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Postings for August

AUGUST 1, --
Is it possible that my lack of Faith in God has anything to do with me not receiving what I want from God?

AUGUST 2, --
How am I an influence to others for bad behavior?

AUGUST 3, --
Do I believe God is my Source and Supply or not?

AUGUST 4, --
Am I willing to be one of God's laborers?

AUGUST 5, --
Why am I choosing to struggle when all I have to do is trust God?

AUGUST 6, --
If I believe that God is my Father and will protect me, then why would I be afraid?

AUGUST 7, --
Am I only capable of seeing with my human eyes or am I capable of seeing beyond the physical world and into the spiritual world?

AUGUST 8, --
What profit would there be for one to gain the whole world and forfeit his life?

AUGUST 9, --
Why is it that sometimes I cannot do what I set out to do?

AUGUST 10, --
Why don't I drop what I'm doing and just listen to God?

AUGUST 11, --
Am I being a Good citizen and doing my part?

AUGUST 12, --
Am I more attached to a physical possession than I am to God?

AUGUST 13, --
If I refuse to forgive, then how can I expect others to forgive me?

AUGUST 14, --
When I hear the Word of God, do I just hear or do I apply it to my Life?

AUGUST 15, --
Do I pay attention and trust when God is speaking to me, through me?

AUGUST 16, --
When I think of the word Father, who comes to my mind first?

AUGUST 17, --
Do I pray out of Faith or desperation?

AUGUST 18, --
Where is God on my list of priorities?

AUGUST 19, --
Do I believe that I am an exception to God's rules?

AUGUST 20, --
When have I thought that I was better or deserved more than someone else?

AUGUST 21, --
How do I respond to invitations from others? How do I respond to God's invitation?

AUGUST 22, --
If I Loved others as I Love myself, then what would that look like?

AUGUST 23, --
Do I practice what I preach? Do I walk the talk?

AUGUST 24, --
Am I just being stubborn or standing in my ego and refuse to recognize the obvious?

AUGUST 25, --
How does my judgment show up when it comes to others religion or spirituality?

AUGUST 26, --
Am I judging people over things I have already done or that I'm doing right now only it just looks different?

AUGUST 27, --
What does it take for me to believe? Do I have to see to believe?

AUGUST 28, --
Is there a part of me that believes I'm better than someone else?

AUGUST 29, --
How much have I committed to what is right?

AUGUST 30, --
If I cannot handle a little bit of money, why should I be given more money?

AUGUST 31, --
When have I found myself in a discouraging tone that is reflective of the negative one?

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