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Q. Who writes all of the information on the website?
A. I do. (Dr. Standley) I write every single word.

Q. When I e-mail Dr. Standley who really reads my e-mail?
A. I do. Say what you wish because only I will read your e-mail.

Q. How often does Dr. Standley answer her e-mail?
A. I answer my e-mail several times a day.

Q. What are Dr. Standley's fees for personal consultations, workshops, lectures or corporate speaking engagements?
A. Click here for health history consults and click here for corporate speaking engagements.

Q. Does Dr. Standley accept credit cards?
A. Yes, all credit cards and e-checks are approved through Paypal™. You do not need a Paypal™ account to use Paypal™. Keep in mind that e-checks can take up to two weeks to clear and this may postpone your consult. All other payments through credit card are approved immediately.

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Q. Does I still take new clients/patients?
A. Yes, only for phone consults. Those individuals in St. Louis have the option to have their appointments in person since I am located in St. Louis. Appointments are set up through the e-mail or by calling me at (314) 420-5099. If you receive my voice mail, simply leave your name, number and the easiest time to reach you and I will return your call within 24 hours. I AM here to help YOU.

Q. How long are the consultations?
A. Each consultation is an hour and a half or until we finish. If we are delving into something deep, we just keep talking. It's just you and me, talking about YOU.

Q. What types of consults does Dr. Standley do?
A. Some individuals would like a health consultation to review their health history, with suggestions of options available to assist in their health care needs. Others participate in the Treat Yourself SPECIAL™ (TYS) Program which consists of 7 separate appointments. There is one appointment scheduled for each level of the TYS Program.

Others may choose to have an astrological consult. For details and fees, click here.

Q. How do I arrange a consult with Dr. Standley?
A. Call me at 314.420.5099 to set up an appointment. All consults are done over the telephone, which will last one and a half hours or until we are finished. If a health history consult is set, I will e-mail or fax you the necessary "Dr" paperwork. You can fax or mail the information back to me. Do not e-mail your health history. If you choose the TYS Program™, I will e-mail each section of the booklet that you will be using during each consult. Each level of the program has a specific section in the booklet.

Q. What if you are running late for your scheduled consult?
A. If you are running late, please call or e-mail me ASAP because this may interfere with the next patient's appointment or my personal time. In this case, we would just reschedule. It is okay because God may be asking something else of you or me for that moment and I will understand.

Q. What exactly is my position on astrology and my astrological consults?
A. Astrology does not take the place of God. Astrology is a guide or a tool to help you get to the place that you desire to be. It's a map, so to speak, much like a Trip-Tik from AAA. Follow the map and you'll get there just fine (and on time too). Further, everything is dependent upon our free will. Everything! Therefore, we can invoke our free will and "choose" to respond negatively or positively to any given scenario. We were all born with special gifts, certain energies and different circumstances, and when we are aware of these qualities we can "choose" to use them to our advantage, thereby increasing our ability and likelihood of calling Good things into our life.

Q. Does Dr. Standley still see patients for chiropractic adjustments, applied kinesiology, colon therapy, acupuncture, etc.?
A. No. I only do consultations. Any other alternative or traditional services you may need I will refer you to a qualified practitioner or doctor.

Q. How many appointments are necessary?
A. That is completely dependent upon you. Sometimes an individual will want a one-time consult to simply put their health picture together or work through an issue. Others may choose the TYS Program™ to start "digging and clearing" which requires 7 total appointments. The time between each appointment is your decision.

Q. How often are consults scheduled?
A. Again, that is completely dependent upon you. You will decide when you are ready for the next consultation. Some individuals choose 1 - 4 weeks between consults. It is completely dependent upon the rate at which you wish to move on your path. There may be other factors involved such as your schedule, finances or the amount of projects that I have assigned to you that determine the frequency of appointments.

Q. What type of assignments might I expect on the TYS Program™
A. Every single thing that I ask of you will require action and movement in your thoughts, actions and intentions. We break through old thought patterns and habits through "on purpose" deliberate daily activities. I will e-mail you 11 pages of specific assignments or projects to get busy accomplishing. I may also add more assignments depending on what is going on in your life. You may also receive a phone call from me out of the clear blue to see how you are doing or if something comes to my mind that I think may benefit you, then I'll give you a call. For a review of the detailed assignments, click here.

Q. Could I gather a group of my friends and we all start the Treat Yourself SPECIAL™ (TYS) Program together?
A. Absolutely! It's a great way to have you and your friends call each other on your "stuff" when you start procrastinating or complaining about Life. All groups either in-town or out-of-town will take the program in one weekend. This would be Friday evening, all day Saturday and a half day on Sunday. (Approximately 20 hours.) The program fee for groups is different than for individual consultations.

Q. Will I incur a fee if I call Dr. Standley with a question while working on a project she has assigned to me?
A. No. You will only be charged a fee when we are in a scheduled consult. Many times my clients will receive e-mail from me "out of the blue" if my intuition tells me there is something you may need or if I am wondering how you are doing. If you call with a question, there is no need to preface the call with an apology. If I answer the phone, then you have not interrupted me. You can also e-mail me any time.

Q. What is the fee for a personal consultation with Dr. Standley?
A. See Health History Consults fees. If the TYS Program is taken on a one-on-one basis, there are seven personal consultations. All fees must be received before the consult begins. For health history consults, I must also receive all the "Dr" paperwork before the consult begins.

Q. What is the fee for the TYS program™ in a workshop/group setting?
A. Call me first at 314.420.5099 for group rates. When this course is taken as a weekend workshop, the fee is paid in advance. The weekend is approximately 20 hours (Friday evening, all day Saturday and half a day Sunday). A FREE 130-page "Treat Yourself SPECIAL Extension Workbook"™ is included.

Q. I would like to book Dr. Standley for a speaking engagement, what is her fee?
A. See speaking engagement for the fee schedule. You may also choose a topic that is listed in this section of the site. If a speaking engagement is out of the St. Louis, Missouri area, all travel accommodations will need to be provided.

Q. What is the usual "Dr" paperwork for the health history consultation?
A. You will receive through e-mail, fax or snail-mail 5 forms. The Patient Information Form, Symptom Questionnaire, Toxicity Self-Test, Prescription and Supplement Form, and Patient Confidential Health History. Be as descriptive as possible when filling out this paperwork. You can NEVER give me too much information. I'm all ears and willing to listen. I love to read, so write as much as you wish while filling out these forms. Leave no stoned unturned when you are describing your health history to me. I AM here to help YOU.

Q. What if I see on the website that Dr. Standley is out-of-town and I AM scheduled for a phone consult?
A. While traveling, this will not affect your appointments. You and I will have agreed on the telephone number that you will call at the scheduled time and we will continue as usual. I AM here to help YOU.

Q. Can I still call Dr. Standley with questions even if I see on the website that she is traveling or lecturing out of town?
A. Absolutely! My laptop goes where I go. If you get stuck on a project, simply e-mail me or pick up the phone and call me. Again, if you call and I answer my phone then you have not interrupted me. If I don't answer, leave me a message and I'll call you back. Easy Peasy!

Q. Does Dr. Standley accept any insurance?
A. No. The types of services that I provide are not covered by insurance.

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**This web site's goal is to provide you with information that may be useful in attaining optimal health. Nothing in it is meant as a prescription or as medical advice. You should check with your physician before implementing any changes in your exercise or lifestyle habits, especially if you have physical problems or are taking medications of any kind.