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Astro Chart, personal readings with DrStandley, health consults with DrStandley, eBooks and more

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Astro Chart, personal readings with DrStandley, health consults with DrStandley, eBooks and more

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Astro Chart, personal readings with DrStandley, health consults with DrStandley, eBooks and more

THURSDAY - MAY 17, 2012
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Daily Horoscopes are written according to where the Moon is located.
For that reason you will see the Moon information 1st paragraph (below),
the 2nd paragraph is the house that affects your Sign, and the 3rd paragraph is
the horoscope itself based on the information of the 1st and 2nd paragraph.

THE MOON IS IN ARIES TODAY! Keywords: aggressive, competitive, sports, creativity, head games, self-centered, self-absorbed, selfish, starter, the beginning, creation, creating, game player, new beginnings, the head, impulsive

The Moon in Aries is moving through your 8th house of the wealth of your spouse or business partner, joint resources, support from other people, insurance, legacies, other people's money, stocks, bonds, taxes, inheritances and wills. It also includes, surgeries, spirituality, astral experiences, the metaphysical realm, transformation, regeneration and covers death or endings (rebirth), sex and an element of legal matters.

Think "transformation" today. This is that time of the month when it is like you are going to a new school and you get to be whoever you want to be. Contrary to popular belief, Virgo is NOT a fixed sign. You are a mutable (changeable) sign and you can change, adjust and go with the flow. You absolutely do have the ability to transform and evolve. You are a natural sextile (easy energy) to this natural ruling Scorpio house. Having said that, it's like anything you did at any other school you went to is wiped away and you have a clean slate. Now you get to decide the type of person you want to be and how you want to carry yourself from day to day. The transformation change you make today carries a huge impact on how you will handle the next month. It's always like that when the Aries Moon rolls around. Set out to transform and actively evolve yourself during the Aries Moon because it is a fresh start. It's time to apply what you have learned. Think practical application!

Side note -- I moved some of the text about Venus in Gemini that was in your Weekly Horoscope over to your Monthly Horoscope because Venus will remain in Gemini until August 7, 2012. So all of that added information is now under your Venus Opportunity in your Monthly Horoscope (link below). The information about Venus in Gemini Retrograde that I wrote about in your Daily Horoscope on Tuesday the 15th is now in your Weekly Horoscope so you can remind yourself weekly about this Retrograde planet.

What does the Annular New Moon Solar Eclipse mean that will occur on Sunday, May 20, 2012? I'm just about finished writing about it and will be adding this information to your Weekly Horoscope. Annular means a ring around the circumference of the Sun is still present and glowing like a gold ring in the sky. New Moon means that the Sun and Moon are in the same sign and same degree, which in this case is Taurus. Solar is another word for the Sun. And eclipse means an obscured view of something that results in darkness. A Solar Eclipse occurs when the Sun, Moon and Earth are lined up and the Moon 'temporarily' blocks the view of the Sun because it is situated right smack dab between the Sun and the Earth. It's not like the Sun disappeared, but it sure does 'appear' that way. But how can the Moon block the Sun when we know the Moon is tiny and the Sun is so huge. It's just the angle folks. The Moon is only about 235,000 miles away from Earth, so in comparison it's pretty much like standing behind a pole, which is enough to block your view of everything else behind it. Cool huh? Stayed tuned for more in your Weekly Horoscopes. After I finish my morning phone readings and health consults, then I'll pop over there and finish 'er up. I will post on my Facebook and my Twitter when it's up.

Lastly, thank you to all of you who read what I wrote yesterday about the Free Natal Chart Wheels. What a difference in the orders! Out of 167 free chart wheel orders yesterday, I only deleted one order because they did not fill out the form properly. Oh I Love it when directions are followed properly because it doesn't slow me down and mess with my timing. I was ram-jammin' and popped those charts out through the e-mail like cannonballs. You see folks, my eyeballs are on every single chart that leaves my office. They are 'not automated' through the site. While you may be able to get a free automated chart wheel from other sites, on this website my human eyeballs are all over it. Thank you!


Planets are in a sign for 29 degrees 59 minutes 59 seconds which completes a full 30 degrees after which the planet then moves into the next sign beginning at 00 degrees 00 minutes 01 seconds

S in the chart = Stationary
Rx in the chart = Retrograde
(Degrees and Minutes are calculated at 9:00 AM EDT)

Sun in Taurus 27 01" - changes signs 05/20/12
Moon in Aries 19 36" - changes signs 05/18/12
Mercury in Taurus 15 31" - changes signs 05/24/12
Venus "Rx" in Gemini 23 55" - changes signs 08/04/12
Mars in Virgo 09 30" - changes signs 07/03/12
Saturn "Rx" in Libra 23 56" - changes signs 10/05/12
Jupiter in Taurus 24 07" - changes signs 06/11/12
Pluto "Rx" in Capricorn 09 13" - changes signs 01/20/24
Uranus in Aries 07 17" - changes signs 3/06/19
Neptune in Pisces 03 03" - changes signs 1/26/26
Chiron in Pisces 09 26" - changes signs 4/17/18
Black Moon in Taurus 16 58" - changes signs 12/16/11
North Node "Rx" in Sagittarius 05 05" - changes signs 8/29/12
South Node "Rx" in Gemini 05 05" - changes signs 8/29/12
NOTE - The Nodes are ALWAYS opposite and ALWAYS retrograde

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