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Dr. Loretta Standley is a Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider through Yoga Alliance

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Using the Law of Action, Activation and Activity


1) A large flat surface such as poster board, dry erase board or a corkboard that you will use to put your images.

2) Scissors, glue stick, sparkles, glitter or anything else that will give POP and BLING to your Vision Board.

3) Magazines, flyers, brochures, articles, or anything that will provide you with images that resonate positively with your spirit and make you feel Good. You may even find some wonderful inspirational and motivational images in the junk mail. You will be using the materials above to find images and also to find words, phrases and quotes that bring vitality, sensuality, pleasure, success, achievement and excitement to your spirit.

4) Red Envelopes. You will create your own 'Fortune Cookies' using 12 Red Envelopes which will correlate to the 12 houses in your natal chart. The 'red' envelopes are used for several reasons listed below, which is why they are your 'Fortune Cookies'. Now this doesn't mean make your entire Vision Board red. I am merely giving you the reasons why your 12 envelopes need to be red for 'activation'. Now you can make your 'fortune cookies' say what you've always wanted them to say. Be creative folks!

4a) In Feng Shui 'red' is the color of 'activation' and in creating your Vision Board you will be using the Law of Action (Activation).

4b) In China the color red is lucky and brings wealth. In China brides wear a red dress for Good Luck, happiness and joy.

4c) The First Chakra is also 'red'. The First Chakra describes how we identify with the material world and our success. It also represents our groundedness, stability and security. This is our identity and individuality. This First Chakra relates to our ability to master our physical surroundings and physical body. It shows our courage and how we handle family beliefs, physical pleasure, pain or touch. It also shows our level of loyalty and superstition.

4d) Red stimulates the heart rate, increases respiration, raises the blood pressure and enhances metabolism.

4e) Red is THE MOST emotionally intense color. Red is the color of fire, energy, vigor, vitality, strength, courage, power, determination as well as passion, intimacy, desire, joy, sexuality, sensitivity and Love.

4f) Red is easy to see which is probably why many companies have red in the logo. Some of biggest companies in the world will have red in their logo along with bright yellow because yellow is THE MOST memorable color on the eye. That's why Post-Its are yellow. You might use a yellow background for your vision board as I have done in the picture below.

4g) Red stimulates an individual to make quicker decisions. It is an 'action' color which is why it is used in the way it is on many websites and in advertising.

Using the Law of Action, Activation and Activity

5) Type out a different list of action-oriented affirmations, phrases or steps for 'each' of the 12 houses in your Natal Chart. After you have typed out 'a different list' of affirmations, phrases or words 'for each' of the 12 houses, then cut the paper into strips and put the strips into the 'Fortune Cookie' (red envelope) to which they belong. Each red envelope (Fortune Cookie) should be pasted under the image that you have on your vision board for that particular house.

For instance, if you are having trouble being nice to others then under the 1st house of personality you might type out the same phrase, "I treat others as I want them to treat me." Under the 2nd house of self-worth and personal money you might type out the phrase, "I AM always in the right financial place at the right financial time." In your 10th house of career you might type out the affirmation, "Success and achievement are natural outcomes for me." You might type out an action statement that requires something from you day after day such as, "I make the perfect business and career contact today!" Then you 'must' follow-up and make a business or career contact that day. Each day you will go to your Vision Board and take out a slip of paper out of your self-made 'Fortune Cookie' for each area of your Life (each of the 12 houses). This may seem like a lot of work but since you live in these 12 houses every single day of your life anyway, you might as well make yourself fully aware of what you are doing or not doing. Now go load up your 'Fortune Cookies' with everything you have always dreamed and NO CUTTING CORNERS OR TAKING SHORTCUTS!

5a) Write your own future or . . .

5b) Write positive affirmations or . . .

5c) Write action steps that you will make toward your goal.

You can make your own red envelopes
by simply folding red construction paper
and putting pictures on them.

Dr. Standley's Vision Board using Red Envelopes

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