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The Way 'We' Did Things
by Dr. Loretta Standley

How committed are you to recycling?

When I met the Scorpion King (my fiance) back in 2009, it was only four months later when I moved in with him. I guess you could say I was, "Swept off my feet." Still, there were so many things both of us had to get used to after having been single for so many years. We were the confirmed bachelor and bachelorette having been single (not married) for 20 years each. I was used to doing things my way and he was used to doing things his way. There were so many things we both had to adjust to. I remember him saying one day, "I can't find the pepper. It's been moved." I responded with a quick and sharp, "Oh really, well I moved my entire Life! How about that! My pepper was moved too along with everything else!" It wasn't easy, but somehow over time, we managed to morph the way he did things, and the way I did things, into the way 'we did things'.

Image left is our property. That is my grandson 'Big Tree' who was 7 or 8 at the time. We were collecting pine cones. He is now 14 y.o. and nearly 6 ft. tall.

Actually, when I moved, it was more like an episode of 'Green Acres'. While I certainly enjoy the great outdoors, probably more than the average person, I had moved from the heart of the city and moved straight into the country. I had gone from riding my bicycle all over the city with my lunch in my basket (because I didn't have a car, - I didn't need one) to country roads with no bicycle lanes. The adjustment was not easy. Eventually, in 2013, I finally gave in and bought a car (SUV).

The other thing that took some getting used to was the trash situation. This wasn't about who takes out the trash because I don't take out the trash. That was settled before I moved in. While we do not live deep in the country, more like on the edge of 'country livin', we do have our share of critters. The Scorpion King and I like to throw parties and have lots of people over. Needless to say, the next day after having so many guests over, there would be trash strewn all over the yard from animals. Picking up all that trash was all it took to get me going on a bitch-fest. First, I didn't like the paper plates. What a waste of money! It was literally throwing money in the trash. Plastic utensils were also a waste of money. I could hardly stand seeing all of the trash and waste of money laying all over the property. Then of course there were the water bottles, beer bottles, and beer cans. What can I say, "We like a party!"

After having had just about enough of the trash situation and seeing a recycling situation, I made a trip to the dollar store and bought about 75 hard plastic plates. You get 3 plates for $1.00. I also bought real flatware at the dollar store. You get 3 forks for $1.00, 3 spoons for $1.00 and 3 knives for $1.00. I bought ramekins at 3 for $1.00 because I don't like dipping stuff. I would rather everyone have their own little dipper. Likewise, I bought the larger plastic bowls to put ice in and to set cold food on them. We like a nice spread of food at our parties. All of this plasticware and cheap flatware gets thrown into the dirty dishes bin that is filled with soapy water and I wash the dishes the next day. This way no one feels like they have to clean up, but yet everyone is contributing to the clean-up, and I don't feel like I have to stop having fun to clean-up. So while most people would not want to do the dirty dishes, I don't want the recycling or trash. My aim is to keep both at a bare minimum. Since we like a party and lots of people, this was the best solution that would keep my bitch-fest dialed way down. You see, the Scorpion King built our house (with his own hands) and we live on a small lake where we can fish off the dock in nice peaceful surroundings. He also put in an in-ground pool and a pool house. I know, lucky me that I met him. It's a mini-resort that is eco-friendly and trash free.

How committed are you to recycling?

How committed are you to recycling?

How committed are you to recycling?

The last thing I needed to get were the big blue recycling trash cans. So off I went to Home Depot to get the trash cans. Actually, the trash cans didn't have to be the big blue ones, but if I wanted my guests to see that we recycled, then the big blues cans it needed to be. Most people will recognize blue trash cans as being the recycling without being told. I had already called around, and the area where we live does not have a recycling program, so I would have to collect the recycling, separate it and bring it to the recycling location myself. What a pain in the rear-end, but I'm a gal who enjoys clean healthy livin', and I like to contribute to the spin of the planet, so I was all-in for the recycling. After the first party with all the new trash can bins, everything worked out fine. All food scraps were put in a huge bowl that had a lid on it labeled "Food Scraps" and was taken away from the house to a grove of trees. Now the animals knew where the scraps would be.

How committed are you to recycling?

How committed are you to recycling?

How committed are you to recycling?

The only problem with the big blue trash cans is when a storm or gust of wind rolls over the lake, BLAM! the big blue trash cans get tossed around and there I am again, running all over the place collecting lids, cans, trash, etc. DANG IT! Being so committed to the process of recycling, I started bungy-cording the trash can handles together so they wouldn't blow away.

Then one day I saw the The Scorpion King outside with new lumber, his tool belt, the saw, the saw horses, etc., and he built me this housing unit for the recycling bins. He didn't even tell me he was going to do this. One day there he was doing it. Now either this was a 'Labor of Love' or this is a man who knows how to dial down the bitch-fest. Wouldn't you say? Perhaps it's a little of both. This just goes to show, "It wasn't easy, but somehow over time, we managed to morph the way he did things and the way I did things, into the way 'we did things'."

How committed are you to recycling?

How Committed Are You To Recycling by Dr. Loretta Standley
by Dr. Loretta Standley
About Dr. Standley


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