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Dr. Loretta Standley is a Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider through Yoga Alliance

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Daily Spiritual Progression Path
March 21st

Daily Spiritual Progression Path ™  readings March - Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) Page

This is a daily game to guide you along your Spiritual Progression Path ™ .
Daily Affirmation, Mentation Question, Quote, Scripture and Prayer
Read slooowwwly and let the words sink in.
It's up to you to find out how they apply to "your" Life.

Dr. Standley's Commentary on the Spiritual Progression Path

Can you or will you stand up for what you believe even if others give you a hard time? Or do you or will you bow out or say nothing because you don't want any trouble? What if you just did the 'right thing'? Who's Love, affection, admiration or approval are you after anyway? Sit there and mentate on that for a minute. Today's music video ought to dig right into your soul and move you in a way that changes you. Enjoy! And perhaps today's little prayer will give you some insight as well.

Daily Mentation Question for the Spiritual Progression Path

Am I strong enough to stand up for what I believe even if it is uncool, unpopular or mocked?

Daily Quote for the Spiritual Progression Path

"It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends."

~J. K. Rowling

Daily Affirmation for the Spiritual Progression Path

My belief system is revealed in the way I live my Life.

Daily Prayer for the Spiritual Progression Path

For a more enriching experience,
go down on your knees to pray or take it one step further
and prostrate yourself (lay face down) on the floor while praying.

Father, I read Your Word and my spirit receives it gratefully and gracefully. From this moment forward, I consciously choose to act upon Your Word to do Good for myself and others out of respect and praise to You. I am fully aware that I should follow You and Your Word even when it is challenging or unpopular. I must stand strong and dust my feet and walk away when it is necessary. As one of Your many children, my only concern is that I please You before pleasing anyone else's mind, judgment or belief system.

Through Jesus Christ's Most Precious Blood, Most Sacred Name and Most Holy Face, I thank You for this awareness. Amen~

Daily Scripture for the Spiritual Progression Path

A reading from the Holy Gospel according to John

John 7:40-53

40 When they heard these words, some of the people said, "This is really the prophet."

41 Others said, "This is the Christ." But some said, "Is the Christ to come from Galilee?

42 Has not the scripture said that the Christ is descended from David, and comes from Bethlehem, the village where David was?"

43 So there was a division among the people over Him.

44 Some of them wanted to arrest Him, but no one laid hands on Him.

45 The officers then went back to the chief priests and Pharisees, who said to them, "Why did you not bring Him?"

46 The officers answered, "No man ever spoke like this Man!"

47 The Pharisees answered them, "Are you led astray, you also?

48 Have any of the authorities or of the Pharisees believed in Him?

49 But this crowd, who do not know the law, are accursed."

50 Nicode'mus, who had gone to Him before, and who was one of them, said to them,

51 "Does our law judge a man without first giving him a hearing and learning what he does?"

52 They replied, "Are you from Galilee too? Search and you will see that no prophet is to rise from Galilee."

53 They went each to his own house,

The Gospel of the Lord
Praise to You Lord Jesus Christ

Daily Spiritual Progression Path ™  readings March - Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) Page

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