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What do dragonflies mean?

Dr. Loretta Standley

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qDear Dr. Standley: (What do dragonflies mean?)

Since Friday of last week, I am continuously being followed by a swarm of dragon flies. Yesterday afternoon, there was a swarm of dragon flies totally in the thousands directly above me in the pool. When I moved, they moved. When I take my dogs for a walk, the dragon flies fly above. As we turn, they turn.

What do dragon flies mean? I've never seen so many in one place. I've no idea why I have captivated their interest.......any help in understanding dragon flies would be appreciated......


a Dear Dawn:

Great e-mail. Thanks for the question.

Right now . . you would be considered "Dragonfly People" until you clear or use this energy to you higher purpose.

Dragonflies are about illusion. They are also about wisdom and they bring messages. Dragonfly Medicine is incredibility spiritual and dragonfly medicine often bring messages from beyond (possibly someone who has passed or a straight message from God).

This message may come in the form of a "thought" that you had once you saw the dragonfly medicine.

The main thing about dragonfly medicine to remember is the "illusion." To look beyond the illusion. There may be a mask or facade that you are wearing that you need to look beyond. This is a message to learn to take care of yourself and release any restrictions that you have unconsciously put on yourself. If you restrict yourself, then you cannot fly. Go past the illusion.

Check in with your habits and see what needs to be changed. Habits are merely illusions to what is really going on.

Dragonfly Medicine is asking you to "get real" with yourself and refrain from getting caught up in useless illusion.

There is an Animal Medicine section under the Native American portion of this website. Presently, I do not yet have the dragonfly loaded. For later use, here is the link. I'll try to get it posted as soon as possible.

Animal Medicine [Dragonfly]

I hope this helps.

A bazillion blessings -- Dr. Standley

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FOLLOW-UP qDear Dr. Standley:

Thank you so much for your reply. Unfortunately, your response has provoked far more confusion than resolve.

Absent of the knowledge of the practice of Feng Shui in my adolesence, as an adult I have concluded that I was raised based on its premise: Structure and balance breeds tranquility and harmony. I am, therefore, confused as to your referral of an illusion masking reality.

Life continues to breed challenges finding opportunity in change. I am having difficulty in applying your explanation with actual reality in my world. In every moment of my being I continue to strive to achieve my goals/dreams meeting obstacles that can be overcome to continue on my path, and those that are meant to change my direction. Your explanation is so broad that it clouds my reasoning.........

There is something, however, in my inner being that continues to restrain and overpower my movement forward that seems to be growing, confining me further encompassing my thought process more often each day. In reality, there is no resolve that can be achieved, rendering all efforts futile. This restraint is not physical in nature, but is seemingly more powerful emotionally. When you mentioned that the swarm of dragon flies could have contained a message from beyond, I searched my memory for thoughts at that time. I recalled that it was then that my thoughts were clouded and building with the same issues plagueing me that have continued to pull me back, further and further ............ How do I achieve this inner peace to release the restraints and allow me forward mobility? How do I get past this illusion????????


FOLLOW-UP a Dear Dawn:

Again, great e-mail.

In reading your e-mail, you are most certainly "clear" to me. We are speaking the same language, we just say it differently.

If you would like to give me a call and jump into this conversation deeper . . . my number is listed below. I'm always ready to dive into deep conversation.

The illusion OR restraint and restriction may arrive in your Life --- spiritually, physically, emotionally, physically, intuitively, artistically, etc.

If I answer my phone, you have not interrupted me. If I do not answer, just leave your name, number and the best time to call you and I'll call you back.

My number is listed below.

A bazillion blessings -- Dr. Standley

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FOLLOW-UP a Dear Dr. Standley:

E-mail----------what a phenomenal mode of communication!

We are at the onset of our physical inventory beginning tomorrow which will warrant all of my time, effort and energy through Saturday. I will, however, follow-up with you middle of next week after my month end close.

I can't thank you enough for the timely responses to my e-mails Dr Standley; much appreciated. If nothing more than a catharsis, my e-mails have evoked thought in an attempt to understand. That's a good thing. I will speak to you next week!

Thank you again!


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