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Astro Chart, personal readings with DrStandley, health consults with DrStandley, eBooks and more

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Dr. Loretta Standley is a Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider through Yoga Alliance

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Daily Horoscopes are written according to where the Moon is located.
For that reason you will see the Moon information 1st paragraph (below),
the 2nd paragraph is the house that affects your Sign, and the 3rd paragraph is
the horoscope itself based on the information of the 1st and 2nd paragraph.

THE MOON IS IN CANCER TODAY! Keywords: Home, family, mother, older women, nurturing, cooking, gardening, tradition, moody, feelings, over-emotional, antiques, nostalgia, emotions, intuition, tears, water, land, mining, property, your heritage, places of abode, residences, your roots, biological and psychological foundation

The Cancer Moon is squaring (challenging) your 10th house public life. This house also rules fame, notoriety, occupation, career, ambition, government, military, chief executives, business life, goals, ranks, political position, status, standing in the public eye, position in society. It shows your standing in the community and social status. It can reflect your attitude to parenting.

Are you seeing what I'm seeing? Check out the Daily Astrology Chart link above and check out all of those blue lines. Now keep in mind folks, in the charts that 'I write' all easy and effortless energy (trines and sextiles) are shown in blue lines. That's just how I do it. Now take a peek at the Daily Astrology Chart, do you see what I see? Trines are the solid blue lines with triangles on them and sextile lines are the blue dashed lines with what looks like a twinkling star on them. To read more about trines and sextiles (aka aspects) click here! Today's chart is saturated with trines in the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces). This is an enormous amount of intuition based on feeling, desire and belief. We have three influences in Cancer including today's Moon that says, "I feel therefore I am." We have four influences in Scorpio that says, "I desire therefore I am." And we have two influences in Pisces that says, "I believe therefore I am." This Cancer Moon is based on feeling, which is often mischanneled into emotionalism and moodiness. Hey, I'll certainly give you that emotions and moods are part of intuition but there is a line in the sand that you should draw with yourself where emotions and moods can cross over from intuition and into full-blown crazy. Oh you know what I mean!

Remember back in mid-July (beginning about July 13th) I wrote about all of the Grand Trines in the Water Signs. We are in that kind of easy and effortless energy again. There is also a Kite formed between the Grand Trine of the Moon, Neptune and the Sun connected by Mars in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn therevby creating a couple of Kites. Oh it's just so EASY! Check out that chart wheel folks because the cover sheet does tell you what these planets look like on the chart wheel. In this way it makes it easy for you to identify the symbols. Trines are so easy and effortless that they can cause us not to work at something as hard as we should and when a Kite is involved it can make things even easier, so much so that we actually become lazy and lethargic. Back in mid-July I also wrote to you that October would be tough go of it but here we go folks, here is that out and route of escape that you may have been seeking showing up in the form of Trines and Kites. What you need to do is shift gears? Everyone reading this probably knows how to shift gears in a car or at least knows what that feels like and that is what I am asking you to do today AND WHILE so many trines are present. In the charts that I write, all challenging energies are in green and red lines, so you can see the abundance of blue in the chart wheel.

While Mercury is Retrograde, now more than ever, use your intuition (feelings, emotions, moods and sensitivities) showing up with the Cancer energy of the Moon and Jupiter . . coupled with four planets in Scorpio, which is the sign of shear desire and passion . . triangulated with Pisces energy, which is your spiritual self coupled with a belief in yourself . . and you will really shift gears and get a better handle on your Life. This Mercury Retrograde period wants you to back track and do things over and right yourself.

There is a time period with Mercury Retrograde that we are repeating. Mercury entered Scorpio on September 29, 2013 at 00 degrees and by the time Monday, October 21, 2013 arrived, it had traveled 18 degrees. So it traveled through -- 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and then 18 degrees. This is the 1st pass through these degrees.

On Monday, October 21, 2013 at 18 degrees Mercury then turned Retrograde and started moving backward in degrees -- 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 09, 08, 07, 06, 05, 04, 03, 02 degrees. Today Mercury is already at the 17 degree mark. This is the 2nd pass through these degrees.

On November 10, 2013 Mercury will have reached 02 degrees where it was back on October 2, 2013 and will then turn Direct (forward motion in degrees). So this back-tracking of energy is taking us back to the last time Mercury was in Scorpio at 02 degrees up until the 18 degree mark.

On November 10, 2013 Mercury will turn Direct and move forward again beginning at degrees (where it was on October 1st) -- 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 degrees, which makes this the 3rd pass through these degrees. So there you have it folks, the time period we are repeating is from October 1, 2013 up until October 20, 2013. What was going on during those 18 days that says you need to repeat something, improve upon it and do it completely over before you progress forward?

Use your intuition folks! Use this Grand Trine to get you back in the saddle. Remember an abundance of trines can make you lazy because the energy is so easy. I would certainly not use this time period to procrastinate. You are being given an 'easy pass' and a chance to right yourself before progressing forward under the easiest of circumstances.

EXAMPLE -- Let's say you are an entreprenuer and business is slow right now. Then use this slow time to be creative and get things done that will serve you and your business. I always see a slow period as a time to create. It's like the Universe (God) pulls back here to give you more time there. It's very cool when you think about it.

This Grand Trine affects your 2nd, 6th and 10th houses as indicated in the last paragraph below. Wow wee! This Grand Trine is between your 2nd house of self-worth and personal finances, 6th house of work ethic, daily work, employees and co-workers and 10th house of career, public recognition and image. This has money, status and reward written all over it. Okay now for the kicker, back in mid-July I wrote to you many times over that all of those Grand Trines in the Water Signs could make you lethargic and lazy causing you to put off what you need to do because the energy is so damn easy. Folks, the Universe (God) is Good, He is super Good to give this energy to you once AGAIN, along with a Mercury Retrograde so you can get straight and fly right under the best and easiest circumstances. I'm strongly advising you to get your act together and get it together now when the going is so easy. Wrap up those projects, finish that thing, do what you said you were going to do and get 'er done! NOW!

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For Libra's today's Cancer Moon is shining its moonbeams on your 10th house as you can see from the flow of your Solar (Sun Sign) Chart below. Read more about what the 12 houses rule here!

The flow for your Solar Chart looks like this. Your Sun Sign Libra would be on the 1st house and then you would follow the signs in order for each house. Scorpio 2nd house, Sagittarius 3rd house, Capricorn 4th house, Aquarius 5th house, Pisces 6th house, Aries 7th house, Taurus 8th house, Gemini 9th house, Cancer 10th house, Leo 11th house and Virgo 12th house. Read more about How Horoscopes Are Written Here! For your personal natal chart that has your exact birth date, time and location, then the flow from the 1st house would according to whatever Sun Sign is your Rising Sign. Read more about what the 12 houses rule here!


Planets are in a sign for 29 degrees 59 minutes 59 seconds which completes a full 30 degrees after which the planet then moves into the next sign beginning at 00 degrees 00 minutes 01 seconds

S in the chart = Stationary
Rx in the chart = Retrograde
(Degrees and Minutes are calculated at 5:00 AM EDT)

Sun in Scorpio 01 06" - changes signs 11/21/13
Moon in Cancer 02 41" - changes signs 10/26/13
Mercury "Rx" in Scorpio 17 47" - changes signs 12/04/13
Mercury Retrograde (Rx) until 11/10/13
Venus in Sagittarius 17 53" - changes signs 11/05/13
Mars in Virgo 05 16" - changes signs 12/07/13
Saturn in Scorpio 12 40" - changes signs 09/17/15
Jupiter in Cancer 20 11" - changes signs 07/16/14
Pluto in Capricorn 09 16" - changes signs 01/20/24
Uranus "Rx" in Aries 09 42" - changes signs 3/06/19
Uranus Retrograde (Rx) until 12/17/13
Neptune "Rx" in Pisces 02 41" - changes signs 1/26/26
Neptune Retrograde (Rx) until 11/13/13
Chiron "Rx" in Pisces 09 26" - changes signs 4/17/18
Chiron Retrograde (Rx) until 11/19/13
Black Moon in Cancer 15 17" - changes signs 03/04/13
North Node in Scorpio 07 45" - changes signs 2/18/14
South Node in Taurus 07 45" - changes signs 2/18/14
NOTE - The Nodes are ALWAYS opposite and ALWAYS retrograde

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