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Dr. Loretta Standley is a Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider through Yoga Alliance

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St. Benedict of Nursia aka St. Benedict the Abbot PATRON SAINT OF: Against nettle rash, against poison, against witchcraft, agricultural workers. coppersmiths, dying people, erysipelas, Europe, farm workers, farmers, fever, gall stones, inflammatory diseases, Italian architects, kidney disease, monks, nettle rash, people in religious orders, poison, schoolchildren, servants who have broken their master's belongings, speliologists and temptations.

GUIDANCE: Roman nobility. He was the twin brother of Saint Scholastica. He studied in Rome, but was dismayed by the lack of discipline and the lethargic attitude of his fellow students. He fled to the mountains near Subiaco and lived as a hermit in a cave for three years and was reported to have been fed by a raven. His virtues caused an abbey to request him to lead them. St. Benedict founded the monastery at Monte Cassino, where he wrote the Rule of his order.

His discipline was such that an attempt was made on his life; some monks tried by poison him, but he blessed the cup and rendered it harmless. He returned to his cave, but continued to attract followers, and eventually established twelve monasteries. He had the ability to read consciences, prophesy, and forestall attacks of the devil. He destroyed pagan statues and altars, drove demons from groves sacred to pagans. At one point there were over 40,000 monasteries guided by the Benedictine Rule. A summation of the Rule: "Pray and work."

FEAST DAY: July 11

SAMPLE AFFIRMATIONS: I AM a servant to my Ever-Loving Father. I serve God with enthusiasm, Love and humility. I AM a faithful and tireless worker to my Father in Heaven.

SAMPLE PRAYER: Father, You established St. Benedict the Abbot as an admirable teacher in the school of Divine servitude. Teach me never to prefer anything to Your Love and always to run the way of Your Commandments with most generous dispositions.

Through Jesus Christ's Precious, Pure and Holy name I pray. - Amen

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