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Activities of Daily Living

October 2nd

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) is a real term used in healthcare that refers to daily basic self-care activities in an individual's residence, outdoor environment or both. The ability or inability that an individual performs their ADLs is a measure of the functional status of the individual, particularly the injured, those with disabilities and the elderly. Very young children require assistance from adults to perform ADLs since they have not yet developed the skills necessary to perform ADLs on their own.

Basic ADLs (bADLs) are the things we normally do such as bathing, dressing, feeding ourselves, functional mobility, personal hygiene and grooming. Instrumental ADLs (iADLs) are things such as housework, money management, preparing meals, shopping and work.

Sometimes it is necessary to review the rules of kindergarten to remember how to be nice to others and use Good manners. And sometimes we just need to go back to the basics of the 'Activities of Daily Living' in order to take better care of ourselves and start living Life rightly.

Below you will see 7 simple activities to accomplish at some point during the day all under the motivation of the the daily mentation question below. You have 24 hours to get through this question along with the 7 activities. READY? SET? GO!

Daily Spiritual Progression Path ™  readings Activities of Daily Living

Activities of Daily Living - Mentation Question

Who can I depend on?

Activities of Daily Living - Hygiene and Grooming

Change clothes after a workout or if you have been sweating a lot. Sweat contains toxins, so once you sweat the toxins out, wash them out.

Activities of Daily Living - Physical Activity

When you choose an exercise, make certain it is the type of exercise that you enjoy, because if you enjoy it, you will continue doing it and you will make room for it in your day.

Activities of Daily Living - Housework and Cleaning

Turn and/or flip your mattress so it will wear evenly at the turn of every season and rotate clockwise, but before you do, vacuum it. In one 24-hour period we shed about 1 million skin cells.

Activities of Daily Living - Financial Management

Get your cash from a bank teller and ask for new crisp bills. The larger the amount of the currency and the more crisp it is, the less likely you will turn loose of it. Old money spends f-a-s-t and we tend to treat it like trash and throw it away (spend it) aimlessly.

Activities of Daily Living - Work and Productivity

Your work ethic will speak volumes about your chances of success. Your success will be a direct result of your ability to reach and stretch yourself beyond perceived limitations. The successful person has will, power (energy) and willpower.

Activities of Daily Living - Food Preparation

Use a smaller plate. Do not load the smaller plate. Loading food on a plate is not about being hungry, it is a clear indicator of 'lack mentality' and that there just may not be enough food so you better get it all right now before it runs out. Living in lack makes you fat.

Activities of Daily Living - Today's Healthful Nutrient

DESCRIPTION: Research indicates that grapefruit seed extract has become a very safe and effective alternative cure for yeast infections. I recommended Grapefruit Seed Extract to my patients with athlete's foot, ringworm and other fungal infections by using both the capsule form and topical on the skin or toenails.

POTENTIAL BENEFITS: Used for fungal infections, athlete's foot, ringworm and candida (yeast infections).

POTENTIAL SIDE EFFECTS: No side effects known when taken as recommended. Those who are allergic to citrus have had no adverse reactions due to its harmonizing effects to cope with body stress.

Daily Spiritual Progression Path ™  readings Activities of Daily Living

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