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Activities of Daily Living
March 25th

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) is a real term used in healthcare that refers to daily basic self-care activities in an individual's residence, outdoor environment or both. The ability or inability that an individual performs their ADLs is a measure of the functional status of the individual, particularly the injured, those with disabilities and the elderly. Very young children require assistance from adults to perform ADLs since they have not yet developed the skills necessary to perform ADLs on their own.

Basic ADLs (bADLs) are the things we normally do such as bathing, dressing, feeding ourselves, functional mobility, personal hygiene and grooming. Instrumental ADLs (iADLs) are things such as housework, money management, preparing meals, shopping and work.

Sometimes it is necessary to review the rules of kindergarten to remember how to be nice to others and use Good manners. And sometimes we just need to go back to the basics of the 'Activities of Daily Living' in order to take better care of ourselves and start living Life rightly.

Below you will see 7 simple activities to accomplish at some point during the day all under the motivation of the the daily mentation question below. You have 24 hours to get through this question along with the 7 activities. READY? SET? GO!

Daily Spiritual Progression Path ™  readings Main Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) Page

Activities of Daily Living - Mentation Question

Is my thinking more along the lines of what is
possible or what is impossible?

Activities of Daily Living - Hygiene and Grooming

DO NOT pluck nose hairs. If you have nose hairs that are out of control, either use grooming scissors or a grooming device to trim them. Plucking nose hairs could cause a bleed. There are no protective valves in the veins on the face, which could leave an entrance for bacteria to enter the body through the bloodstream.

Activities of Daily Living - Physical Movement

Kegel exercises work for both men and women. These are pelvic muscle exercises to help with urinary stress incontinence. And for men there is an added bonus. Kegel exercises have been proven to increase penis size. I don't just make this stuff up folks. Click here for more information.

Activities of Daily Living - Housework and Cleaning

It is really bad Feng Shui to have any leaks or drips in your faucets. Running toilets are bad Feng Shui because it is a sure sign of money going down the drain or leaking out of accounts. Put a stopper in the drains and put a stop to those drips, no matter how subtle they might be.

Activities of Daily Living - Financial Management

Check with the Statute of Limitations in your state as to how long a negative report can stay on your credit report. Most states are 7 years. If you have a report of debt that is over 7 years on your credit report, you can ask the credit reporting agency to take it off and they will do it, just like that. Snippity-Snap! This is the best website to answer all of those debt questions.

Activities of Daily Living - Work and Productivity

One of my first jobs involved using several antiquated office machines. The job requirement clearly stated that the applicant MUST KNOW how to use certain outdated office machines. When the interviewer asked me, "Do you know how to use these office machines?" I smiled and confidently answered back, "Yes sir I do. Just show me how." The interviewer looked a bit shocked for a few seconds and then smiled back and said, "When can you start?"

Activities of Daily Living - Food Preparation

I consider 'any food' that makes me feel bloated, lethargic and foggy, as a food that my body is allergic to. An allergy is something that we are sensitive to that makes us have an averse (negative) reaction. If I eat a food that my body is allergic to, then by golly you can bet the ranch that I know exactly what I am doing and it is no accident or slip up. If I eat it, then I fully agreed to be tired, bloated and cranky the rest of the day and it was on purpose. Suffice it to say, I rarely agree to something like that on purpose.

Activities of Daily Living - Physical Movement

Choose two (2) of the 'Potassium' foods below
and incorporate them into your diet today.
Get creative!

DESCRIPTION: This mineral is important to support the nervous system and helps with natural heart rhythm. It helps to stabilize blood pressure and assists in electrochemical transmissons. It assists other nutrients into the cells.

POTENTIAL BENEFITS: Helps maintain pH, and proper muscle contraction. Helps to prevent strokes. Works with sodium to maintain a water balance.

POTENTIAL INTERACTION: Using laxatives and diuretics, may disturb potassium levels and cause kidney disorders.

FOOD SOURCES: Dried apricots, baked potatoes, dried prunes, cantaloupe, bananas, legumes, wheat brain, yams, poultry, fish, dairy products, avocados, dates, figs, brown rice, fruit, blackstrap molasses, brewer's yeast, garlic, nuts and spinach.

Daily Spiritual Progression Path ™  readings Main Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) Page

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"Whatever you should be doing with your Life,
you've been doing it your whole Life." - (Dr. Loretta Standley)

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