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Instinct Through the Sun Signs
August 14 - 20, 2017
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All about Aries on DrStandley.com
Aries - "I am, therefore I am."
(March 20 - April 19)

Hummingbird Medicine - [Meaning: Romantic Love, Joy, Passion] In this final week of the Sun and Mars conjunct in Leo highlighting your 5th house of Love, romance, joy, bliss and dating, Hummingbird Medicine has flown on to your path to remind you to consider your heart. Humminmgbird Native American Animal Medicine on DrStandley.com Sometimes you move so fast, like Hummingbird, that you can't get caught even when you really want to. Hummingbird Medicine is very sweet, joyful and vibrant. Hummingbird Medicine may be small but it is truly through the small things that such joy, romance and love can be fully experienced. Hummingbird Medicine is asking you to get out and hover in areas where you might meet someone new. If you are already coupled, then buzz around with each other outside of the home. In the words, GO OUT! This is a very playful time for you and Love must be near if Hummingbird Medicine has flown into your reading. This is also about experiencing the sweeter things in life although you must watch your sugar (nectar) intake until August 20, 2017. You may notice that you have sweet tooth where you hadn't before. This is merely the sweetness of love, joy and romance flying into your life and grabbing your attention. Recognize sweetness for what it is and know that you really don't have to eat sweets in order to experience bliss. Love is hovering over you.

All about Taurus on DrStandley.com
Taurus - "I have, therefore I am."
(April 19 - May 20)

Turtle Medicine - [Meaning: Protection, Mother Earth, Grounded] In this final week of the Sun and Mars conjunct in Leo highlighting your 4th house of home and family, Turtle Medicine is reminding you to ground yourself and embed yourself in the area of the home. Taurus's typically express themselves and their power through their home environment. Turtle Medicine who carries its home on its back has meandered on to your path to remind you of the importance of home and family. Turtle Native American Animal Medicine on DrStandley.com Turtle Medicine wants you to slow down and appreciate what you have right now. While Life may be moving at a Turtle's pace at home, this is precisely what you need. This is a perfect time for you to make your home a showplace while the royalty of the zodiac (Leo) is still visiting your 4th house. This energy is what has probably been making you feel more lavish and extravagant than usual. You are also being reminded by Turtle Medicine that you don't have to cram everything into your day, everyday. Slow down, ground yourself and become one with Mother Earth and feed yourself some water. While tortoises live on land, turtles live in water. You need to give yourself more water so that you don't become a turtle stuck in the mud and while moving slower, you can still go with the flow.

All about Gemini on DrStandley.com
Gemini - "I think, therefore I am."
(May 20 - June 21)

Cat Medicine – [Curiosity, Independence, Sensuality] In this final week of the Sun and Mars conjunct in Leo highlighting your natural ruling 3rd house of communication, short journey's, mental abilities, how you learn, marketing and sales. Cat medicine walked on to your path to remind you that traveling is your blood. Cats will travel several miles a day and still find a way to make it back home. By nature you need to be in the car going from place to place. Cats are emotionally distant and aloof, so there is no need to stay so 'attached' to home base. Cat Native American Animal Medicine on DrStandley.com When Cat Medicine crosses your path, it is important to watch the body language that it is showing you because this could be a direct reflection of a behavior you need to adopt or in the case of the slapping paw or waving tail, a behavior you need to release. There is still time to hit the road before Mars and the Sun completely separate in this conjunction. Do your best to get a road trip in before August 20, 2017 because this will be the spark that ignites the creativity that you have been needing and wanting.

All about Cancer on DrStandley.com
Cancer - "I feel, therefore I am."
(June 21 - July 22)

Buffalo Medicine - [MEANING: Prayer, Abundance, Gratitude] In this final week of the Sun and Mars conjunct in Leo highlighting your 2nd house of earned income, personal finances and self-worth, Buffalo Medicine grabs your attention and is asking you to embrace abundance in ALL forms. Look around you; there may be something in your space that has Buffalo Native American Animal Medicine on DrStandley.com the capacity to create more abundance than you realize. When Buffalo Medicine comes in front of you, it is reminding you to think abundantly and the ability to replicate is in your grasp. How you feel about yourself makes all the difference in the world right now. In other words, this is about your self-worth which translates into dollar signs and abundance. Buffalo's message is about holding your prayers resolute and firm; giving thanks continually that your prayers have already been answered in the most abundant way possible. Buffalo Medicine has a sacred connection with Mother Earth (Great Spirit) because Buffalo continues to aid, assist and provide God's children on earth.

All about Leo on DrStandley.com
Leo - "I will, therefore I am."
(July 22 - August 22)

Skunk Medicine - [Reputation, Self-Respect, Attraction] In this final week of the Sun and Mars conjunct in Leo highlighting your 1st house, it is reminding you to conduct yourself with dignity, self-respect and a considerate reputation. When Skunk Medicine runs onto your path, others may be running from your path. When you think about it, Skunk Medicine carries a lot of power but sometimes that power puts fear into the lives of others, which is not necessary. Skunk Native American Animal Medicine on DrStandley.com The bigger message is if you don’t mess with a skunk, then the skunk won’t mess with you. Everyone wants respect, even a skunk. Make certain you are well aware of what attracts you and what you are attracted to. If something looks like a skunk, has the colors of a skunk and smells like a skunk, then it's a skunk. Just make certain you aren't the skunky one. This medicine has shown up to remind you of your own reputation and how you should preserve and protect it and by all means make certain that you are not stinking up the place from your own behavior. Your self-respect comes first.

All about Virgo on DrStandley.com
Virgo - "I analyze, therefore I am."
(August 22 - September 22)

Armadillo Medicine - [Meaning: Boundaries, Armor, Go Within] In this final week of the Sun and Mars conjunct in Leo highlighting your 12th house of the hidden realm and what goes on behind closed doors, Armadillo People are learning to set boundaries and turn inward to themselves when they are seeking answers to their questions. Self-protection and Armadillo Native American Animal Medicine on DrStandley.com self-care is often put on the back burner especially during troubling times, because Virgo tends to over-analyze and waste precious time. That's called procrastination. This can put undue stress on your reserves. Armadillo's main defense is its armor-like outer skin, which when threatened by a predator he will curl up into a hard ball with his tight fitting armor plates locked shut. Armadillo will continue to stay in this tight ball for as long as necessary, even when a predator rolls him around in curiosity. Armadillo's message is about going within yourself to seek the best plan of action. Armadillo is reminding you to set your boundaries and recognize when something is just not quite right.

All about Libra on DrStandley.com
Libra - "I balance, therefore I am."
(September 22 - October 23)

Cliff Swallow Medicine - [MEANING: Sociable, Considerate, Community] In this final week of the Sun and Mars conjunct in Leo highlighting your 11th house of friends, groups, Cliff Swallow Native American Animal Medicine on DrStandley.com community and socializing, Cliff Swallow is calling your attention to friends, groups of people, networking and socializing with those whose company you enjoy the most. The keywords here are "the most". Cliff Swallow is gregarious and sociable, while at the same time it can nest solitarily and be comfortable in its own space. Bird People should remember that all birds are messengers from Great Spirit. There are opportunities that come along with rubbing wings with so many people that come make your hopes, dreams, wishes and visions come true. As a Libra you are naturally outgoing, adventureous and curious, which makes this the perfect time to make new friends and a organize a gathering of friends. Memberships serve you very well and you could end up making a new friend with a VIP that help you get to the place that you want to be.

All about Scorpio on DrStandley.com
Scorpio - "I desire/create, therefore I am."
(October 23 - November 22)

Giraffe Medicine - [Meaning: Reach, Heights, Success] In this final week of the Sun and Mars conjunct in Leo highlighting your 10th house of career, public image, authority figures, rank in society and status in the community, Giraffe Native American Animal Medicine on DrStandley.com you have the ability to reach higher than you ever have with Giraffe Medicine guiding you. This also means you have the ability to see things before they arrive simply because you have the foresight to see something coming. Giraffe Medicine is so enlightening because it can see at such a great distance from such great heights. This is what makes Giraffe Medicine far-sighted. This is a time for you to go for the gusto over the next week. Prepare your mind because in early October Jupiter will be entering your Sun Sign for a year and you will be the heavently favorite. You have the gift of vision and prophecy from a deep-seeded space. Trust that what you see coming is indeed real simply because you can see it as symbology of more to come. This is particularly true as Jupiter gets closer to Scorpio.

All about Sagittarius on DrStandley.com
Sagittarius - I perceive/see, therefore I am."
(November 22 - December 21)

Falcon Medicine – [Accuracy, Success, Restraint] In this final week of the Sun and Mars conjunct in Leo highlighting your natural ruling 9th house of ambitions, goals, visions and hitting the mark with your arrow from long distances. Falcon Native American Animal Medicine on DrStandley.com Falcon Medicine has flown upon your path to remind you of what you can see from great distances. This is the gift of prophecy (vision), but how often Sagittarius forgets this gift. When Falcon medicine grabs your attention it is asking you to be discriminate in your choices. Picky, picky, picky . . only picking up with your beak what you can carry in your mouth once in the air and flying and diving at speeds up to 200 mph. Falcons only take with them what they can immediately carry. Are you traveling? Are you going somewhere? Falcon is asking you to pack light. Are you moving along your career path quickly? Pack light because Falcon can take you places quickly, easily and effortlessly. Falcons are birds of prey and will exercise restraint until they have found exactly what they are looking for. Cancer has the ability to move across the sand very quickly, but usually due to fear. Falcon has shown up on your path to bring you up to speed and for all the right reasons.

All about Capricorn on DrStandley.com
Capricorn - "I use, therefore I am."
(December 21 - January 20)

Butterfly Medicine - [Meaning: Transformation, Next Step, Spiritual Growth] In this final week of the Sun and Mars conjunct in Leo highlighting your natural ruling 8th house of the spirit realm, transformation and the other side of Life. This is why you may be more concerned about your legacy over the past month. Butterfly People are learning to look beyond the physical realm and progress into the spiritual realm, which challenges you to move your physical body around the planet as a 'spiritual being' rather than a 'human being.' Butterfly is the only Butterfly Native American Animal Medicine on DrStandley.com living organism capable of changing its entire genetic structure (DNA) from caterpillar to butterfly. When Butterfly Medicine grabs your attention it is asking you to embrace your own ability to transform your Life. It takes courage to transform your Life because it means letting go of things that no longer serve you to your Highest Good and change can be scary when confronted with the unknown. Saturn, your natural ruling planet will move into your sign at the end of the year. Saturn is prepared to reward his children for a job well done. Have you done a Good job? When Butterfly Medicine appears in front of you, this means you are ready for the transformation process to begin. You may be so ready that you actually manifested a Butterfly to appear as to remind you of your heart's desire. Butterfly's message is about taking that next step in your transformation process.

All about Aquarius on DrStandley.com
Aquarius - "I know, therefore I am."
(January 20 - February 19)

Dolphin Medicine - [Meaning: Friendly, Intelligent, Communication] In this final week of the Sun and Mars conjunct in Leo highlighting your natural ruling 7th house of committed relationships, marriages, partnerships and contractual unions or agreements. Think about where Dolphin Medicine lives. They live in the expansive, open and fresh Ocean water. Dolphin Medicine also has the power Dolphin Native American Animal Medicine on DrStandley.com of 'sonar' that it uses in its communication. The biggest thing on your plate right now is how you communicate and respond to those you Love. Dolphin Medicine uses sound, their breath, clicks and even silence in order to create subtle and obvious messages. You must work on your breathing and breathe and discontinue anything that attempts to extinguish your breath such as smoking, pollution, curse words or foods that create halitosis (bad breath). Communication and lungs go hand in hand right now. You are a very friendly and charming sign just like Dolphin Medicine and often times come off too serious thereby squashing your natural charming and sunny nature. Even though the South Node is currently in Aquarius, you are still quite capable of showing Love, especially to those who are closest to you. Sometimes its easier to show friends you Love them more than it is to show your own family.

All about Pisces on DrStandley.com
Pisces - "I believe, therefore I am."
(February 19 - March 20)

Mouse Medicine - [Meaning: Scrutiny, Detail, Methodology] In this final week of the Sun and Mars conjunct in Leo highlighting your natural ruling 6th house of daily routine, regimen, the daily grind and work ethic, Mouse Medicine is calling your attention to the details of your daily routine. Most importantly, Mouse Medicine is a nocturnal animal and can see very well in the dark. That's interesting when you think about it because Mouse Medicine scrutinizes closely, even in the midst of Mouse Native American Animal Medicine on DrStandley.com darkness. Mouse Medicine has an attention to detail like no other animal and keeps itself clean and well-groomed. This in turn is directing your attention to the details of your day and how you take care of yourself on a daily basis. This is all about your daily routine including your health, fitness, food, clothing and scheduling. If you do not pay closer attention to these daily details, then stress takes over and affects the health. It's quite possible that you are paying closer attention to trivial matters and not enough attention to the things that really matter most in your life including your health, fitness and daily routine.

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