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If you cannot do SKYPE, then you will need to call me for the reading

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For years I have been asked if I do card readings (Tarot). My answer has always been, "I can if that is what you want," so I would. I believe, "When it is the Truth, it shows up everywhere." That means when you are searching for the Truth, no matter what medium you are using to look at yourself, the Truth will be revealed. So it doesn't matter if you use Tarot, Astrology, Runes, Numerology, Laboratory Tests, X-rays, advanced imaging, job resume, Life experiences, etc., the Truth will be revealed.

When I use Tarot cards, I lay them out in a circle, which represents your Astrological Natal Chart Wheel. This is the only way I choose to do a Tarot reading, which makes more sense to me. If you prefer a Celtic Cross or some other pattern, you will need to seek out someone who use that pattern because I do not.

Your Tarot Reading will last 60 minutes. I do not offer shorter or longer readings for this particular reading. I use the Rider Waite deck in conjunction with the birth information of your astrology natal chart. I put both of them together to do the reading. It only makes sense to me, as I always say, "When it's the Truth, it shows up everywhere," whether that is through an astrology chart, cards, numerology, runes, philosophy, spirituality or Scripture. If it is the Truth, it will show up everywhere. That is how you will know. When I say "everywhere" I mean everywhere, including your laboratory results, x-rays and medical records. Everything in your Life should be a reflection of the Truth and what you need to know while walking your Spiritual Progression Path ™ . Having said that, I have added card readings (Tarot) to my services. I couple a Tarot Reading with the information in your Astrology Natal Chart, which is why you will need to provide your birth information below. I am a fairly flexible and spontaneous gal (Gemini) so many times if there is time available in the same day, I can and will accommodate you.

Fees on this page are non-refundable merely due to the fact that they cannot be returned or exchanged.

60 Minute Reading
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