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Dr. Loretta Standley is a Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider through Yoga Alliance

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In Cherokee: (uguna nvwati)

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MEANING: Aggressive, Alliances, Persistence

Native American Badger Animal Medicine

Badger People are learning to bite down on what they desire and hang on. Badger's are extremely aggressive and completely fearless in their fight for what they want. They also make alliances with some of the most unsuspecting creatures and take charge when and where it is needed. Much like Badgers, Badger People do not seek to attack, they merely hang on with everything they've got.

When Badger Medicine grabs your attention it is asking you to look at your aggressiveness. Are you being lethargic or over-aggressive? Badger is calling attention to your present state of mind, body and personal affairs to see where you need to take charge. Badger medicine reminds you to bite down and say, "Enough is enough, now I'm taking charge!" Look at Badger's snarl; sometimes you have to get angry enough (in a Good way) to make things happen.

Badger also represents alliances, so you'll definitely need to make sure that you are not burning your bridges along the way. For example: A Badger will be led to honey by a Honey Guide Bird. The Badger breaks open the hive and now both can eat the honey. Therefore, Badger Medicine is also about forming alliances with different people so that everyone can benefit.

Badger has a skill for digging, which leads to the folk belief that the Badger's paws give Good luck during childbirth. The Japanese believe that Badger's are shapeshifters like Crow's. Shapeshifters are animals that have the ability to be in two places at once or they can change their appearance to another animal. And the Pueblo People consider the Badger to be a great healer, which they believe to be connected to their shamans.

Badger's message is about developing your fighting spirit, invoking your warrior courage and steadfast persistence while continuing to hang on to your wants and desires.


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