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Astro Chart, personal readings with DrStandley, health consults with DrStandley, eBooks and more

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Headaches and sex


For a woman, a headache is the perfect excuse not to have sex.


Wrong! When a woman has an organism endorphins are released and as you may be well aware, endorphins are incredible painkillers. That's interesting because it sounds so primitive that painkillers would be needed for a woman during sex. Alright men, don't get an inflated sense of self here. (Winky wink)

Endorphins are an opioid that produce analgesia. Analgesia is the absence of a normal sense of pain. This happens when the opiate binds to opiate receptor sites that are involved in pain perception. Because of this, the threshold for pain is higher. Endorphins are a morphine-like substance produced by the brain in times of stress. This means taking the body further than what it is normally accustomed to which might include anything from exercise to having sex.

The body produces more than 20 kinds of endorphins but the beta-endorphin is the most active and has the strongest effect on the brain during stress on the body (exercise). Endorphins have four main properties - 1) pain relief 2) reduction of stress 3) immune system boost 4) and delay of the aging process. It is the beta-endorphin that has all four properties.

Endorphins are more commonly referred to as the 'runner's high' which is a euphoric feeling that can give the runner their second wind (so to speak) which can push them past their last known limit. This is also why in times of severe stress individuals have been known to have super human strength, courage, endurance and will. The effect of endorphins varies with each individual and their level of stress.

It is also those cuddly and blissful feelings after sex that are the result of endorphins and the hormone oxytocin. These hormones are further elevated with continued body contact (spooning) and the emotions of a couple in love. Research has shown that those who had sex four or five times a week appeared to be younger than those who had sex only twice a week. The same is not true for those who engage in promiscuous sex just to have sex and who are not in love.

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