this exercise because I did not want to stimulate the patient's neurology during the exercise. Even having the Lights on was sensory, so the Lights were off. I wanted the patient to just be in their own head without any other sensory input other than what was necessary, which was the treatment table and my voice.

As you read through this mental exercise, assume it is all about you. It is not about anyone else, but you. As you sit and slowly read this page . . . ponder the things that I ask . . . ponder them slowly as you scroll down the page. DO NOT scroll ahead or you will ruin it for yourself. Scroll slowly and spend a couple of minutes with each question . . . . as slow as you possibly can before moving on to the next question . . . answer the question in your mind. Focus on the question, visualize what is being asked before moving on to the next question. Answer the question. You might answer the question in your head with one sentence or you might answer the question in your head in the form of a paragraph. DO NOT speed through this process. The slower you move along question by question, the more you will receive out this exercise.

Begin scrolling down this page slowly . . .

What is your favorite type of book to read? Is it a biography, history, science, political, mystery, religion, health, spirituality?

What is your favorite type of movie to see? Do you like drama, action-adventure, comedy, sci-fi, western, old classic black and white, porn?

Where do you like to go on vacation? If you could choose your favorite spot to go without any influence from someone else . . what place would you choose?

How do you like to wear your hair? Do you part it down the middle, on the side or comb it straight back? Do you have hair? If you don't have hair, how does this affect you?

What type of restaurant do you like to go to? If the choice was only yours, where would you go out to eat?

Do you drink alcohol? If so, how do you act when you consume alcohol?

Do you use recreational drugs? If so, how do you act when you use these drugs?

How well do you handle money?

Are you a person who always arrives early, always arrives late, or somewhere in between?

What is your political position and why? Why do you believe what you do?

Who is your diety? Do you practice your faith in a diety? Does this include religion or do you live by a philosophy?

Do you live by a moral code of conduct and if so, how close do you live to what you believe?

What does your walk look like?

If you could choose any career or job that would make you completely happy, what would it be?

What do you look like when you run?

What is your kiss like? What is your friendly kiss like and what is your passionate kiss like?

How do you show others that you Love them? What do you do? How would someone else know that you Love them? What proof do they have?

How do you treat strangers?

How do you respond to children that you don't know, let's say 10 years old and younger?

How do you feel about animals?

What is your position on abortion?

How do you hold a fork and eat your food?

Do you secretly text and drive?

What do you sound like when you eat something very very hot?

How well do you take care of your health? And who will be responsible to take care of you if you don't take care of your own health?

How do you behave when you are angry? Do you throw things, abuse someone, abuse yourself, cry, call a friend, make a dramatic post on social media alerting the world that you are angry or do you go to a quiet space and think.

What do you sound like when you are angry? Do you scream, curse, yell, clam up or try to talk things out?

Can you be apologetic, meaning are you capable of saying, "I'm sorry"?

How do you act when you are happy? How do others know that you are happy?

What makes you sad . . . really really sad, that almost paralyzes you into a stoic position?

And how would anyone know that you are sad? Would anyone know if you were sad? What do you do to let it be known that you are sad?

What does your voice sound like? Do you have a loud voice or a quiet voice?

What does your laugh sound like?

Contempate all of these things about you . . . and imagine for a moment trying to change one thing about you. Try to change just one of those things that make you ... YOU.

Try to change just one of those things that make you so unique and different.

Now imagine what it's like to change someone else.

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