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Astro Chart, personal readings with DrStandley, health consults with DrStandley, eBooks and more

Dr. Loretta Standley is a Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider through Yoga Alliance

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Is No Defense In Divine Court
by Christine McDonald, Contributing Writer

When the Creator speaks, we listen. Right?


And sometimes we 'excuse' ourselves citing "life intercepted" as a defense.

And that's when the Grand Gavel comes down on you.

It all started in high school. I remember being instantly hooked . . . on guidance.

Walking into my high school guidance counselor's office to discuss post-graduation prospects I became engulfed with the feeling of "I want to do this."

Ignorance is not bliss. My naivety kept me from inquiring about counseling. Although mine sat before me, I didn't realize that giving guidance was something you could earn a college degree and a living from. I mean, heck, I had been giving guidance to people every day. But as a profession? Who knew? Not me!

I don't remember the outcome of my high school guidance session, but off I went into the world of Court Reporting, perched upon a little machine, fingers flying faster than a 747 to get every word down as the official keeper of the record of the proceedings at hand.

The problem is, my mind fleeted just as fast. As interesting, flexible and profitable as the profession was, I was physically and mentally restless, and never felt like there was any real purpose to taking down legal proceedings and creating their verbatim counterparts.

Life and court reporting carried on. Yet, in my spare time there were two constants in my life. I was always writing and I was always the go-to person for advice. I guess I did become my guidance counselor and just never realized it.

Fast forward to one of those life-altering storms that blew through my life leveling everything I had, did and was, I decided to reinvent myself. I made a vision board that included a business card containing "Writer, Teacher and Life Coach" under my name. I studied and honed my writing skills and the craft of writing and became a freelance writer and teacher of the healing arts. On the side I continued guiding people through their life.

Friends and family, naturally, were consistent unofficial clients in my world of coaching. Much to my astonishment, though, were the complete strangers that would strike up a conversation in some of the oddest of places and share very intimate information about their lives. And it was always apparent by their facial expressions that somewhere in our conversation they found answers, inspiration, peace.

I, on the other hand, questioned sheltering behind the witness protection plan.

I remember one time while backstage at a concert during instructions on my fan club duties when the artist's merchandise manager began sharing his gut-wrenching concern for and personal information of the artist. A part of me was silently stunned, another part of me wasn't surprised at all. This was not the first, nor the last, time a complete stranger poured themselves out to me.

My professional "keeper of the record of the proceedings at hand" had somehow become the keeper of some potent personal information. These unofficial counseling sessions were my apprenticeship where I learned to listen, brainstorm, maintain confidentiality, and personally detach from the outcome.

And when God decided I was ready, He put the opportunities and the request before me to expand my coaching practice. I regret to confess, though, that that was back in May of 2017.

Life intercepted in a very big way and there was neither the time nor the energy to carry out His plans.

I survived the interception.

He repeated His request.

Five months later during the create-something-new New Moon in Scorpio in November of 2017 through a client who scheduled coaching, journal writing and a Reiki session with me, I knew with every inch of my soul that this client was not only a client but a messenger. I set out with the best of intentions to proceed with expanding my coaching practice.

Then life intercepted.

And then I moved. And we all know what that entails. And then I spent a week in the Bahamas on a vacation that was scheduled and paid for back in 2017. And we all know there's no backing out of that type endeavor.

Then the Full Moon in Scorpio struck on April 29, 2018, which should have been the 'full' culmination of what I began back in November of 2017, which was the expansion of my coaching practice, which I hadn't tended to. I was disgusted with myself and I'm sure God was as well. In fact, I know He was. He had been so disgusted that He had created a consistent series of crises for me to deal with, which I did successfully, which I finally realized were messages to get my attention.

He got my attention. I got the message. And on May 1st I partnered with a coach, who I know God sent to keep me on track with expanding my coaching practice because . . .

Life intercepted. In a big, sad way, as I lost one of my dearest high school friends too early in life and had the honor - but a time and energy snatcher - of participating in her services, writing and delivering her eulogy.

I am on track, though, and forgive myself for not having tended to the expansion of my coaching practice when He presented the idea to me a year ago, because looking back, I know I would not have created the practice the way I have been Divinely inspired to do. The understanding of what He presented me with could only have been realized during the May 2018 create-something-new New Moon in Taurus together with Taurus in Uranus suddenly announcing "Unconventional Life Coaching is open for business!"

I have been sentenced to Life Coaching with no eligibility for parole.

God help me - help you!

Life Intercepted - Is No Defense In Divine Court by Christine McDonald on
Christine McDonald Contributing Writer

Christine McDonald is the Chief Inspiration Officer of her life and business. "Writing since I was old enough to hold a pencil and a thought" I aim to inspire others through my writings, teaching and life coaching to soar to the heights you set out to reach.


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