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Dr. Standley's Daily Habitual Ritual for Monday - January 1, 2018

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Friday - September 15, 2017 Daily Habitual Ritual on DrStandley.com

Dr. Standley's Daily Habitual Ritual

Using my Astrology, click here to see how I came up with the name of this section, the graphic and of course, how I ended up practicing hot yoga.

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Holy Schmokes Batman! I feel a peace coming over me. By golly something just clicked in my head with a yoga pose that I absolutely cannot stand. I'm just sitting here working and the intuitive thought of this pose just seeped into my brain. So I stopped working to click around about it. Now if my friend Julie were to make a guess, out of all the yoga poses in the world, she would say, "Loretta can't stand forward fold because she doesn't like to bend-over." It's true...I don't like to bend over. It's a pet-peeve. I'd rather squat any day than bend-over. In fact, if we were on a game show, Julie would win with that question because she would know the answer was 'forward fold'.

So I'm sitting here working and that pose seeped into my brain. Even though my head responded with an "Arrghh," I still took it as an intuitive hit and instantly stopped working to Google 'forward fold' and study it and watch a couple of YouTube's on it. No wonder I can't stand this pose because I would bet any amount of money that I bend at the waist and not at the hips. I know that's what I do. I cannot wait to get to class today and try out my newfound awareness, especially the 2nd class today because that sequence is loaded with forward folds. I would be willing to bet that 'all of the yoga instructors' have said to bend at the hips (not the waist) but I probably just didn't hear it because I was too busy "arrghhh-ing" the pose and standing in my forward-fold-drama. As a Chiropractor, I know this....as a yogi, the student gets it when the student gets it. Well slap my ears with jam and roll me in the mud! I'll let you know later how it goes. Dang I Love the intuition that overcame my brain and took me there. Thank you Cancer Moon.

Forward Fold on DrStandley.com

by Dr. Loretta Standley
About Dr. Standley

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