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Facial Pimples

Dr. Loretta Standley

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qDear Dr. Standley: (Facial Pimples)

What's the best way to keep skin beautiful; face free of small pimples & bumps?

No Name

a Dear No Name:

I'd say keep your face clean and moisturized. Bacteria lives in and on every single person's skin and they usually just keep to themselves and mind their manners. But the oil is too tempting and they feast on this oil, multiply like rabbits, and cause the tissue around the area to become inflamed and red.

The brain is incredibly smart. When someone uses alcohol products on their face, the brain will say, "Gee my face is dry, I need to produce more sebum." So it produces more sebum (oil from the sebaceous glands) and the face gets oily.

Check out this link on my site: Acne and sebum

So . . keep your face clean and then moisturize it. The brain will then say, "Gee my face is soft and supple, aaaaaaaah!"

And by all means, refrain from worry. Worry manifests more of the same and no problems are ever solved with more worry. Make sure that you are aware of your resting face. This means the face that you make when you are just sitting alone and letting your thoughts run their course. Monitor your train of thoughts and change them into positive thoughts when you catch yourself thinking negatively.

Write anytime.

A Bazillion Blessings~ Dr. Standley

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