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Prayer for financial breakthrough

Dr. Loretta Standley

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qDear Dr. Standley: (Prayer for financial breakthrough)

Please pray for my financial breaktrough. I seem to have an invisible wall that hinders me in getting opportunities that will solve my financial difficulty. Many doors have opened but nothing seems to take off and I could not understand why. The doors would all at the same time close on me, leaving me perplexed and frustrated. Life has been difficult for my family for the last five years. I can never seem to get out of the negatives looming around my family. Thanks for your advise. God bless!

S. in the Phillipines

a Dear S. in the Phillipines:

Thank you for the e-mail regarding your a financial prayer.

I'm curious how old you are?

I feel compelled to say something more, but first, please tell me how old you are?

Birthdate please.

Here is an awesome prayer on my website that would be Good to say slowly and deliberately. I suggest you say this prayer slowly and deliberately for 40 days. If you miss a day, go back to day 1 and start over because the mental process will have been broken. Embrace the awareness and then start again.

Abundance Prayer by Emmett Fox

Here is another prayer off my website that is said to cancel negative energy. Say it for 40 days. I suggest you say this prayer slowly and deliberately for 40 days. If you miss a day, go back to day 1 and start over because the mental process will have been broken. Embrace the awareness and then start again.

Cancelling Negative Energy

A bazillion blessings -- Dr. Standley

FOLLOW-UP qDear Dr. Standley: (Prayer for financial breakthrough)

It is with much comfort and joy to hear from you so soon. I accidentally came across your website and lingered a little longer to see what help I can get from the various prayers that are posted in your site. The fact is, I already printed some of them, reading them by the hour because I really felt some kind of negative vibrations that have been there for so long engulfing me and made me "paralyzed," so to speak.

I am 52 years old, female, born on March 4, 1953 at 8:30 am. I was born in Manila, Philippines, and at the moment living in Quezon City, Philippines.

I have consulted some psychics on the internet who give free reading and they were "astonished" or "jolted" at what they saw in my birth chart. Honestly, I can not afford to pay them of their regular fee because of my present financial difficulty. Our country is beset with economic difficulty that our currency has devaluated to US DOLLARS, such that I can not afford to pay their fees. I am relying on prayers to make my situation get better, hoping that the prayers you sent me will uplift my condition to receive the blessings that God has in store for me. Thank you very much for taking interest in my situation and it really helps to know that somebody out there who do not know me at all is willing to give me some kind of help. May the good things you do for others come back to you to overflowing blessings. God Bless you, Dr. Standley.

S. in the Phillipines

FOLLOW-UPa Dear S. in the Phillipines:

[I have not yet posted this response. I will be writing it today 10/12/05]

A Bazillion Blessings~ Dr. Standley

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