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Activities of Daily Living
January 14th

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) is a real term used in healthcare that refers to daily basic self-care activities in an individual's residence, outdoor environment or both. The ability or inability that an individual performs their ADLs is a measure of the functional status of the individual, particularly the injured, those with disabilities and the elderly. Very young children require assistance from adults to perform ADLs since they have not yet developed the skills necessary to perform ADLs on their own.

Basic ADLs (bADLs) are the things we normally do such as bathing, dressing, feeding ourselves, functional mobility, personal hygiene and grooming. Instrumental ADLs (iADLs) are things such as housework, money management, preparing meals, shopping and work.

Sometimes it is necessary to review the rules of kindergarten to remember how to be nice to others and use Good manners. And sometimes we just need to go back to the basics of the 'Activities of Daily Living' in order to take better care of ourselves and start living Life rightly.

Below you will see 7 simple activities to accomplish at some point during the day all under the motivation of the the daily mentation question below. You have 24 hours to get through this question along with the 7 activities. READY? SET? GO!

Daily Spiritual Progression Path ™  readings Main Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) Page

Activities of Daily Living - Mentation Question

How do I handle a change in plans?

Activities of Daily Living - Hygiene and Grooming

Did you know that the cleanliness of the inside of your car is an indicator of the cleanliness inside of your home? Even the smell (Good or bad) is fairly equal. Clean it up folks because the breeding ground for microscopic critters may be closer to you than you think.

Activities of Daily Living - Physical Activity

Leg Lift for butt and thighs. Stand facing a chair, raise your right leg and place your heel on the seat flexing your foot (pointing toes toward you). Do not lock your standing knee as you gently lift your foot off the chair. Keep your leg straight as you feel your quadriceps engage (tighten). Keep your lifted leg in the air, bend the other leg slightly and then straighten it again. Do this 10-15 reps, then switch sides. Do 3 sets. I do this all the time while on the phone.

Activities of Daily Living - Housework and Cleaning

Half of January is already over and Spring will be here before you know it. Begin your Spring cleaning early by gathering what you will sell, give away or trash. Sometimes its just as easy to put something next to the mailbox with a sign that says, "FREE" or "TAKE ME". Wait for Good weather so you won't trash someone else's treasure.

Activities of Daily Living - Financial Management

Never give up on your ability to make your own money. There is always something that you can do, learn or create, which will generate income. You have more control over your financial livelihood and happiness than you think. When I was in college and paying for my daughter's private school, every dollar mattered, so I tutored Algebra. I made a killing. You can tutor 'anything'. I always thought I was bad at Math and Algebra until I went to college. Who knew?

Activities of Daily Living - Work and Productivity

Lose the time for drama, gossip, minutia or petty behavior. These are behaviors that fall on those who are not yet quite ready to move ahead in their own Life. Think about it - drama, gossip, minutia or pettiness are behaviors intended to keep one in the same place. If you say you don't like those behaviors, then stop causing them, by contributing or talking about 'they' and 'them'. Move along!

Activities of Daily Living - Food Preparation

If you are pressed for time in the morning, then at the very least grab a fiber bar and a protein bar. This will equal around 300 calories. 90 - 140 calories for the fiber bar and 170 - 210 calories for the protein bar depending on the brand. I eat 'very little' out of a box, package or can but I will eat 'certain' fiber and protein bars. Do your own research. Our glass cookie jar is full of fiber and protein bars. Look for bars that pack the right amount of nutrition in a healthy amount of calories.

Activities of Daily Living - Today's Healthful Nutrient

Choose two (2) of the 'POTASSIUM' foods below
and incorporate them into your diet today.
Get creative!

DESCRIPTION: This mineral is important to support the nervous system and helps with natural heart rhythm. It helps to stabilize blood pressure and assists in electrochemical transmissons. It assists other nutrients into the cells.

POTENTIAL BENEFITS: Helps maintain pH, and proper muscle contraction. Helps to prevent strokes. Works with sodium to maintain a water balance.

POTENTIAL INTERACTION: Using laxatives and diuretics, may disturb potassium levels and cause kidney disorders.

FOOD SOURCES: Dried apricots, baked potatoes, dried prunes, cantaloupe, bananas, legumes, wheat brain, yams, poultry, fish, dairy products, avocados, dates, figs, brown rice, fruit, blackstrap molasses, brewer's yeast, garlic, nuts and spinach.

Daily Spiritual Progression Path ™  readings Main Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) Page

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**This web site's goal is to provide you with information that may be useful in attaining optimal health. Nothing in it is meant as a prescription or as medical advice. You should check with your physician before implementing any changes in your exercise or lifestyle habits, especially if you have physical problems or are taking medications of any kind.