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Activities of Daily Living
July 15th

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) is a real term used in healthcare that refers to daily basic self-care activities in an individual's residence, outdoor environment or both. The ability or inability that an individual performs their ADLs is a measure of the functional status of the individual, particularly the injured, those with disabilities and the elderly. Very young children require assistance from adults to perform ADLs since they have not yet developed the skills necessary to perform ADLs on their own.

Basic ADLs (bADLs) are the things we normally do such as bathing, dressing, feeding ourselves, functional mobility, personal hygiene and grooming. Instrumental ADLs (iADLs) are things such as housework, money management, preparing meals, shopping and work.

Sometimes it is necessary to review the rules of kindergarten to remember how to be nice to others and use Good manners. And sometimes we just need to go back to the basics of the 'Activities of Daily Living' in order to take better care of ourselves and start living Life rightly.

Below you will see 7 simple activities to accomplish at some point during the day all under the motivation of the the daily mentation question below. You have 24 hours to get through this question along with the 7 activities. READY? SET? GO!

Daily Spiritual Progression Path ™  readings Main Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) Page

Mentate on this question as you follow-through on the ADLs

When I lose my enthusiasm for Life, how do I get it back?


When blowing your nose, NEVER blow both nostrils at the same time. This could actually force bacteria laced mucus backward up into your sinuses making your cold that much worse. Blow one nostril at a time, blowing 'very' gently. Also, it's common to blow your nose first thing in the morning. Wait 5 or 10 minutes after getting up to allow gravity to do its thing on your sinuses.




Play frisbee with your children, a spouse, mate or partner. When my grandson was little, we would set up the hockey net in the yard, one guards the net, the other throws the frisbee toward the net. As you may know, throwing a frisbee requires a lot of fast movement including running, jumping and leaping. It's a blast! By the way, my grandson is now 19.



You have 60 seconds to clean. GO! You would be amazed how much you can get straightened and picked up when you give yourself one minute to clean. This isn't about throwing things in a closet or drawers just to hide them. It's about doing some real cleaning in a super-fast period of time. You have one minute right now. GO!


The way you spend money says a lot about your self-worth. Not just what you are worth in dollar signs but what you believe you are worth, as in, self-esteem. In astrology the 2nd house rules your self-worth with the foundation being morals, values and self-esteem, which translates into how you spend money, personal possessions and personal finances. It's all connected! Low self-worth will show up in the checkbook.



Sometimes you just have to brainwash yourself. I did a lot of brain-washing and brain-training to get myself to think the way I wanted to think. I have always been a positive thinker and I just wanted more exponentially! I used affirmations, prayers and other spiritual connections to get me to the place that I wanted to be. I rarely ever do affirmations now only because I'm so brain-washed, I can cut out negative rattles and shut down negative people pretty dang quick. It's my brain and I get to decide what goes into it. You can do the same.



One of my fave quick prep foods is throwing a bunch of chicken breasts in the slow cooker (crock pot) with some seasoning, onions, green peppers, carrots and cooking it on low for a few hours. This is a super low-calorie entree that is a no-brainer. I have no real recipe on this one, I just throw it all together and BAM it's ready to eat and the rest is ready to freeze in individual containers.


Choose two (2) of the 'Vitamin E' foods below
and incorporate them into your diet today.
Get creative!

DESCRIPTION: Vitamin E should be provided in a high-quality multivitamin in the form of d-alpha tocopheryl. This is necessary because the natural form of Vitamin E is identical in structure to the Vitamin E that the body produces. It will be better absorbed than a synthetic Vitamin E and will remain in your system longer to give you more of its benefits. The American Heart Association (AHA) in 1997 said Vitamin E is one of the top ten developments of the century related to the health of the heart. Vitamin E is fat soluble and is stable to heat in the absence of oxygen.

Daily Spiritual Progression Path ™  readings Main Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) Page

And Who Are You? - Special Companion Guide

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