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JULY 2006

[Posted 8:00 a.m., EDT - Thursday morning, 7/27/2006]



Audio'Siyo or Osiyo [Hello in Cherokee]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CIS! (Leo, 47). My sister 'Cis' and I are very similar creatures in our voice, mannerisms and personality. In fact, sometimes when I am talking to her on the phone I think to myself, "Why am I talking to me?" HA! Seriously, we sound that much alike, even to each other. We even laugh when we talk over each other because it sounds like our own echo. It's crazy! Could it be too much me or her or both. Nah!


I will be leaving Oklahoma this morning and once I hit the pavement in St. Louis, I will jump in the car with Christine (Aquarius), Steve (Aquarius) and Cherie (Scorpio and Steve's wife) and we will drive down to the reservation in Cherokee, NC. My daughter Karmen (Leo), her husband Larry (Cancer) and my grandson Big Tree (Taurus) will already be on their way to Cherokee. Tomorrow is Karmen's birthday and she will be 25. Wah, my baby! Friday night will be an evening of Karaoke at my sister's Ahiniwake's (Gemini, 46) who happens to be THE Karaoke Queen and don't you forget it. My mom and dad live across the street from Ahiniwake and they will be over too along with cousins, nieces, nephews, aunts, etc.

When Christine and I were in Kansas City last weekend, we bought a Karaoke machine for 'the group' and we sang on her daughter's back porch for 12 HOURS! No kidding! And then we sang to karaoke CD's the entire way back. My sister Ahiniwake is very serious about karaoke so practice is in order for the newbie friends I'm bringing along. When Christine and I arrived home, Steve and Cherie came over and we sang the rest of Sunday night. So here is what the scene will look like driving down to Cherokee this evening, which is a 10-hour drive whether you like it or not. The four of us will practice singing to the Karaoke CD's the whole way . . . and loudly. We expect to arrive somewhere around 6 or 7 am Friday morning. Depends on who's driving. :)

Cherokee is nestled right in the middle of the Great Smokey Mountains just over the Tennessee border, which is why the Eastern Band Cherokee's are mountain people. My cellular company, which is also my service provider for my wireless PC card on the computer is not always available in this area of the country. I cannot say for sure if I will be back online until Monday morning, but you know I will certainly try because I'm addicted to my mega-mondo computer.

AS A SIDENOTE - My Leo sister (Cis) this morning gave me some advice on promising whether I can get daily horoscopes posted or not when I get really busy. So I'm going to keep her Leo (12th grader) advice to myself and try to see if this Gemini (2nd grader) can do it. If you do not get a response from me through e-mail or phone until Monday, then you know IT'S THE MOUNTAINS!

AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

A bazillion blessings~ Dr. Loretta Standley

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[Posted 12:30 a.m., EDT - Wednesday afternoon, 7/26/2006]


Audio'Siyo or Osiyo [Hello in Cherokee]

Just like the old rock tune says, "WAR, what is it Good for?" The other day I made the statement in one of the Daily Messages that I would always say on the radio, whatever is happening on a global level - is happening on a national level - is happening on a community level - is happening on a personal level.

With regard to all the recent news on the Middle East . . . if you are wondering why warring countries cannot just get along with one another, then kiss and make up, my response is this:

  • "How about you kiss and make up with your mom?"

  • "How about you kiss and make up with your dad?"

  • "How about you kiss and make up with your brother or sister?

  • "How about you kiss and make up with your former-wife?

  • "How about you kiss and make up with your former-husband?

  • "How about you kiss and make up with your spouse?

  • "How about you kiss and make up with your children?


  • "How about you just pick up the phone and talk to a family member that you have had challenges with and make it all okay TODAY!"

  • Well folks, you tell me, what is war Good for and how do you expect warring countries to kiss and make up if you cannot even do it in your own family. If we cannot kiss and make up with our own family members, then how on earth do you expect entire nations of people to do this collectively WITH STRANGERS!. Let's see you do it with someone who is close to you and someone you know well, much less someone who is a stranger. Let's see you make it all okay and contribute to the 'Collective Kiss and Make Up Energy of the Planet.'

    AS A SIDENOTE - I have been writing charts faster than ever right now and I meant to get these horoscopes caught up by now, but I have to write charts and take calls and consults first. Prayerfully I can get the horoscopes caught up today. I will definitely do my best. My personal connection with you on the phone or through writing your charts has priority. I'll ram-jam as fast as I can today.

    AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

    A bazillion blessings~ Dr. Loretta Standley

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    [Posted 9:30 a.m., EDT - Tuesday morning, 7/25/2006]


    AudioOsda Sunalei [Good Morning in Cherokee]

    Greetings from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma! Remember the horrendous thunder storms last week that I wrote about back home in St. Louis? For the first several days 500,000 people were without power and now a week later there are still 157,000 people without power according to the Ameren website. As I was sitting in the nail salon getting my paws beautified yesterday morning before flying to Oklahoma City, I was deliberately trying to daydream. I Love to daydream and I do it on purpose. As a Gemini who rules the brain, I always say that I am very protective of my brain, including what goes in and what goes out. Typically at the nail salon I will sit there quietly with my eyes closed and my head bowed, just on the cusp of sleeping, so I can just think. I like to sit and deliberately think of wonderful things that I have experienced or have a desire to experience. Believe me, if you are thinking about wonderful things then you are not thinking negative. While I am daydreaming, I am smiling. I Love to think about and hear about wonderful things. In fact, a typical statement to my will be, "Tell me something wonderful." And then he does.

    While I was doing my best to daydream, all I could hear was everyone telling their power outage stories. I was getting a little irritated because I just wanted to daydream, but then I had to remember, I did not experience the power outage. I thought about Mercury being the planet of communication and also Retrograde, which made me think, did it really have to come to this? Did a collective group of people have to experience an overwhelming power outage in order to communicate with each other. Maybe, maybe not. Keep in mind that cell phones and other hand-held gadgets could not be powered either.

    Folks, I am a firm believer in what I call, 'Repetition for a Reason.' This means if you are repeating 'anything' in your Life, then there is a reason for it. Even though I know full well that this Mercury Retrograde is an illusion and is not real, the appearance of an illusion sure packs an ugly punch. Now you can deny something repetitive all you want and keep rolling in the challenge, but until you acknowledge that the problem exists you can count on doing it all again until you get it. This is no different than the same philosophy that AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) uses, which is that a person first has to admit that they are an alcoholic before they can recover. I believe it is Dr. Phil that says, "You cannot change what you do not acknowledge."

    And I say, "Repetition for a Reason."

    Interestingly enough, yesterday's open phone day was really reflective of the repetition going on in all our lives. I had some wonderful conversations with some people who just wanted to 'stand in the question' and get some enlightenment or feedback. It was great! And the last woman I talked to before I stepped onto the plane I asked her, "Why are you working so hard?" She knew exactly what I was talking about. Five minutes later, we had her situation open and out there and I firmly believe that she has already begun to change the repetition she has been confined to. And then we laughed about the enlightenment of it all. It was really fascinating because here we are all doing the same thing over and over again expecting change. The word 'expectation' is one of my least favorite words, just like the word 'potential'. Remember when I wrote about 'potential' and how it means you just haven't done it yet? To me, and I mean to me, expectation merely is another way of showing our level of self-absorbed behavior and our 'me first attitude'. Think about the word 'expectations' and I will write more about that on another day. It is tough enough to expect yourself to stay on track without 'expecting' others to do it for you. Expectations! Phooey! . . How about a big ol' surprise to teach you a lesson about expectations.

    AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

    A bazillion blessings~ Dr. Loretta Standley

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    [Posted 10:00 a.m., EDT - Monday morning, 7/24/2006]


    AudioOsda Sunalei [Good Morning in Cherokee]

    And that is opening the phone line ALL DAY for absolutely any question. It is beginning to become a challenge NOT to blame Mercury Retrograde for a few things lately. As I have stated before Gemini's and Virgo's will probably feel the brunt of Mercury Retrograde and the illusion that it brings. This is not to say that other signs are not feeling the challenge as well because there is certainly a lot of emotional communication going on.

    Having said that, I will need to take another day before I update the horoscopes as I will be opening the phone line all day today for everyone! And I mean everyone! If I do not answer, just leave a message and I will call you back. My phone has been ringing off the hook all weekend, with the Moon in Gemini and then emotional Cancer, which I do not mind because I am a Gemini and we are master communicators of the zodiac. But this Mercury Retrograde thing has more than enough people wound up about their Life.

    Now, if you want to call, CALL! I do know the difference between someone trying to get a free reading and someone asking a question because they do not understand. I also know the difference between wanting clarification on their Natal Chart and someone wanting to dump their problems on someone else. OUCH! Now that is my Capricorn Moon talking. Do I know me or what?! And by now, I think many of you know me as well.

    Give me a chance to pack my bags as I am leaving for Oklahoma City in a few hours before you start calling. Check the blue box up at the top of this site for when the phone line opens - 314.420.5099. I will answer questions until I step on that plane later this afternoon and then I will return the phone calls once I step off the plane. Believe me, I have answered that phone more times that you can imagine in airports and other odd places. It's really not a big deal. I always say if I answer the phone, you have not interrupted me. If I do not answer, just leave your name and number and I will call you back as quickly as possible.

    Please tell me your name and your birth date when you call. If I have written a Natal Chart for you, then I will probably remember your Natal Chart. Scarey huh? Seriously, if you have a question, just ask it and lets get out of this state of confusion. Enough is enough people. Let's go and squash this energy together. I'm here!

    AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

    A bazillion blessings~ Dr. Loretta Standley

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    [Posted 11:00 a.m., EDT - Saturday morning, 7/22/2006]


    AudioOsda Sunalei [Good Morning in Cherokee]

    As promised, here are a few more pictures of my friends, actually a small portion of 'the group'.

    From left to right: In the cammies, Kit who is Steve's son - Rachel who is Christine's daughter - Me (note the earrings) - Kurt with the sexy hairdo, Christine in the green jacket - Peg in the blue denim shirt - John yellow slicker who is Julie's husband and our friend who passed last year - Steve who is NOT the jolly green giant as it appears in this picture. This shot of Steve is merely an illusion and may be due to Mercury Retrograde. (winky wink)

    Second Row: Kyle who is Rachel's boyfriend, Greg in the baseball cap and Julie the redhead who is John's wife.

    There are about 10 people from 'the group' missing and lost in the woods and 20 dogs not pictured.

    small portion of the group

    This next picture is Liz (Libra) on the left who taught me how to update my own website and Julie (Libra) who you have all heard so much about and John's wife. Julie is also our resident photographer and a friend who I spend entirely too much time with and gets me into more trouble than Christine. "H" where are you??? Julie

    Our most injured player pictured to the right and below is naturalist and mother of four, Christine (Aquarius). This picture was taken back in April when Christine and I went to the Celtic Festival for the weekend. Christine and I have this thing about men in kilts. She will also be making the trip next weekend to reservation in Cherokee, North Carolina with Steve pictured above and his wife Cherie (not pictured). Christine

    The picture below with the umbrella is ME and was taken on a trip with Christine to Elephant Rocks in South Missouri. Guess why the rocks are called 'elephant'? And the dog, we have no idea. Christine attracts dogs wherever she goes . . . HAHA!

    The funny thing about this picture is I have always been a bit afraid of dogs and Christine just Loves them and "H" is even more insane about dogs! And here comes this dog getting in my space and my picture!!! I guess you had to be there.


    AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

    A bazillion blessings~ Dr. Loretta Standley

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    [Posted 11:00 a.m., EDT - Friday morning, 7/21/2006]


    AudioOsda Sunalei [Good Morning in Cherokee]

    Okay, you have all talked me into it. I have been asked to post a few pictures of the people I mention in my Daily Messages. I will post some today and other pictures tomorrow.

    This picture is of my friend 'H' (Virgo) and my bestest friend in the whole wide world. I call her 'H' because her name is Henrietta and it is just too dang long to say. We are just like sisters and believe me, we can argue and giggle just like sisters do. 'H' is also my North Node Virgo so if I am going to follow any ideas, suggestions, advice or serious in your face talk, it will come from my awesome friend 'H'. Me!

    This next picture is not that great of a picture but at least gives somewhat of a Good view of my friend Kitty (Capricorn) and the view from her building rooftop. This was taken at my birthday party when I turned 45. Just when the picture was being snapped, my grandson Big Tree (Taurus) came running up and hugged my leg to get in the picture. Me!

    This next picture is of me and Amy (Pisces) in South Beach, Miami, Florida taken back in February. Amy is the absolute Piscest Pisces you will ever meet in your entire Life. I kid you not. Everything she does and says is Pisces. Keep in mind my South Node is Pisces and Amy appears in my Life as a "Protectress" rather than anything harmful. Me!

    Tomorrow I will post some pictures of 'the group' here in St. Louis. Kitty is part of 'the group' and I will include pictures of Julie, Christine, etc. The situation here in St. Louis is pretty bad with electricity out. My power is on and now I'm on the road with Christine. I know the daily horoscopes are a few behind, which I did not think would happen. With all the neighbors needing assistance, that took me away from updating horoscopes further. I will try to get caught up on the road (in the car). Sometimes I can be a real lunatic!!! (winky wink)

    AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

    A bazillion blessings~ Dr. Loretta Standley

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    [Posted 9:30 a.m., EDT - Thursday morning, 7/20/2006]


    AudioOsda Sunalei [Good Morning in Cherokee]

    Last night in St. Louis, Missouri (where I live) we experienced some horrendous thunderstorms. The last report I heard was that there are at least 300,000 homes without electricity. This same thing happened back in April and I was one of those homes without electricity. That's when I wrote the Daily Message, Learn How To See in the Dark. I spent five straight days at the local coffee shop updating the website. Eating the same thing for five days can get boring real quick. This time around, I was spared.

    Interestingly enough, I spent a fair amount of time yesterday mentating on purging, transformation, destruction, construction and I became fascinated with the cycle of change under various Life circumstances. I am after all, a self-proclaimed mentator, which I have described in my biography. As I clicked around the internet yesterday reading about the destructive force of Mother Nature and her desire to purge the planet, I sat for quite a while yesterday wondering what a purge in St. Louis would look like and why is it necessary? Not three hours later came this huge overwhelmingly destructive storm.

    As a sidenote -- I read my daily news online from several different sources and I do not subscribe to cable TV or newspapers for several reasons. 1) Being a Gemini with a North Node Virgo, watching TV is the absolute worst thing a Gemini or Virgo can do with their time. This will cause a Gemini or Virgo brain to simply flatline which produces nothing, not to mention I would never be able to tear myself away from the History Channel or ESPN. 2) I do not read newspapers because I cannot stand my hands being dirty, unless of course I'm camping or fishing. I know, it's weird but I have my rules! 3) I refuse to pay the outrageous price for cable TV, even the basic service. Technology these days is cheaper than that and they don't fool me one bit. I do not like being ripped off. I would rather have a new outfit once a month anyway. 4) Okay, so I would not be home long enough to enjoy the cable TV.

    Back to my researching Mother Nature and her desire to purge the planet. I have many thoughts on this that I am not quite prepared to explain or discuss because I have not quite formulated the words with my Gemini cogwheels. Not to mention there have been all kinds of destructive forces of Nature that have happened all over the planet that we are all still mourning and one word stated the wrong way could easily injure someone's spirit. All I know for sure is that purging and transformation is necessary. It is! While it may not look Good or feel Good to us at the time because purging does hurt us all on many levels, it has to be done. This is BIG folks.

    I would always say on my radio show -- whatever is happening on a global level, is happening on a national level, is happening on a community level, is also happening on a personal level. There is purging in your Life that requires your attention right now. If you are reading this, then you are one of many chosen to make a purge and transform. It has to be done. Sometimes it is necessary for us to move on from certain people, jobs, habits and styles of communication. Purging is necessary and transforming your Life will be a wonderful experience once the clean-up is over. That is the way transformation works. It is destruction and re-construction. The destruction is pure hell, but the re-construction and end product is in two words - Divinely Perfect. It is what it is.

    Click here to read Friday's daily message titled, Getting Ahead of the Game, and then check out the Spiritual Progression Path on the home page. You can always click on my head in the top left corner on any page of this site to get back to the Home Page.

    AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

    A bazillion blessings~ Dr. Loretta Standley

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    [Posted 10:30 a.m., EDT - Wednesday morning, 7/19/2006]


    AudioOsda Sunalei [Good Morning in Cherokee]

    You have to admit, there is nothing like being ahead of the game. Over the next week, beginning this coming weekend and ending the next weekend, I will be in Kansas City, MO - Oklahoma City, OK - and then on to the reservation in Cherokee, NC to visit my mom, dad, sister, cousins, aunts and uncles. This fast paced travel that I enjoy so much is when this Gemini is on top of her game. That is the way we Gemini's work. The more we have to juggle, the better we juggle. The less we have to do, the more bored we become and then turn into slackers. OUCHY! Give us Gemini's a bit of pressure and that is when we do our best work. So here I go . . .

    I have to make certain that I am ahead of the game so that I can have plenty of time to write your Natal Charts and also maintain my consult schedule while on the road. For this reason, you will see the daily horoscopes updated several days in advance. In fact, today I will be writing horoscopes for several more days in between my reading and consult schedule. If you notice above in the horoscope box, I have updated your weekly and monthly horoscopes too. The monthly horoscopes will be updated again on July 21st.

    Venus moved yesterday from Gemini and into Cancer. On a personal level, you must remember that one of your houses is ruled by Cancer in your Natal Chart and this is how it will affect you personally. I am a Cancer Rising. The Rising Sign is actually the first house cusp, so this will affect my 1st house of personality, how I look and how others see me. Oh my Goodness, ooh la la for me! I guess I will be working that placement! (winky wink)

    When I write the monthly horoscopes, I am writing for an entire sign, so these horoscopes are 'in general'. The only way you will know how it affects you personally, is you have to know your Natal Chart and apply the information. So get out your Natal Charts and use Venus to your advantage because she rules Love and beauty.

    Even though I will be trekking around from the Midwest, out West and then back East, I will be on top of my game because 'juggling' is what I do best.

    AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

    A bazillion blessings~ Dr. Loretta Standley

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    [Posted 2:00 a.m., EDT - Tuesday morning, 7/18/2006]


    AudioOsda Sunalei [Good Morning in Cherokee]

    A default setting is more commonly known on our computer as the settings our computer came with before we customized it or made it better. The default setting comes with the birth of our computer. Once we start using it, we adjust the computer to work best for us. We give the computer a name, we dress it up with a screensaver and make other customized adjustments that makes it our own. If a crisis happens after you have customized it, then your computer will revert back to its original setting (the default). That is all it takes for my Gemini cogwheels to start churning. I started wondering about my own default settings and what is it that I do when I return to my default settings in a crisis or under pressure.

    Let's face it, default settings are really just modes of protection to keep us from getting hurt. Think about how you act and react in relationships. When you feel cornered, what is your default setting? In a crisis, what is your protective mode? Do you come out fighting, lying, crying, escaping or turning to ice? Our default settings are what we should be building on and making better, not reverting back to like immature children. I know me very well and my default setting is straight faced passive-aggressive-mode tossing out an ice cold sarcastic snarl that would be difficult for anyone to forget. I have had to self-correct my default setting because it has not worked for me in any positive Light, not to mention I do not feel Good when I do it. I deliberately 'choose' to let go of my default setting and use a setting that facilitates a positive outcome.

    Think about your default setting as far as your financial picture is concerned. What does that setting look like? If your finances are strained and yet you go out and spend more money, then how can that be your Highest Good? How can you get ahead when you keep spending? It doesn't make any sense. I chat with a lot of people on a daily basis, many of which refuse to cut their spending practices yet pray for more money. I have asked this next question over and over again. Would you give more money to your child if they could not handle the money they had? If you would not give more money to your child who could not handle what they had, then why should God give you (His child) more money if you cannot handle what you have? Correct your default setting by bumping yourself up to a higher setting. Show God that you can handle more money.

    Entertain your default settings in relationships, finances, health and other important areas of your Life. Believe me, improving yourself is a lot easier than staying in the same miserable place. The same miserable place is too much work for this Gemini. I'm all about easily and effortlessly now, so I'm going to deliberately choose a higher setting.

    AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

    A bazillion blessings~ Dr. Loretta Standley

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    [Posted 10:00 a.m., EDT - Monday morning, 7/17/2006]


    AudioOsda Sunalei [Good Morning in Cherokee]

    Well as it turned out, I spent a massive amount of time with my grandson 'Big Tree' this past weekend, which was much needed and I did not want tear myself away from him to update the site. Then, next thing you know, 'the group' shows up and a party for no particular reason manifested itself. Needless to say, I had a fantabulous weekend playing with my favorite people on the planet.

    Do you know that I don't even own a car? I ride a bike. After all the playing, on Sunday I began to wonder some things as I pedaled around the city on my bike. A bicycle, a train and a plane are my typical modes my transportation around the planet. When I decided to close my clinic 5 years ago, I went from driving a Mercedes SUV to riding a bicycle. That is how committed I was at that time to changing my career from who I was then to who I am now. I did have a car for a brief period of time between then and now, but I prefer the freedom of just having a bike and a backpack. If I need a car for a weekend, then I will rent it. Otherwise - bikes, trains and planes work for me.

    Living the kind of Life that I do exposes me to all kinds of different people. I Love standing on a busy street corner with people on foot or on bicycles, those waiting for the bus or on motorized wheelchairs. I Love mingling with a variety of people. We Gemini's are the chameleon's of the zodiac. Being a Gemini, even I can see that I am clearly two different people. As much as I enjoy the outdoors - camping, hiking, fishing and floating, I also enjoy living in the heart of the city. I am just as much a city girl as a country girl. There is no in between with me. I guess the in-between would be living in the county/suburbs and that would be my worst nightmare. But that's just me. I always describe myself as "action potential", which in neurology means - The change in electrical potential of a nerve or muscle fiber when it is stimulated. The nerve either fires or it doesn't. That's me! I either fire or I don't. In website language, that means I either update the site or I don't. HA! Wow, do I know me or what?!?

    As I pedaled around and acknowledged the different people along my spiritual progression path, I wondered why we are taught not to hang around some people because they are bad or they look scarey or dirty? Why are we taught only to hang around Good people? How Good is that!?! How Good does that make us? I do not believe that we are so weak that we cannot influence the bad people and that we will always be sucked in to their badness. NO! I just don't believe that. It is such a ridiculous thought and we are taught not to hang out with certain people because we will turn out bad. That thought process in and of itself is bad. How about we suck them into our Goodness? How about if we did the ol' Jesus routine and hung out with the bad people and positively influenced them?

    The city can be a scarey place with all the different faces and Lifestyles. Folks, I urge you to look at each other in a better Light. Search for the Light. One smile to a stranger may keep that person from suicide. One kind gesture may stop an adult from beating a child. One strong posture from you may influence a woman to stand up and leave someone who is abusive to her. One confident stance may influence someone to clean up their act. Like it or not, YOU are being called to positively influence others.

    AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

    A bazillion blessings~ Dr. Loretta Standley

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    [Posted 11:30 a.m., EDT - Friday morning, 7/14/2006]


    Audio'Siyo or Osiyo [Hello in Cherokee]

    Back on the reservation (Cherokee, NC) it is very common to be called Granny when you are a grandmother. While I may not look much like a Granny, I sure do Love hearing my grandson Big Tree squeal "Granny" as he runs toward me, goes airborne and then knocks me over backward. We just lay on the ground and laugh! And then he holds my face with his little hands and kisses me over and over again.

    Today Big Tree is coming over and we will go swimming. YES, we will have a Pisces friend swimming with us to cover my South Node. Big Tree is a Taurus. The best and most interesting part of this day will be hearing Big Tree say about 8 billion times, "WHY?" He is three years old and you know how that goes . . . "Why?" . . "Why not?" It reminds me of this guy in my neighborhood who I see walking every so often with a T-shirt that just says, "WHY?" in huge bold letters. The other day my daughter Karmen asked Big Tree, "Jacob, how old are you?" He said, "Three!" She said, "Why?" In a sure of himself tone he said back, "Because I'm getting older." Even at three years old, he knows what the question "why" means.

    As it turns out, the only thing that I am sure about is that GOD IS and everything else has a question mark. Why? I don't know. Must be Faith!

    AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

    A bazillion blessings~ Dr. Loretta Standley

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    [Posted 12:30 p.m., EDT - Thursday afternoon, 7/13/2006]


    Audio'Siyo or Osiyo [Hello in Cherokee]

    As a Gemini, I am 'The Thinker' and 'Master Communicator' of the zodiac. I talk with an amazing amount of people on daily basis regarding a variety of subjects; but the majority of these conversations are about relationships. This morning I woke up wondering . . . why is that we mind if we hurt someone's feelings who is an acquaintance or stranger, but when it comes to someone who is very close to us and who we claim to Love, then we do not mind hurting their feelings? Why is that? Why are we sometimes more concerned at communicating better with those we do not know all that well, and yet those closest to us, we do not give much thought as to how we will deliver our intended message.

    I suppose it could be Mercury the planet of communication having gone Retrograde, which naturally rules Gemini and Virgo that is causing me to think along these lines today. Being that I am a Gemini with a North Node Virgo, I am doubley affected by Mercury and obsessed with Good communication. If my ability to communicate is stifled, it is almost as if I cannot breathe. It would feel like a lump in my throat. After all, I am an air sign.

    The Thinker

    I have Mercury (communication) in the sensitive sign of Cancer, which causes me to cry over the smallest thing. Wah! Just like that! The great thing about my Natal Chart is that I have a cold Capricorn Moon that nearly in an instant sobers up my sensitive side and I just turn into the Ice Queen. Folks, it is very important for you to learn about Mercury in your Natal Chart and couple that information with your Moon placement so that you can communicate effectively in your relationships. You can also teach your partner how your communication and emotions work hand in hand. Even us Gemini's have to continually work on a better style of communication.

    Since Mercury is Retrograde right now, this is a fantabulous time to check yourself and see how you choose to communicate. Mercury will remain retrograde until August 12th. You probably already know if your style of communication works well for you or not. If your partner or Loved one does not understand you, it is your job to teach them about you. Do not make them guess who you are and what you are trying to say. Teach them about who you are. If they do not understand what you are trying to communicate, then try again. If you are taking a tone that does not reflect Love, then this is something that could use an extra dose of personal attention. Remember - As always, it takes practice being you.

    AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

    A bazillion blessings~ Dr. Loretta Standley

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    [Posted 12:30 p.m., EDT - Wednesday afternoon, 7/12/2006]


    Audio'Siyo or Osiyo [Hello in Cherokee]

    As a Christian I do not believe in death. I just do not believe it. I do not believe in Life after death. I believe in Life after Life. I believe in Life after Life experiences and not Life after death experiences. Even to say that someone 'died' does not make any sense to me. It just doesn't. I think when I use the words death, died or dying in reference to someone passing into eternity, it is merely a descriptive word but not really what I believe. I can have a challenged conversation with someone over this for days and I will not budge. I just do not believe in death.

    One year ago yesterday (July 11th) my dear friend John Gerwitz passed from this world into eternity, to go 'Home' to be with God. In typical 'group' fashion, Julie who is John's wife threw him a huge celebration. We partied, toasted with champagne and other tasty cocktails, danced and celebrated John's Life all day yesterday. We were celebrating John's first year getting safely 'Home'. The celebration of John's Life was simply fantabulous. The party was on the rooftop of our friend Kitty's mega-tall building. There must have been 70 people in attendance as we collectively remembered John and all of our Loved ones who passed from this world into eternity. At exactly 4:30 we had a moment of silence because that is the exact minute that John passed into eternity. Oh the spiritual romance of it all.

    I am known in 'the group' and throughout the 'expanded group of friends' as 'The Church Lady'. It is hilarious because everyone says it with a Jerry Lewis type voice. "Hey Church Lady!" As a Catholic and Eucharistic Minister, directly after Mass every single day for three months I would bring communion to John and Julie. I am a 'nun-wanna-be' except for the fact that there is that one little issue called 'a boyfriend' that I just cannot and will not give up. Julie and I melted our brains together and came up with a service that lasted about 15 minutes after which the entire group released Monarch butterflies, which in Native American Animal Medicine symbolizes transformation. Not only are the lives of our Loved ones transformed when they pass, but we are transformed as well through their passing.

    I have experienced the passing of a Loved one just like you. The pain of my other grandson Nick is still so near, yet I know he lives. He Lives! There is a lot of spiritual romance in knowing that he lives and where he is this very minute. I have two grandsons who are identical twins, one in Heaven and one on earth. Nick is the identical twin of my grandson Jacob, who I call Big Tree. Folks, I urge you to talk about these people who have passed. Remember them. Say their name. Tell us all about them. Celebrate them. Ten bucks says next year, we will do the same thing . . . throw another party celebrating the Life of John Gerwitz and all our Loved ones.

    AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

    A bazillion blessings~ Dr. Loretta Standley

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    [Posted 1:00 p.m., EDT - Monday afternoon, 7/10/2006]


    AudioOsda Sunalei [Good Morning in Cherokee]

    One of my favorite quotes is by Ellen MacArthur, who is the youngest woman to sail around the world in record-breaking time. I JUST LOVE RECORD BREAKERS! And I admire Steve Fossett too, another fantabulous record breaker! I do not admire Ellen MacArthur because she is a woman and did this, I admire Ellen MacArthur because of her spirit and the way she went about doing it. Just because she is a woman makes no difference to me. I do not admire success simply because of gender or color. Ellen pushed herself and did it. I see Ellen MacArthur as pure human spirit and she makes me a better me! I see Steve Fossett as pure human spirit and he makes me a better me!

    "I have seen my limits and gone beyond them."
    Ellen MacArthur

    I am an extremely competitive person whereas everything is a competition to me. Everything! I kid you not. Quite honestly, I do not really see other people as my competition because there is only one of me, so how can I really have any competition other than me? I am out for my personal best and there is always room for improvement. Further, I do not believe that anyone has to go without in order for me to have. I believe, going without is a choice! [Granted this does not include those who are under the political dictatorships, etc.] I think we know what I am referring to here. This is not about materialism . . . it is about everything I want to 'have' and 'enjoy' in my Life, but it is me who has to make this happen.

    Over the past month I have pushed myself to be a better person in all 12 houses of my Natal Chart. When you think about what each house represents, this is no easy task folks. Some of the things I have juggled during this time have left me baffled and wondering, "What was I thinking!?!" In short, I am a better person as a result. I have been living out of a suitcase for nearly a month and updating the website from airport's, hospital's, hotel rooms, friend's homes, cars, camping sites, backyards and even parking lots. All along I kept remembering Ellen and saying to myself, "I see my limits and push beyond them?"

    When I arrived home this morning my first thought was, "So this is where I live." And then I fell into shear excitement. I am excited because I have no idea what is next for me. None whatsoever! I am excited because I am pushing and results happen when we PUSH. Sitting around waiting for the Universe to drop something in your lap without pushing does not make any sense. Would you reward someone for just sitting there? Life does not work that way. You have to do something. You have to PUSH.

    AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

    A bazillion blessings~ Dr. Loretta Standley

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    [Posted 11:00 a.m., EDT - Friday morning, 7/07/2006]


    AudioOsda Sunalei [Good Morning in Cherokee]

    First things first - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!

    I always thought relationships were the toughest thing in the world to master, especially romantic relationships. This could be due to the fact that I have Saturn (the butt-kicking and hold you responsible planet) in my 7th house of relationships and partnerships. Saturn makes you work harder in the house that Saturn occupies in your Natal Chart. Naturally since I have had to work very hard in this 7th house, then I have developed a few insights that have helped me grow and mature all of my relationships. Saturn will also make you much more patient in the house that it occupies. It may take a few years before you understand patience is necessary, but sooner or later you will get it because Saturn has a way of forcing the issue.

    One of the biggest things that I have learned about relationships is that it is up to ME, to help YOU, understand ME. If I don't tell you about me, then how would you know? If I don't tell you about me, then you have to guess. If I don't tell you about me, then you might assume. If I don't tell you about me, then I may be misunderstood. If I don't tell you about me, then how do we communicate? If I don't tell you what upsets me, how would you know? If I don't tell you what makes me happy, how would you know? I don't tell you what makes me sad, how would you know?

    If I am un-willing to share me with you,
    then what kind of relationship do we have?

    Folks, no one knows you better than you. Please, just knock it off with making your spouse's, boyfriends, girlfriends, children, parents, siblings, co-workers, friends, etc., guess who you are. It is child's play and ridiculous behavior when you make someone guess about you and then get mad when they guess wrong. Do you see how silly that sounds? If you do not tell them, then they don't know. Help them understand you. Take your time. Explain you. Teach them about you. Saturn is the 'teacher' of the zodiac, so here I am teaching about relationships because 'Saturn the Teacher' sure as heck taught me.

    This website is successful because of the sharing that goes back and forth between me and you through e-mails or phone calls. If you understand me, then it makes it easier for you to connect with me and share in return. Folks, you must practice being you! If you are not even practicing being you and working on being a better you, then how in the world is someone else suppose to practice a relationship with you. Every day is practice because you get to try again tomorrow. There will always be more to learn in relationships, which is why you should practice daily.

    All physiology, disease and illness is not known or understood.
    Why do you think a doctor's work is called a "practice"?
    Dr. Loretta Standley~

    AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

    A bazillion blessings~ Dr. Loretta Standley

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    [Posted 12:00 p.m., EDT - Thursday afternoon, 7/06/2006]

    Who Is My Soul Mate?

    AudioOsda Sunalei [Good Morning in Cherokee]

    I receive a lot of e-mail on relationships and questions as to whether a certain person is someone else's soul mate. I do not believe and I have never believed that we only have one soul mate. That just does not make any sense to me. I believe we have many soul mates and our souls are perfectly mated to many different people throughout our Lifetime depending on what our soul needs to learn at the time. We may spend a minimal amount of time with some soul mates in our Life knowing all the while that the connection was soul-full. Other soul mates we may spend decades together as we grow, learn and develop at the same pace. Soul mates are not just our romantic relationships. They are our friends, family and co-workers.

    Most typically, a woman will pour her heart out over an abusive or destructive relationship and then ask, "Is he my soul mate?" That question almost sounds unbelievable and a bit comical when not considered thoroughly, but my response is always, "Yes, absolutely! Your souls are perfectly mated to put up with each others drama and bull. You are two soul's that think alike." I always say that a alcoholic or drug addict will never be attracted to a woman like me. He will choose a mate who will accept his addiction and make it okay for him to continue. A man who is an alcoholic or a drug addict has only one word for a woman like me and it starts with a capital "B". Clearly, our soul's will not mate. This scenario holds true if the male/female roles were switched.

    All relationships, friend or foe, are mated for each soul's purpose. What one soul needs, the other one has; what the other soul needs, the other one has. While some of these soul mates may not look very appealing to the rest of us, these two people will find a deep connection that they need to live out together. Believe me, they are perfectly mated until one decides to grow and change. The other soul may choose to grow also; if not, the other soul moves on and the connection between them is complete. Soul mates need to live out their lesson and learn whatever it is their soul's are starving for. Where one soul mate ends, another picks up where the other left off. In any case, they will learn what they need to learn in order to get to the place that they need to be. Now if you want to deliberately choose to be a 'slow learner' at soul mates just because you are angry at your former husband, former girlfriend or parents, then okay. It is your Life, but I guarantee that if you do not understand the lesson you were being taught from that soul mate, you will have to re-live it. How does that make you feel?

    This gentleman e-mailed me this morning because he wanted some specific affirmations to call forth a new romantic relationship. He was tired of attracting married women. I thought, "How cool. This guy is really finished with those type of soul mates! He wants a better romantic soul mate and he will receive better because he is complete with the other soul mates."

    Many times people will say in an e-mail that they feel as if they have known me their whole Life. That's because we are soul mates!!! Folks, learn from your relationships for Goodness sake. We are all in each other's lives for a reason. Look at them closely AS your soul mates. My friend "H" (Henrietta) is my soul mate, my mom and dad are my soul mates, my siblings are my soul mates, Julie is my soul mate, Christine is my soul mate, Claudia is my soul mate, Renee is my soul mate, each person in 'the group' is my soul mate . . . we are all in this Life of mine together and me in theirs. How cool is that?!?

    AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

    A bazillion blessings~ Dr. Loretta Standley

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    [Posted 11:00 a.m., EDT - Wednesday morning, 7/05/2006]

    Who Are You Taking With You?

    AudioOsda Sunalei [Good Morning in Cherokee]

    When my daughter Karmen was a little girl and she got herself into trouble I would firmly and coldly ask her with a straight look on my face, "Okay Karmen, who are you going to take with you?" I would always teach her that when we get into trouble, we always take someone with us. Always! We may as well all be chained together when one of us veers off the road. It is a very cold and selfish manuever on our part to not think of anyone else except ourselves when we 'choose' to drive our Life blindly. And it is most definitely a choice. I would teach her, when you do not self-discipline, then someone will have to do it for you. When you do not exhibit self-control, then someone will have to control you. Under varying circumstances, this can be applied to absolutely anything such as - health, finances, relationships, driving, drugs, alcohol, etc.

    Karmen knew that superficial I don't know responses would get her into more hot water with me. My job was to be her first teacher and that was exactly what I was going to do. Whatever she did, she needed to answer for it. I always refrained from punishing Karmen the first 24 hours after she was in trouble so that I did not go into crazy-lunatic-mom-mode. In this way I could be calm, rational and still come from a Loving state-of-mind. Anger is not Love. Yelling is not Love. It just isn't. It was important to wait for the calm. She also knew I had more time to think of a punishment. Quite the major bummer if you were my child I'd say.

    I remember one time in particular, she was 6-years-old when I asked her, "Okay Karmen, who are you going to take with you?" She slowly and tearfully rattled off nearly every single person she knew. I nearly broke down into proud sobs for my baby because she got it. My little cherub knew that her bad decision impacted everyone around her. She was taking all of us with her even though she really didn't want to. She was going to be grounded and we all had to pay in some form or another. It was going to happen and she could foresee it now and had remorse. My six-year-old little Leo cubbie had experienced insight, foresight and hindsight in the span of a minute.

    Folks, before you make choices, consider other people and how it impacts them. Granted we should be helping each other through difficult times, but I think you know what I am referring to here. While there are certainly wounds we carry from childhood that we work through as adults, we also experience self-inflicted wounds from our own bad decisions that impact and compromise other people unnecessarily. The bottom line here is the more you embrace responsibility and self-discipline, the easier Life can become. No kidding! It really does work that way.

    AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

    A bazillion blessings~ Dr. Loretta Standley

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    [Posted 1:00 p.m., EDT - Tuesday afternoon, 7/04/2006]

    Gossip and Trash Talk

    AudioOsda Sunalei [Good Morning in Cherokee]

    Today Mercury goes Retrograde at 3:28 PM Eastern Time. Keep in mind that Mercury is the planet of communication. Right now Mercury (communication) happens to be in the sign of Leo. During this Mercury Retrograde we will face having to deal with our own 'ego involved' style of communication. This goes for everyone! Self-monitor and self-correct your ego during this time. It will take some practice.

    Keep in mind that the Sun is in Cancer right now and this also has a communication effect on us. Cancer is the sign of the "nosey neighbor". This is because Cancer rules home and family; and they also dig with those pinchers. Many times Cancer's dig into places that is absolutely none of their business.

    Check out your Natal Chart to see which house Cancer rules in your chart and this is where you will have Cancer tendencies. Cancer is the 'gossip' of the zodiac. Believe me, I know how this Cancer energy works because I am a Cancer Rising so I have had to do a lot of self-monitoring in this area of my chart. Now I know better and I can hold a secret without batting an eye. While Pisces can hold a secret, Cancer can't wait to tell a secret. Again, the gossip of the zodiac. If you are a Cancer you may have already self-corrected this tendency. You must realize if you are gossiping about someone, then someone is also gossiping about you. That folks is the Universal Law of Reciprocity.

    Below are two lines that I use that keep me out of gossip-mode and that influence others to do the same:

    1) "I will not participate in this conversation." -- This is a simple line that can be delivered gently without anyone feeling as though you have reprimanded them. It also silences the gossip very quick. There is nothing more that needs to be said. Just state the line, then either stand there silent or walk away.

    2) "I will not participate in conversation that makes fun of other people." -- This can deflate laughter at others expense real quick. And believe me, I use it!

    I will be updating your daily horoscopes for the next few days today and prayerfully I will get the weekly horoscopes updated as well before I head out to celebrate the holiday.

    To all the military service men and women who have served the United States, past and present . . . my most sincere and deepest gratitude. Thank You!

    AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

    A bazillion blessings~ Dr. Loretta Standley

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    [Posted 10:00 a.m., EDT - Monday morning, 7/03/2006]

    Just Say, "Thank You"

    AudioOsda Sunalei [Good Morning in Cherokee]

    When something happens three times, then I feel compelled to share 'it' with you. This weekend, three different times I gave a compliment in one way or another to three different people and received the same type of response in return. This reminded me of how I would deliberately and purposefully teach my patients how to "receive". I also have a few "receive" exercises that I still use when teaching my workshops.

    Additionally, I am very clear about compliments, meaning I do not pay a compliment just to receive one in return. I do not need a compliment from someone else in order for me to feel Good about myself. Oh yeah, I use to, but not anymore. Sure, unconsciously it may happen once in a while, but fishing for compliments is just not my style. I do not 'make nice' in order to be liked. If I say something nice to you, then you can believe I mean it. It is a 'purity of intent' thing.

    1) Yesterday, I paid a compliment to a woman at church wearing a beautiful yellow straw hat. I happen to be a hat Lover. I have more hats than I can wear and I still buy more of them. And hat boxes! I LOVE hat boxes. Oh yeah - and hat pins! I just Love them! I enjoy wearing floppy hats, baseball caps, stylish hats, winter hats and my favorite hat is this beat-up straw cowboy style hat with Indian beadwork and bonework sewn in. I Love that hat! Back to the lady with the hat . . . so I pay this woman a compliment on her hat because I was genuinely drawn to it. She pops off with, "Oh this old thing! I've had for years!" I smiled and said, "Just say thank you."

    2) Saturday I paid a compliment to a client during a phone reading with regard to an awareness she recently had. I said to her, "Wow, that is some incredible insight! Way to go putting that puzzle together." Then she pops off with, "I guess I'm not that stupid after all." I said to her, "Did you hear what I just said?" There was a pause on the line, then she quietly said, "Yes I did." I responded, "Then just say thank you."

    3) I found myself assisting someone who was going through a very challenging time and complimented him on getting through the difficult process. His response was, "I'm sorry I had to involve you in this mess." I looked at him and said, "Just say thank you."

    Folks, if you cannot receive a compliment or assistance, then how are you going to receive anything else? How can you receive a parking spot, a raise, a better job or a new and improved relationship if you cannot even receive something as simple as a compliment. Where is the gratitude? Remember when Jesus healed the 10 lepers and only one came back to say thank you? Jesus asked, "Were not all ten cleansed? Where are the other nine? Was no one found to return and give praise to God except this stranger?"

    Did you know that Source (being God) is stimulated by gratitude? How likely would you be to give more if you were not appreciated and thanked? So many times when we pray, we are asking God for something. We are these little children of God continually pulling at His pants leg constantly wanting something. How great it would be if we gave God some gratitude and acknowledgment before we asked for one single thing. What if you just said, "You know what God, I appreciate You. Thank you!"

    Click here to learn how to pray. The guidance button in the left green column is chocked full with prayers, angels, affirmations, novenas and other wonderful nuggets. Get out there and go practice your gratitude. It really does take practice. Now when you say, "Thank God" it should actually mean, "THANK God!"

    AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

    A bazillion blessings~ Dr. Loretta Standley

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