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AudioOsiyo or 'Siyo [Hello in Cherokee]

You can only imagine the crazy excitement I feel with the St. Louis Cardinals winning the World Series. For this sports-crazed-Gemini-fanatic, I'm in ESPN Sports Center Heaven!

I am completely caught up with e-mails and so many projects you would not believe it! I have used my time wisely this past weekend being that the Cardinals wrapped up the Series and did not have to play in Detroit. I have spent a considerable amount of time updating other areas of this site. Remember, it is 3,000 pages and some times I have to run over to another area and pay attention to it. Especially when I see on my statcounter that it needs a little Love.

I do want to call your attention to a new page I posted on this website near the end of August. The link is the picture to the right of Jesus looking over Jerusalem labeled "Prayer List". I'm a prayin' gal and if there is anything that I do and trust more than anything in the world . . it is prayer! I do believe that when you are in a prayerful space and looking to God as your Father, giving Him the glory for all Good things and fully, completely without hestiation or reservation trusting Him and knowing that He has your back . . . then everything will ALWAYS work out for the Good. It has to because nothing else makes sense.

Having said that, check out the e-mail below of a previously posted prayer request on that page. This prayer HAS BEEN answered. Folks, the day this man wrote this e-mail to me, I responded and told him that I would hold his prayer intention. The plea was so desperate that I could not leave this man sitting in doubt. I wanted this man to know, that IF he really trusted God, that God would come through for Him. But he had to fully believe. It was a Thursday morning when this e-mail came through. I stayed on the e-mail with him all day long talking to him about God and helping him calm down and contemplate solutions. Any minute, the Marshall was expected at his home to evict him.

We e-mailed back and forth continually and on into the late evening hours. It must have been near Midnight. He had $975 and was waiting for $800 to clear the bank and still needed an additional $300 to pay his rent in full. I prayed and waited with him hour after hour. Making certain this man stayed in a prayerful, trusting space under such emotionally crippling circumstances was important. I told him to e-mail me first thing in the morning and I would be waiting for him by the computer. After a few hours the next morning, he e-mailed and told me that the $800 came through his bank account and the final $300 was given to him by a friend.

Prayer is like the lottery;
you cannot win if you do not play (pray).

Folks, that day was amazing and I will never forget it. Prayer works! It does! God has your back. Sometimes the response to our prayer looks somewhat like we imagine and sometimes it looks nothing like we imagine. We have to trust that God knows what He is doing when we ask Him for help. Either we trust or we don't. I find it amazing, as unruly human beings that we are, we get ourselves into a jam and then get mad at God when it doesn't work out the way we want. Talk about childish behavior. Yep, we are God's children. I believe in heartfelt repentent pleas for assistance, so folks . . if you need to admit your wrongdoing in order to make right . . then do it.

How would you respond to your own child admitting their wrongdoing? Would you be more inclined to assist them and bail them out if you believe in your heart that they learned their lesson? Yeah, me too. Now can you only imagine with God's Unfathomable Mercy how much He wants to be there for you. FOR YOU!

Dr. Standley,

I am so afraid. I have until today to come up with the money I need for rent. The leasing office called me today and said that they have filed for the writ of eviction. I told her that I have $975.00 of it, and that I am expecting $800.00 by close of business tomorrow. That would leave me short by less than $300.00 which I would pay next week, but she simply said whih ever comes first, the Marshall of the money.

She does not know what day they are coming, but I keep thinking that it could be as early as midnight tonight. I have been so foolish with my money since being laid off. I thought it was time I needed mentally, but if it was I did not handle it right. I want to put all of this behind me and focus Real Estate Appraising and my undegraduate degree. I took a class to become a Real Estate Appraiser and was hoping to be making a nice income from it by now. It wasn't cheap. Sorry to ramble. I am just very nervous and upset.

Thanks for listening and all your prayers. I'm trying to touch and agree.

Christopher [Posted 9/14/06]

AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

A bazillion blessings~ Dr. Loretta Standley

Live Your Life Optimally

AudioOsda Sunalei [Good Morning in Cherokee]

I feel the need to address a topic (death) that has been popping up in my e-mail box and on the telephone in record numbers over the past few days. Due to the current big chart wheel in the sky there are certain aspects that are worth mentioning. Mercury rules the mind and thinking . . Scorpio rules the 8th house . . and Jupiter rules expansiveness. The 'mind' has 'expanded' in 'Scorpio'. Since the 8th house rules death, a higher than normal amount of e-mails have been questioning death and the 8th house in their Natal Chart.

Folks, please keep in mind that Scorpio rules so much more than death. Refrain from getting all hung up on one topic in any of your 12 houses. Just a gentle reminder to all Christians out there . . . THERE IS NO DEATH! Death is actually re-birth. We transition from one form to another. Even dreams of death are actually about birth and re-birth. I understand 'physical body death' . . I know what you mean, I just don't relate to death or dead thinking. I don't see any of us as being more physical than spiritual. That is just not possible thinking for me. If anything, we are more spirit than physical because our spirit came first.

I will not discuss with someone a timeline in their Natal Chart for transitioning to go 'Home' to God. Only God knows the answer to that question. Can you imagine if I started passing out timelines and how that would influence someone? I will not influence your 'free will' to live your Life in a certain timeline with regard to death. Now there are many aspects in your Natal Chart that reveal health issues, concerns and insights. During chart readings, many times health questions arise and I can give you this information so that you can use your 'free will' to live your Life in an optimum way.

For instance, because of my Natal Chart I know that I have to take special care of my teeth, skin, joints and bones. The only current issue among those 4 things are my knees (joints). In my early 20's I use to be an avid runner and would run two 10K's a weekend. I even ran 6 miles a day up until I was 7 months pregnant and then switched over to a mini-trampoline to get my running logged. This running took an early toll on my knees and that is one reason why I walk a lot now and ride my bike. In 20 years or so I will probably need a new set of knees, but right now, I make certain that I do everything I can to maintain a Good quality of Life with the knees that I still have. Naturally, if I had known that I had Chondromalacia Patella (Chondro = cartilage . . malacia = abnormal tissue softening . . patella = kneecap) or as I prefer to say, "soft cartilage in the knees", then I would have chosen to be a cyclist instead of a runner. There would have been no hard pavement jarring these soft knees. The bad knees were going to show up sooner or later (it's in the Natal Chart), but how I deal with it and work with it is the important thing.

"I don't use my 'bad knees' as an excuse not to exercise,
it is the reason I have to exercise."

I also know from my Natal Chart that there may be vascular or cardiovascular issues that I will need to self-monitor. So I do. I have already dealt with an issue of phlebitis (vein inflammation). The last thing I want is thrombophlebits (blood clot in a vein). My mom has had two strokes and recovered fabulously. With that kind of family history, the information in my Natal Chart and the bout of phlebitis . . since I'm going to check-out of the planet one day anyway, why not take care of myself to keep my quality of Life optimum while I'm still here. Yeah baby! I do believe that God has our timeline decided, so live optimally!

"I don't use my chart vascular or cardio knowledge as an excuse not to exercise,
it is the reason I have to exercise."

Medical Astrology is all about your quality of Life and living your Life optimally, just as any healthcare provider desires for you. You 'get to' choose the quality . . there's that 'free will' again. If you want to smoke, then smoke but your quality of Life will not be optimum. It might also explain lung issues in your chart. Of course, you don't need to be a smoker to have lung issues and not everyone who smokes has lung issues . . . but the Natal Chart will show it one way or another. Astrology cannot take away your 'free will', which is why 'predicting' is not really possible. You always 'get to' choose how you will handle any given scenario in your Life. There are likelihoods that I can point out to you (70/30 or 30/70) if you choose A or B, then it will look like this or that, but you still 'get to' make the choice. If we remove the gift of 'free will' that God gave to us, then that would remove God from our Life.

The 8th house also rules: Wealth of the spouse, spirituality, insurance, legacies, other people's money, stocks, bonds, taxes, inheritances, wills, sex, death, surgeries, astral experiences, the business partner's money, metaphysics, transformation, regeneration and the resources of others.

Please, refrain from looking at only one topic in any of the 12 houses in your Natal Chart, otherwise you will miss out on so much more.

[On a completely different note . . . ]

How do you think I am handling the excitement with the ST. LOUIS CARDINALS beating the New York Mets last night in Game 7 of the NLCS (National League Championship Series)? My hometown team Cardinals are heading to the WORLD SERIES to play the Detroit Tigers for Game 1 of the WORLD SERIES. Strange, it's only teams within the United States playing; how do they come up with "World" in the Series? The same thing happens with Superbowl when the winning team is called the World Champions. What's up with that? Regardless, Woooooo Hooooo, we're going to the WORLD SERIES! (You know I keep saying that over and over again while doing the Happy Dance!)

AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

A bazillion blessings~ Dr. Loretta Standley

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AudioOsda Sunalei [Good Morning in Cherokee]

I cannot stress how important it is to continually read your yearly horoscope and use this information to your advantage. If these yearly horoscopes are read and then blown off, then why should I write them? I watch my statcounter very closely and I know how often all 12 yearly horoscope pages are read. You should be re-reading and noting the information in your yearly horoscope at least once a week. As written in your yearly horoscope, the planet Jupiter will stay in a sign (Scorpio right now) for a year before it moves on to the next sign (Sagittarius) and Saturn will stay in a sign (Leo right now) for two years before it moves on to the next sign (Virgo).

Since I write daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes for an entire sign instead of personally for each person on the planet because that would involve using your Natal Chart, I would like to share with you how the horoscopes are written. For precise and incredibly accurate personal horoscopes tailored to your Natal Chart, check out the Transit and Progression reports. Those reports are mind-blowing on their accuracy, if I do say so myself. (winky wink)

E.g. - Using Jupiter in Scorpio for me as a Gemini 'in general'

1) Jupiter went into Scorpio on October 27th, 2005 and will remain in Scorpio until November 23rd 2006, just a little over a year. How does this affect me as a Gemini?

2) For the big Gemini chart wheel in the sky, Gemini would represent the 1st house, Cancer the 2nd house, Leo the 3rd house, Virgo the 4th house, Libra the 5th house, Scorpio the 6th house, Sagittarius the 7th house, Capricorn the 8th house, Aquarius the 9th house, Pisces the 10th house, Aries the 11th house and Taurus the 12th house.

3) Since Jupiter is moving through Gemini's 6th house of Scorpio (above) then Jupiter would affect everything in my 6th house of health, hygiene, in-service, daily routine, employees, small pets, clothing, work ethic, food, service, skills, servants, small animals and sickness. It is about the service you give and your habits. So the question is -- how has Jupiter affected my 6th house as a Gemini from October 27th, 2005 until this coming November 23rd, 2006?

4) Jupiter is the planet of expansion and abundance. Folks, I have never weighed as much as I do right this minute. I am at an all-time high. It's been a year of "you've got to be kidding me!" as far as the scale goes. I have literally had to ride my butt off on that bicycle of mine. It has NOT been easy by any stretch. Jupiter has e-x-p-a-n-d-e-d in my house of health. Note everything else that is represented in this 6th house. It is also the house of daily regimen and day-to-day experiences. A daily regimented fitness routine was sorely needed. This is the house of organization and day-to-day Life. That picture the other day may have looked okay but I assure you, I did not have room for one more calorie in those jeans.

5) This past year is when I started writing the Daily Message and also when I began writing daily horoscopes in the manner I do now. Even though I wrote daily horoscopes before the October 27th, 2005 - I had to figure out how to get them more on a daily regimented schedule. It has been a DAILY challenge for me to do this but as Jupiter begins to move out of Scorpio, I am pushing harder in order to solidify and harness this energy so that it will help me in the future in my DAILY Life. Once I harness this energy, it will become easy for me. If you notice, so far this October, I have had the daily horoscopes posted every single day. I am closer to harnessing this energy, which will work for me in the future.

6) As far as my personal Natal Chart goes, Jupiter is in my 5th house of dating and fun. That is because in my personal chart, Scorpio rules my 5th house. And we all know how much fun I have had this year. It has been a never ending trek of fun and travel because Jupiter is the gypsy and traveler of the zodiac. I have been traveling and having more fun than any other time in my Life. When Jupiter moves into Sagittarius on November 23rd, 2006 then it will hit my 6th house on a personal level instead of 'in general' with all other Gemini's on the planet. Since Jupiter is the global planet and will be hitting my 6th house of work and health on a personal level, this website will e-x-p-a-n-d exponentially on its own. For that reason, I have to prepare NOW! for the abundance and expansion.

Folks, read your yearly horoscope and use it. You must harness this energy so that you can use it in the future. Jupiter will move into Sagittarius on November 23rd, 2006. 'In general' as a Gemini, it will then hit Gemini's 7th house of relationships, unions and partnerships. In astrology, Jupiter is recognized as the planet of 'luck'. Talk about lucky in Love for this Gemini in the upcoming year. Actually I do not believe in luck, I prefer to call it extra blessings.

Now go read about yourself and practice being you. I am going to use Jupiter today in my day-to-day Life to get more organized and completely rake out my house of things that no longer serve me. By the time I finish today and tomorrow, I will have room for bigger, better and more in my Life. Which house is Jupiter moving through your sign and how are you going to use Jupiter to your advantage?

AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

A bazillion blessings~ Dr. Loretta Standley

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AudioOsda Sunalei [Good Morning in Cherokee]

Honestly folks, the whole Friday the 13th fear factor is just a bunch of hooey! I would really like to know how many souls would be completely transformed if they put as much Faith in God as they do in conjured up fears, worries and superstition. Think about what that looks like in the grand scheme of things when you give something your undivided fearful attention and how that pulls you away from entertaining in your heart and soul all that is Good.

I completely understand energy (chi') and the flow thereof with regard to Feng Shui, acupuncture, crystals, gemstones, aura's, chakra's, reiki and even prayer. These are practices or tools that we might use to help us even though we cannot see how it works. I get it. And I can't see God but I KNOW He is there and He has my back. I can't really see photons line up either during an x-ray but I know they are there too. And if our body was not electro-magnetic, which we can't see either, then we would not be able to have pacemakers, shock ourselves by rubbing our feet on carpet or have an MRI picture taken. MRI is Magnetic Resonance Imaging and a pacemaker is used when the heart's natural electro-conduction system or natural pacemaker, called the SA (Sinoatrial) Node, is not working properly. We are as electro-magnetic as it gets folks! Oh the human body, mind and spirit just fascinates the heck out of me.

But what's up with the struggle?!?!

There is something else that fascinates me about 'us' and that is how we deliberately, purposefully and consciously choose to believe something fearful so that we will not better ourselves. It really does boggle my mind. As I have said before, "I use fear to drive me forward, not hold me back." I can't imagine NOT doing something because I was afraid? No way! Not this gal. I'm doin' it!

Then there are the repeated learning experiences, which is referred to as 'history repeating itself'. You must understand the difference between repeated self-inflicted behavior because you have not learned your lesson and what is a brand-spankin-new learning experience because you are ready for bigger, better and more that will get you to place that you desire to be. Folks, step away from the bogus superstitious fear factor. It is ridiculous made-up stuff designed to keep you from being all you can be.

Read a previous Daily Message called "Superstition Ain't The Way"

AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

A bazillion blessings~ Dr. Loretta Standley

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AudioOsda Sunalei [Good Morning in Cherokee]

Jury duty yesterday was one of the most interesting and 'confirming' things I have ever participated in my Life. By 'confirming' I mean that it confirmed many things that I believe about 'us'. All of us. Every one of us.

In the TYS e-Course there is a section where I challenge you on your belief systems to see if this is what you truly believe. Whether you take the e-Course as personal consults with me or whether you take yourself through the TYS e-Course through the downloadable workbook, I will have a conversation with you about your belief systems before you begin the program.

One of my biggest believe statements is, "I firmly believe, we are all God's children and equal to one another. I hold no inclusive boundaries that would place one person higher than another." Just as a parent Loves each child that they have, so does God Love each and every one of His children. We are all the same more than we are different. For the last two days, it was fascinating to see so many people (jurors) challenged to the same line of questioning and treatment. Not one of us had a leg up on the another. It was the coolest thing I had ever witnessed. There were so many different people, in so many different professions and so many different ethnic groups all randomly chosen and all simply given a number. Being herded around with all of the other potential jurors kept calling to mind one of my favorite scriptures that we can apply in our personal, community or professional Life. It made me wonder in the game of Life . . . What have we all individually been chosen to do?

So the last shall be first, and the first shall be last:
for many are called, but few are chosen. - Matthew 20:16

AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

A bazillion blessings~ Dr. Loretta Standley

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AudioOsda Sunalei [Good Morning in Cherokee]

A teacher of mine in 5th grade named Miss Farley use to always yell out at the oddest times, "Manifest Destiny!!!" She wouldn't say 'manifest your destiny,' it was always "Manifest Destiny!" So one night I'm sitting around with this silly group of friends of mine and we start talking about jury duty. I laughingly brag about how I have never been called for jury duty while some of the others have been called as much as 10 to 20 times. Well me and my BIG MOUTH! Not even two months later from that conversation, I will be heading off to jury duty today, so I have no idea what the rest of the day will look like except that I will be complete by 4:30 this afternoon, maybe sooner, maybe later. How's that for "manifest destiny!"

I know and most of you know, that we can and will manifest our destiny through our thoughts, words and actions. I knew when I said it that jury duty was near just because of the way I was mouthing off and laughing about never being called. I am a bit excited about it because I have never done it. Hmmmm . . I am also rather opinionated. I wonder what that will look like today. Even though my friend Anna Banana, who is a judge, tipped me that I can bring my mega-mondo-ninja-commando computer, I will be leaving it at home and keep myself busy with e-mails through the Blackberry. Oh yeah, this Gemini will still be communicating as much and as best as I can.

I will write the daily message for tomorrow this evening and post some pictures from the Cherokee trip. Last evening my plans to do just that were thwarted when I left to go celebrate my friend Julie's 50th birthday with 'the group' and then we also celebrated our friend Peg's promotion and transfer to Dallas. It is hard to believe that one of our own will be moving away from us. Under normal circumstances the group would toast something and yell out, "Road Trip!" Last night until 3:30 in the morning we toasted "Air Trip!"

Ahhhhhhh . . . look at the time!!! I'm off to jury duty and I will be on the Blackberry until this afternoon. All e-mails are automatically forwarded to the Blackberry. Weekly horoscopes will have to wait until later today.

AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

A bazillion blessings~ Dr. Loretta Standley

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AudioOsda Sunalei [Good Morning in Cherokee]

Since last Wednesday, I have been visiting family down on the Cherokee Indian Reservation in Cherokee, North Carolina. Cherokee is located right smack dab in the middle of the Great Smokey Mountains. My friend Christine and I left last Wednesday and just arrived back home here in St. Louis late last night. We had an absolute blast and it was sure nice to see my parents and sister again! Tomorrow I will post some pictures of the trip. Below is a picture of me when we hiked up the mountain to visit my property.


In the meantime, I will begin writing your weekly and daily horoscopes this morning to make certain they do not get behind. Just hang tight for a few hours while I get these updates complete. I will do my best to ram-jam and get as many days posted as possible today.

AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

A bazillion blessings~ Dr. Loretta Standley

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[Posted 2:30 a.m., EDT - Wednesday morning, 10/04/2006]


AudioOsiyo or 'Siyo [Hello in Cherokee]

Today I am headed for the Cherokee Indian Reservation in Cherokee, North Carolina with my friend Christine to visit my family. The entire week is the 94th Annual Cherokee Indian Festival on the reservation, which is held the first week of October every year. It is a hilariously fun time with music, authentic Cherokee food, dance, competitions, arts, crafts, lots of tourists and a reservation full of family. And the added bonus? That would be singing karaoke on Friday night with my sister Ahinawake.

Christine and I will be driving all day with a few scheduled stops in between, so I will return all messages and e-mails on Thursday, October 5th since my mega-mondo computer goes with me everywhere. The internet is like Las Vegas or New York, meaning it never sleeps and neither does my website. It's 24 hours a day of communication with the entire global community and I Love it! It is perfectly fine to leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible. I understand that health issues can be scarey and I will make these return calls my priority. Please do not worry about leaving a message. Just leave me a couple of choice times when to return the call.

Since I will be on the road all day Wednesday, October 4th, I will be writing Natal Charts again on Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning before I run out and play for the day. This way I will be right on pace when I return home on Monday, October 9th. I will not be writing any Natal Charts on Sunday, October 8th.

AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

A bazillion blessings~ Dr. Loretta Standley

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[Posted 8:00 a.m., EDT - Tuesday morning, 10/03/2006]


AudioOsda Sunalei [Good Morning in Cherokee]

The last thing I will ask a client before we hang up the phone from a consult or reading is, "Are we complete?" That is my way of asking, "Do you understand?" or "Do you have any other questions?" As a Gemini and the master communicator of the zodiac, my goal is to leave you with useful knowledge and insight that can literally change your Life 'if you' apply the information. Being that you have 'free will', the ball will always be in your court no matter what. Now how cool is that reality check?

As a full-time communicator, I'm all about getting to the point of understanding why things appear in our lives the way they do and what are the best options for success. This cogwheeling Gemini just Loves puzzles along with brain twisted Life questions. Do you believe things happen for a reason or not? Folks, the pieces of your Life really do fit for a bigger plan. You make sense and so does your Life. As I always say . . .

"Whatever you should be doing with your Life,
you've been doing it your whole Life."

As an intuitive, I 'feel and hear' my intuition more than anything. That would be considered clairsentient and clairaudient. Psychics are clairvoyent, where they see their intuition through symbols, dreams and pictures. I am about as sensitive a person as they come. Many times my 'feelings' do lock on to a visual, but it is through 'feeling and hearing' that I trust the most because I have used it for so long. Often times while I am speaking to a client I will say, "Okay, okay" and that is when I am answering outloud to a DLG (Download from God). I might even say, "I heard that." I might get choked up when I get excited for you or sad for you (emotional Cancer Rising here) or I get extremely chilled. Those who are clairkinestetic will receive their intuition through tactile sensation. For instance, on occasion, tactile touch will come through for me when shaking hands with someone and then a big DLG will come through.

We all have intuition and it will come to you through either feeling, hearing, seeing or tactile sensation. You may receive your intuition as a clairsentient, clairaudient, clairvoyent or a clairkinestetic. Or you may receive your intuition through two or more of these responses like I do. The more you use and trust your intuition, the more accurate you are. If you have a Natal Chart that I wrote for you, then I have written into your chart which element (air, earth, fire or water) that you should work with to improve your intuition. I use water. When the Moon moves into a water sign, like the Pisces Moon tomorrow, then my intuition gets spiked or when I get around water. It's almost like a re-load of energy. As if I need more energy! There is also an entire section in the TYS e-Course called "Intuitive Response" that helps you develop your intuition.

I want to make it perfectly clear that we can be 'complete' in our phone conversation and reach a point of understanding, but you still have 'free will' and you still 'get to' choose. You do not 'have to' choose anything. You 'get to' choose. That is 'free will' in its finest moment. You can either stand in the same issue you were standing in before we chatted or you can make a change by choosing another experience that will put all of your past experiences to Good use. They either happened for a reason or not and I'm betting they were for a reason. Either way, it's still 'free will' and no one can make the change for you.

AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

A bazillion blessings~ Dr. Loretta Standley

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[Posted 7:00 p.m., EDT - Sunday evening, 10/01/2006]


Audio'Siyo or Osiyo~ [Hello in Cherokee]

Saturday night I went to my girlfriend Pat's 64th birthday party. What a hilarious gig that party turned out to be! Pat had a "When I'm 64" party, so everyone had to dress up like a Beatles tune. I dressed up as "Mean Mr. Mustard". If you know Mean Mr. Mustand, it wasn't a very pretty sight. There was a Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, a Rocky Raccoon, Rita the Lovely Meter Maid, a Tax Man, a Long and Winding Road, a Sun (Here Comes the Sun), a whole group of strawberries (Strawberry Fields), John Lennon and Yoko Ono, a Ticket to Ride, a Hello and Good-bye and a ton more. Even our own priest came as Fr. McKenzie from Eleanor Rigby. Not much creativity there, huh? HA! After the band finished then we broke into Beatles karaoking, which I think I dominated! (winky wink)

Back to business. Well son-of-a-gun! I'm starting off October with a bang! Note that there are NEW! opportunities posted under your monthly horoscope for Mercury and Venus. Pay attention to those opportunities because they are very useful. Remember, astrology takes into account 'free will' so you can either take advantage of the opportunity or not. Your weekly horoscopes have also been updated.

As stated in the talking feather above, I have already begun leaving messages all over the website. For those of you who write and ask me to pray with you or for you; this evening I will begin posting 'talking feathers' on each prayer listed under the list of prayers button. In this way, I can literally pray with you. The 'talking feather' will be located just above the prayer on each individual prayer page. Any 'talking feather' that you see on this site will be different from any other 'talking feather' on the site. There will be no repeats.

I have also begun leaving 'talking feathers' in The Holistic Shop to help you better understand the Natal Charts, Readings and Consults. I have all kinds of little goodies planned for you. And you still don't know the BIG SURPRISE! It's coming . . .

AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

A bazillion blessings~ Dr. Loretta Standley

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**This web site's goal is to provide you with information that may be useful in attaining optimal health. Nothing in it is meant as a prescription or as medical advice. You should check with your physician before implementing any changes in your exercise or lifestyle habits, especially if you have physical problems or are taking medications of any kind.