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Activities of Daily Living
April 25th

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) is a real term used in healthcare that refers to daily basic self-care activities in an individual's residence, outdoor environment or both. The ability or inability that an individual performs their ADLs is a measure of the functional status of the individual, particularly the injured, those with disabilities and the elderly. Very young children require assistance from adults to perform ADLs since they have not yet developed the skills necessary to perform ADLs on their own.

Basic ADLs (bADLs) are the things we normally do such as bathing, dressing, feeding ourselves, functional mobility, personal hygiene and grooming. Instrumental ADLs (iADLs) are things such as housework, money management, preparing meals, shopping and work.

Sometimes it is necessary to review the rules of kindergarten to remember how to be nice to others and use Good manners. And sometimes we just need to go back to the basics of the 'Activities of Daily Living' in order to take better care of ourselves and start living Life rightly.

Below you will see 7 simple activities to accomplish at some point during the day all under the motivation of the the daily mentation question below. You have 24 hours to get through this question along with the 7 activities. READY? SET? GO!

Daily Spiritual Progression Path ™  readings April - Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) Page

Activities of Daily Living - Mentation Question

Can I continue on even when support from those closest to me is lacking?

Activities of Daily Living - Hygiene and Grooming

One easy way to stay fresh and alert in the middle of the day is to wash your face in the middle of the day. For men this is almost too easy and for women, changing your make-up in the middle of the day rather than adding more on top of what is already there may take a few more minutes. Carrying moisturizing facial wet wipes will make this grooming experience even easier.

Activities of Daily Living - Physical Activity

Hand Squeeze, Grip Strength: Seated upright, hold a ball (basketball or soccer ball) 'over' your lap with both hands, then squeeze the ball as if you're trying to deflate it. Hold for a few seconds, then release. Repeat 10 times, rest and then do another set of 10 repetitions. To improve grip strength use a smaller rubber ball in one hand and squeeze a set of 10 repetitions.

Activities of Daily Living - Housework and Cleaning

Keep your dishwasher extra clean with white vinegar. Pour a half (1/2) cup into the detergent cups and run the empty machine for a complete cycle. You can also use lemon flavored Kool-Aid as well. Just pour into the detergent cups and run through a complete cycle. It 'must be' lemon flavored.

Activities of Daily Living - Financial Management

The 3 credit reporting agencies - Transunion, Equifax and Experian will allow you to put a 'freeze' on your credit report so that your credit report can not be checked by anyone unless you say so. This will help prevent fraud and identity theft and will also prevent you from opening up new accounts at checkouts. You would have to contact the credit reporting agency with your secret password to give permission.

Activities of Daily Living - Work and Productivity

There is a reason why the airlines say, "Put your mask on first before you assist the person seated next to you." If you cannot help yourself then you cannot help the person seated next to you if you are passed out and helpless. Caregivers often forget to put their mask on first. Parents (both mothers and fathers) are guilty of this as well. Take care of yourself FIRST!

Activities of Daily Living - Food Preparation

God made food vs. Man made food. If it is boxed, packaged, canned, refined, baked or processed, then it is Man made food. If I grows on a vine, branch, tree, bush or out of the ground, it is God made food. You should have less food in your cupboards and more food in your refrigerator.

Activities of Daily Living - Today's Healthful Nutrient

Choose two (2) of the 'Calcium' foods below
and incorporate them into your diet today.
Get creative!

DESCRIPTION: Calcium is essential in order to form healthy teeth and bones. It also promotes a regular heartbeat and is important in nerve transmission. We also use calcium to grow muscle, contract muscle and to prevent those terrible cramping muscles during menses. It may prevent colon cancer, and lower blood pressure. If you have a shortage of calcium, where do you think the calcium would be leached? Of course, from our teeth and bones. Supplementing calcium in the diet can also prevent against osteoporosis.

POTENTIAL BENEFITS: Maintains healthy bones, cells, teeth, muscles, tissues, and the production of energy. Promotes a healthy heart and normalizes blood clotting.

FOOD SOURCES: Almonds, asparagus, broccoli, buttermilk, cabbage, carob, cheese, collard greens, dairy, dandelion, dulse, figs, filberts, goat's milk, green leafy vegetables, kale, kelp, mustard greens, nonfat yogurt, oats, parsley, prunes, sardines, salmon, seafood, sesame seeds, skim milk, tofu, turnip greens, whey and yogurt.

April 1st - Daily Spiritual Progression Path ™  readings Activities of Daily Living

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"Whatever you should be doing with your Life,
you've been doing it your whole Life." - (Dr. Loretta Standley)

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