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Colour therapy involves treating a person with colour rays in order to bring their body into harmony, thereby restoring health and well-being. The application of colour therapy can be rendered in many ways; through the use of cloth, visualization, colour cards, or charts. Sometimes the patient may be asked to wear a specific colour for a period of time.

Colour is associated with certain frequencies as we remember ROY G. BIV for the colour spectrum - Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. These seven colours are also associated with the seven chakras which prefer a balanced system.

We perceive light through our eyes, which are protected from injury by the bony sockets in which they sit. They are self-focusing, able to adapt to bright or dim light, and distant or near vision. It is not only through our eyes that colour is absorbed into our being. The whole of our physical body is light sensitive, and the electromagnetic field which surrounds each one of us, is constantly filled with changing, vibrating colours.

The the colour chart taught at the Hygeia College of Colour Therapy is used by most holistic practitioners. The chart shows the thirty-two vertebrae of the human spine, and these vertebrae are divided into four sections of eight. To the eight vertebrae in each of the four sections is attributed one of the colours of the spectrum. The first eight vertebrae constitute the mental aspect of a person; the second section constitutes the emotional aspect; the third section constitutes the metabolic aspect; and the fourth section the physical body.


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