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[Posted 8:00 AM EST - Thursday morning, 01/29/2009]


AudioOsda Sunalei [Good Morning in Cherokee]

Read the last Daily Message titled, Live to Work or Work to Live

Monday afternoon two words popped into my head out of the clear blue . . . professional jealousy. I had no idea why those two words came to me but there they were so I had to entertain them. I immediately checked in with myself to note what I was thinking to see if there was a connection or if it was me who was professionally jealous of someone else. I'm all about checking myself and calling me on my own stuff but nothing was coming to me. I do my own thing, in my own time, in my own way. Professionally jealous? Why would I be professionally jealous of someone else if I'm doing what I want. This phraseology is nothing new as many of us have probably experienced some form of professional jealousy, either through our own self-undoing or by going through the motions when someone else is jealous of us.

I have a fairly relaxed work environment where I can wear what I want and take as many breaks as I need. (I know the boss . . winky wink) I also watch an enormous amount of movies while I'm working. When the phone rings, I just hit the mute button. So there I was watching one of my favorite movies, "Good Will Hunting" and brain-noted several instances of 'professional jealousy'. Why was this coming up for me? I remember deliberately pausing the movie and contemplating the connect with my two word phrase earlier in the day. Why did I receive a DLG (Download from God) about professional jealousy?

Fast forward to Tuesday morning I had already planned to take the day off and spend the entire day in fun-fest-mode with my friend Christine to celebrate her birthday. It began with a fancy schmancy breakfast, an early movie at the Science Center Omni-max Theater about the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River, the next several hours at a day spa getting all glammed up and then rounding out the evening with sushi and cocktails with the rest of our friends. As Christine drove us from point A to point B, I checked in for a moment on my iPhone for any e-mails that might need my immediate attention. And that's when I saw it, an e-mail that ripped my heart open. My heart hasn't been that injured in a very long time. In fact, it's been so long since I've been hurt that I couldn't really drudge up the feeling of being hurt if I wanted to . . . but this e-mail in less than 20 seconds leveled me.

I had received an e-mail from a stranger who had not just criticized my work, my spirit and my intentions but also pulled the trigger on my appearance saying my picture shows my eyes as being too wide open and shiney, so I must be "high". As Christine and I drove along I could feel my spirit being drained and filled with hurt as I read this e-mail from a stranger. Christine was talking to me but I didn't hear a word she said because my mind was on the e-mail. I nodded and smiled as if I was listening but my thoughts were in that e-mail. I didn't say anything to Christine about the e-mail I received because it was her day. Why bring her spirit down by telling her what someone wrote to me? When we arrived at the Science Center I was still in that e-mail for about 15 minutes into the movie when it dawned on me. That's it! Professional jealousy! God had already tipped me off with the DLGs and prepared me ahead of time. That e-mail had nothing to do with me. There was nothing in that e-mail that was true and I needed to let it go. My life wasn't painful, it was the person who sent me the e-mail who was in pain. I had allowed myself to be leveled to the same degree of pain as the person who sent the e-mail due to their own lack of self-worth. It had nothing to do with me.

What you think of me is none of my business.
T. Cole-Whittaker

While sitting in the Omni-Max I remembered a line in the movie from "Good Will Hunting" when Robin Williams said to Matt Damon, "I thought about what you said to me the other day about my painting. I stayed up half the night thinking about it. Something occurred to me, then I fell into a deep peaceful sleep and I haven't thought about you since . . you haven't the faintest idea what you're talking about . . . but you presumed to know everything about me because you saw a painting of mine and ripped my f'n life apart . . . "

For about a half hour I was heart-broken over that e-mail then it dawned on me that I represented everything that person wanted to be and everything that person was not. I could stop taking it personal because it wasn't about me. This person claimed to do similar work as myself but then I realized we were in no way similar because that person was filled with a type of energy that I was not. And the rest of the day was miraculous. I understood why I was DLG'd the phrase, "professional jealousy" and why I was DLG'd to watch the movie, then I could share it with you and we could all entertain professional jealousy together and become better people. I understand that I was the vessel to teach you about professional jealousy today. I'm more than strong enough to handle this in order to teach others through my experience. I get it! I recover quickly and I keep going. I put myself on this world stage, I chose this forum and there will be those who think personal attacks is acceptable. I am more than clear that this person was open to the 'negative one' overtaking their spirit and then they acted on the thoughts in their head and sent me the e-mail. I am also clear that I work for God and it is He Who fills my spirit. That shine in my eyes . . that's the Light of my Maker and those in darkness cannot see the Light. I get it!

"Get thee behind me satan for you are offensive to me,
because you are not thinking as God thinks, but as man thinks."
Matthew 16:23

There are so many wonderful, juicy and valuable lessons that came through this experience and if anything, it made me even stronger. Just because a person chooses a public stage does not make it okay to injure their spirit. Leveling someone in order to make yourself feel better will never be an attractive character trait. It doesn't matter if it is me, you, an entertainer or any public person, we all have people who Love and care about us. If we injure someone's spirit, it's never just that one person . . it's everyone else that Loves that person as well. Jealousy is like a cavity that is filled with old food rotting and baking in your mouth at 98 degrees that starts stinking profusely, which would automatically make your words nasty and distasteful. If I allowed Christine, my daughter, my parents, my friends or anyone else who cares about me one tiny bit to read that e-mail, it would have hurt them severely. Jealousy is a very unattractive character trait and serves no Good purpose except in very few cases such as this . . meaning, I share the lesson with you and we all 'get to' learn that jealousy in any form is our own self-undoing, not someone else's unless of course we buy it. Oh I bought it alright, I bought it and owned it for about a half hour until I realized what was really going on and remembered Who I work for. (winky wink)

"Now get out there, go place yourself UP!
and practice being you."
-- Dr. Loretta Standley

AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

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[Posted 3:15 AM EST - Monday morning, 01/25/2009]


AudioOsda Sunalei [Good Morning in Cherokee]

Read the last Daily Message titled, A Crazy Game of Roulette

First, thank you for all the wonderful comments about my work; I am truly grateful. For the most part (about 98 percent of the time) my visitors understand that it's just me behind this computer screen. There's no staff. There's no webmaster. It's just me. I'm actually the webmaster behind the webmaster e-mail address. Even though the work I do is of global proportions, I still like to keep it personal and answer my own phone and e-mail. If you think you are getting in touch with me, then you ought to be able to get in touch with me. I'm a simple thinker folks. I work without a schedule and rarely write anything down. Since the internet never closes, every day looks the same to me. It could be Thursday for all I know. My brain runs on 'dates' of the week and not 'days' of the week. Even so, there is strict order in my chaos so I can be open to the surprise, adventure and excitement of Life.

I do things in a certain way so that all of the lines of traffic in my head keep moving. If I learn of an easier way, then you betcha I'm going with that way next. I have no problem switching gears for the benefit of 'easily and effortlessly now'. In fact, that is my affirmation of choice that I basically use to solve everything. If I'm in a challenge, no matter how challenging it may be, I just think to myself, "Easily and effortlessly now. What is easy and effortless?" Then I always receive the insight for a way out. Okay, sometimes I run into a brick wall but so what! I just refer to that as a "wake up call". If we didn't have challenges in life, then why be here at all? What would be the purpose in showing up here on the planet if we didn't have anything to challenge us? I'm really like a little kid's mechanical toy that bumps into a wall and then unaffected back's up and heads off in another direction. I may even run up on something and flip myself over with my wheels spinning but I guarantee that you can place your bet that I'm still in the game. On my back giggling or crying, you can still deal me in.

What's up with the struggle?
Why do people dig on that stuff?
Dr. Loretta Standley~

I'm always looking to Love, laugh, play and goof off but I can't do that if I buy the affirmation 'hard and challenging now'. How could anyone? For me, if something is an ugly challenge, then it needs to get fun real fast. That's when I start shaping it the way I want and therein lies the wonderful challenge. I make my Life work for me, not the other way around. There's no doubt, I'm a workaholic and a funaholic; equally addicted to both. I'm such a dual-natured Gemini it would make your head spin. In the same breath, I don't live to work, I work to live . . . I make my life work the way I want to live.

"Now get out there, go place yourself UP!
and practice being you."
-- Dr. Loretta Standley

AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

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[Posted 10:00 PM EST - Thursday evening, 01/22/2009]


AudioOsda Sunalei [Good Morning in Cherokee]

Read the last Daily Message titled, The Contact Miser

Rah-hoooooo my little chickadees! I made it through the bulk of Mercury Retrograde . . . whoooo hooooo, which has been absolutely phenomenal. I have been typing my buns off so let's just pray it shows up on the scales. (winky wink) While updating charts from the past (which I have been offering over on the Daily Horoscopes) and continuing to do so through the end of Mercury Retrograde I got a tiny bit behind in posting your Daily Horoscopes a day early. It's important that I post a day early on the Daily Horoscopes so that the New Zealanders (who are 18 hours ahead of Eastern Time) are updated on time. While that's great news for you folks here in the United States, it challenges me to be on top of my game . . even through Mercury Retrograde, but I ram-jammed through the hefty part and now you are updated through Saturday, January 24, 2009. While one side of the world sleeps, the other side is awake . . it's a crazy game of Roulette I play on a day by day basis but who better to do it than a Gemini like me who enjoys a phenomenal juggle to make it happen? So now I'm going to curl up with Tom Cruise tonight and Mission Impossible III and get my batteries charged with some action and adventure and then I'll finally get to writing Daily Messages on time again. How's that grab ya'? Until then . . . remember what I always say below.

"Now get out there, go place yourself UP!
and practice being you."
-- Dr. Loretta Standley

AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

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[Posted 6:00 PM EST - Thursday evening, 01/15/2009]


AudioOsda Sunalei [Good Morning in Cherokee]

Read the last Daily Message titled, The BS'ers

Did I ever tell you that I'm a contact miser? It's true and so is my friend Christine only she's way worse than I am. Christine is actually the Queen of the Contact Misers. I won't even go into how miserly she can be when it comes to ordering new contact lenses or should I say 'not ordering' new contact lenses. I do have clients out there who are optometrists and ophthamologists who have turned the tables on me and read me the riot act about my contact miserliness but I am getting better. You wouldn't believe how long I can make one pair of extended wear contact lenses last, still, Christine is worse. I don't know what it is because it's not the money and I know it's not the money in Christine's case either . . but alas, we are the reigning champions of being stamped 'The Contact Misers'.

As usual I'm down to my very last pair of contact lenses, which is about the time I start squirming and ordering a new stash. The worst part about this whole scenario is the last pair that I have ARE IN MY EYES! Oh the life of a contact miser. So a couple of days ago I went online to order my new miserly stash and the order goes through as normal. The next day I receive a phone call from www.1800contacts.com and they said that my prescription expired and that my doctor's office said I needed a new prescription. I giggled into the phone and said, "Ah creepin' crud, they busted me!" Immediately, if not sooner, I made an appointment with my eye doctor and was able to get in the next day. SWEEEEET! oh the life of a contact miser.

I think my eye doctor is THE BEST because he's a great teacher of the eyeball and he shoots from the hip. I told him the reason why I was avoiding a new prescription is because it was essentially like not wanting to get on the scales and see weight. This is important at my age. (winky wink) I just didn't want to see my numbers get worse. He understood what I was saying but didn't understand my logic, which in turn is understandable. Then he went into the 'scared straight' approach to get me to stop sleeping in my contacts, which prevents oxygen from reaching and nourishing my orbit. I mean this guy pulls no punches and just scares the heck out of me with all the eye problems I could be potentially causing myself. And then he shakes his finger at me and says, "You should no better doctor." I know, I know, I know . . . oh the life of a contact miser.

After he read me my "Eyeball Miranda Rights" he says, "Well this is interesting. Your prescription has gotten better." I said, "Really? So being a contact miser works?" Completely unamused at my statement but a little amused at my humor he says, "Apparently!" Then he laughed at himself for saying that. I told him that I did everything he told me to including using two different powers of reading glasses, one for the computer and the other for reading a book; the only exception is sleeping in them. I continue sleeping in my contacts but I am getting better. Then I told him that I really thought the reason my prescription balanced out was because my life was much more balanced. Then I went into my ethereal holistic mumbo jumbo explanation after which he said, "The golf clubs, right?" He was referring to a statement I had made three years ago when the power in my prescription was so drastically different between my left eye and my right eye. I spoke to him about balance at that time and it's like carrying golf clubs. The body leans to one side, but the eyeballs always want to be directly over the base of spine so the body torques as the head straightens and aligns back to center, thereby putting the eyeballs on the horizon. The eyes always seek balance even if everything else is torqued and out of whack! Three years ago when my prescription took a drastic nose dive, I told him about the golf clubs and that my life must really be torqued. Now that my life is much more balanced it has shown up literally in how I see. Then he finally conceded that there must be something to all this "holistic mumbo jumbo" when your life is in balance your health is in balance.

"Now get out there, go place yourself UP!
and practice being you."
-- Dr. Loretta Standley

AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

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[Posted 4:50 PM EST - Tuesday afternoon, 01/13/2009]


AudioOsda Sunalei [Good Morning in Cherokee]

Read the last Daily Message titled, What Gets Your Fist Pumping in the Air?

As many of you may know from reading my Daily Messages I hang out with a large group of friends and we do just about everything together. We camp, fish, hunt, travel, float and do a lot of volunteering together. In fact, we do so much volunteering that we actually have a non-profit organization called, The Benevolent Society of Brothers and Sisters. For short we call ourselves BS2 or BS Squared. We are also very well known as the BS'ers . . pun intended. We are a full-fledged legitimate non-profit organization with officers, I am the current president, and there about 30 total BS'ers in all.

This past Saturday I spent getting our new website up and running because I wanted it ready to rumble before Mercury went retrograde. If you visit the NEW AND IMPROVED BS'ER WEBSITE I will have the rest of the pictures loaded by the end of today and you can see some of our silly antics. And don't worry folks, the new website does not have to be updated daily or anything like that so it won't take away from my work over on this website. I will only be updating the BS website when we have new fundraisers. Take a peek at the new BS website and see what I'm really up to when I'm away from this computer and away from my grandson.

"Now get out there, go place yourself UP!
and practice being you."
-- Dr. Loretta Standley

AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

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[Posted 4:30 PM EST - Friday afternoon, 01/09/2009]


AudioOsda Sunalei [Good Morning in Cherokee]

Read the last Daily Message titled, What's It To Ya'?

I was having a conversation with a few friends the other day when I said that I believe we will all find ourselves in the street pumping our fist in the air over something during the Pluto in Capricorn transit. If you read the Horoscopes on this website then you probably know by now that I believe the planetary influence for civil unrest is incredibly strong. Things are so on the fringe of change and Barack Obama as the next President of the United States is just the tip of the iceberg. As you know there is so much more underneath the tip of an iceberg. The bigger part of the iceberg is under the water and we're going to see the rest of it. You can call it rebellion, revolution, shake-up or break-up because the people have had enough. People have even had enough of their own dang self and are ready for personal change. As I always say . . .

"Whatever is happening on a global level,
is happening on a national level,
is happening on a community level,
is happening on a personal level."
Dr. Loretta Standley~

So I was asked what would cause me to march in the streets and pump my fist in the air. There are a lot of things that I am flat out against or that I don't support but I still wouldn't be in the street with my fist in the air over it. For instance, I'm pro-life but I've never marched in the streets over it. I'm against capital punishment but I've never stood outside any prison walls protesting it. I'm against blood diamonds, child and elderly abuse, child and elderly neglect, slavery, communism, racism, forced vaccinations and immunizations, irresponsible pet owners, animal abuse and cruelty, wreckless drivers, underage drinking, FGM (female genital mutilation), child labor, human trafficking, any violation of human rights or civil rights and so much more. I could go and on and on. I'm against terrorism, censorship, sweat shops, socialism, gluttony and environmental abuse, misuse and overuse. But what would actually cause me to march in the street pumping my fist in the air?

It's hard to say what I would cause me to march in the street because I've never marched in the street over anything but one thing that really creeps my crawl is purchasing ANY designer purse, sunglasses, tennis shoes, clothes, sports jersey, etc., that is a fake! When I see people wear or carry fake designer anything I can easily turn into a one woman protest march. At the same time I give them the benefit of the doubt that they must not realize who they are supporting and who they are hurting when they purchase fake designer anything. If you want collagen injections, botox, breast implants, cheek implants, liposuction, a rhinoplasty, a blepharplasty, tattoos, blonde hair even if you're a brunette, acrylic nails, body piercings, teeth whitening or porcelain veneers . . then I say go for it! What the heck, it doesn't hurt me. It's not about me. That has nothing to do with me so why should it bother me? Further, I don't see how any of those things violate anyone's human or civil rights . . . but designer fakes most certainly DO!

I for one Love designer bags, accessories and sunglasses and see them as an investment rather than a symbol of status or rank in society. When I see 'designer fakes' then I think that is when the product is being used as a status symbol but not in the way one might wish to think. It drives me crazy because that person must not get it or they wouldn't buy the fakes in the first place! I absolutely do not like wasting money and I want my money to last, so over the long run its less expensive than buying a couple of bags a year that will eventually wear out. I have a few designer bags (purses) that are 25 years old and are still in mint condition and now they're vintage. I just can't see spending money on something that isn't high quality or the real thing but then again I do have a Capricorn Moon and a Capricorn strong natal chart. We Capricornian type people are materialistic and do like THE BEST that life has to offer. We'd rather wait and go without until we can have what we want. I'm certainly not ashamed or afraid to admit it. That's just who I am and I like nice things. Being materialistic matters how you stand in it. You won't see me spending money on anything cheap, plastic or fake that will just turn into clutter. I remember wearing a beaded hair bow one time and my Aunt Jackie (mom's sister) took one look at it and said, "Made in Japan." It took me all of three seconds to get that fake hair bow out of my hair. I didn't have a problem with Japan, I had a problem with it not being Indian made. It was fake! Aunt Jackie can spot fake Indian jewelry a mile away like I can spot fake designer products from bags and sunglasses to tennis shoes and perfume. Now my stance on 'fake designer' products have nothing to do with my Capricornian ways but have everything to do with the impact it has on the world.

Buying fake designer products funnels money into terrorism, drug trafficking, child labor, causes job loss and severely impacts the economy including when reputable businesses lose money to fake merchandise. It's a huge cycle that causes a lot of pain to a lot of people on so many different levels. Oh yeah, I have a real problem with fakes. I also think it is a 'lack mentality' which can prevent you from ever having the abundance you really want. So before I go stomping off down the street pumping my fist in the air, if you have the time or inclination to enlighten yourself on the impact of buying fakes, please click on this link by Harper's Bizarre called, Fakes Are Never In Fashion and please, make certain you WATCH THE VIDEO. By the way, if you see someone selling fakes, the STOP! Hotline is (1-866-999-HALT). I guess this is only the beginning of my fist pumping publicly on this issue and yeah, I probably would march in the street over it.

"Now get out there, go place yourself UP!
and practice being you."
-- Dr. Loretta Standley

AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

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[Posted 1:20 PM EST - Thursday afternoon, 01/08/2009]


AudioOsda Sunalei [Good Morning in Cherokee]

Read the last Daily Message titled, When Everything Goes Right

I think one of the most Loving things anyone can do is take the time to really get to know what's important to someone else; including the little things. Maybe those things aren't important to you, but it's important to them. Today my daughter Karmen had the day off so she and I were able to take my grandson "Big Tree" to school together. As we pulled up to the drop off area Karmen looked in the rear view mirror and asked Big Tree what he was thinking about because he was so deep in thought.

Big Tree quietly said, "Nothing."

About a minute later he leaned forward and said, "Okay mom, you know those two cookies in the bag?"

She said, "Yeah" as she held up a baggie with two chocolate chip cookies in it.

He said, "Take one cookie and break it in half. Give one half to Granny and the other half is for you. Then give the other whole cookie to Daddy."

She said, "Okay."

Then he said, "Did you do it?"

She lovingly smiled and said, "I'm doing it now." Then she broke one cookie in half.

Big Tree leaned forward even further from the backseat and said, "Which one did you break in half?"

She said, "The top one."

He relaxed back into his seat and said, "Okay, Good."

After Big Tree got out of the car and scurried happily down the sidewalk with his backpack bouncing on his back I said, "How did you know which cookie to break in half?"

Karmen smiled sweetly and said, "I know my kid and what's important to him."

"Now get out there, go place yourself UP!
and practice being you."
-- Dr. Loretta Standley

AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

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[Posted 11:20 AM EST - Wednesday morning, 01/07/2009]


AudioOsda Sunalei [Good Morning in Cherokee]

Read the last Daily Message titled, My Holiday Update

Yesterday afternoon my daughter Karmen called and needed me to come over for a couple of days because her husband Larry needed to go out of town at the last minute on business. After I dropped my grandson 'Big Tree' off at school this morning and was approaching the exit of the parking lot, a woman and her little girl were pulling in. It was obvious that she was pulling into the exit because she had to. Initially I though she just had overshot the entrance and ended up having to come in through the exit but after I stopped and let her in I could see that she had a flat tire.

I drove about an eighth of a mile and then received a DLG (Download from God) to turn around and go back. It dawned on me that her daughter probably didn't go to school at my grandson's school because otherwise she would have turned into the entrance to begin with and not gone further and ended up turning into the exit. When I returned to the parking lot a man had pulled up next to her and was already digging through her trunk looking for the jack to change her tire.

I pulled up to other side of her car and asked if she needed to get her daughter to school. Still in her pajama pants she had a brilliant glow about her with a smile that made me want to do anything for her. She said that her daughter went to the other school up the road and then asked the man if he minded if she rode with me to take her daughter to school. They hopped in and off we went. After she walked her daughter inside and we were driving back to her car she was so cheerful and grateful that everything was being taken care of so quickly for her. She said earlier this morning she had received a call from the temp service she worked for and that her temp job had ended and she didn't need to come in to work today. Then just after she hung up with them she received another phone call from a new company that wanted to hire her. She was tickled at the timing of it all and I could tell this woman was only open to things working out for her. I could tell she expected it. Now you know that's the kind of attitude that I dig on. There was no consideration for anything less than things working out wonderfully. Then she chuckled about how her tire busted and then the man shows up in a split second to change it and then I show up seconds after that to take her daughter to school. This woman was clearly not skipping one beat in her day.

As we pulled into the parking lot another man had pulled up next to her car and now two men were on task. I said to her, "Wow, next thing you know a helicopter is going to land and the prize patrol from Publisher's Clearinghouse will appear with balloons and a check or maybe Oprah will show up with a new car!" We laughed until we nearly cried. As I pulled away it was clear that this woman had the ability to manifest so wonderfully because she was grateful in advance. Before help ever arrived, she was already grateful for it. She didn't wait until things completely unfolded before she decided to be grateful or not. She was already sitting in gratitude when the temp service let her go this morning and then she manifested a better job one phone call later. She was already sitting in gratitude when the tire went flat and then she manifested help seconds later. There was no consideration for anything less. The only thing this woman thought about was when everything goes right.

"Now get out there, go place yourself UP!
and practice being you."
-- Dr. Loretta Standley

AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

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[Posted 11:20 AM EST - Tuesday morning, 01/06/2009]

My Holiday Update

AudioOsda Sunalei [Good Morning in Cherokee]

Read the last Daily Message titled, Communicating in the New Year

As you may have noticed, I didn't write much in the way of Daily Messages throughout the holidays. Like anyone else it was actually a fairly busy time and I still managed to get everything posted on time and a day early. It was a busy time with the website for several reasons. I had to change everything over to 2009 and it is a time of the year when a lot of people are at home and searching the web, which makes it the busiest week of the year for me between Christmas and New Year's.

I spent Christmas Eve night over my daughter Karmen's house, as I usually do, and woke up Christmas morning to my grandson 'Big Tree' yelling, "A miracle happened, a miracle happened!" I was tickled to see all of the things that I did with my daughter Karmen during Christmas that now she and Larry (her husband) were now carrying over into tradition with Big Tree.

Karmen and I always treated Christmas as a birthday party. We always baked Jesus a birthday cake only we got the presents. (winky wink) Karmen did the same thing at her house. Stockings were always a big deal to us as well and it took us nearly an hour just to go through it all because the surprises were just so incredible and the stockings were so enormous and jam packed. We could always looked forward to some of the usual things in our stocking each year such as; a new and different Pez dispenser, a magazine and always a couple of cans of silly string. Karmen did the same thing at her house. I only read science magazines like Discover, Omni, National Geographic or Scientific American, so the magazine in my stocking this year was Discover. Big Tree received a subscription to 'Discover for Kids' and a renewal of his 'National Geographic for Kids' magazine. He's soooo like his granny. Then after the stocking we would take a break before diving into the presents. After opening presents, then I always made a man-size-ranch-hand-breakfast! It was just like having Christmas with Karmen as a little girl because we did the same thing at Karmen's house. Larry's family came over for Christmas dinner and then afterward out in the backyard we all chased each other around shooting silly string at each other. Karmen and I have been having silly string fights on Christmas Day since she was probably three years old. I ended up losing my beaded feather earrings in the backyard during the silly string fight but Big Tree and Larry eventually found them.

Every year Big Tree gets me a new knife for Christmas and this year's knife was just phenomenal. Now that might sound a bit odd but I'm an outdoors gal and I Love my knife collection and one day it will be his collection. Big Tree always gets me a knife that has a sheathe so I can wear it on my hip when we're camping and hiking. A knife comes in pretty handy in my world. And yeah, on two occasions I had forgotten to take a knife out of my purse at the airport and had it confiscated. Luckily it wasn't one that had sentimental value but I've finally learned my lesson. One day Big Tree and I were at the lake by his house sitting at a picnic table painting bird houses that we had just built when we overheard a man nearby tell his son that he didn't have a knife to cut his fishing line. Big Tree yelled over to the man, "My granny's packin'." The man laughed and said, "Are you granny?" I said, "Yeah." He said, "Do you have a knife?" I said, "I sure do!"

Since Karmen was a little girl she always gave me a gift that took me straight into the ugly cry. Karmen was so excited about this year's gift she could hardly stand herself. She and Big Tree gave me a new sewing basket, only it's not a basket. It's actually a red canvas bag that is used for sewing and it has pockets for all my sewing gadgets. And they had it stocked with even more sewing gadgets and notions. They took puffy paint and wrote on it, "Granny's Sewing Bag from Big Tree." One look at this bag and in two seconds I had my hands covering my face in full-blown ugly cry. It was great! (winky wink) Big Tree and Karmen Love it when I sew them something and I always make their Halloween costumes so the sewing bag was very personal. Christmas was just fantabulous!

Basically between Christmas and New Years I worked nearly non-stop. I was planted in my chair for nearly 18 to 20 hours a day during that week; so much so that my legs started hurting. It's always like that during Christmas and New Years because so many people are at home and surfing the internet.

Then on New Year's Eve I stayed home and worked. It was just a busy time and if you've been coming to this website long enough, then you know that I will run off and play in a heartbeat without an inckling of a guilty conscience, so staying home on New Year's Eve wasn't a big deal. I've done it many times before and I actually prefer it. Although I did spend quite a bit of time texting my five brothers and sisters back and forth. There were times when I was laughing so hard I was crying. I had sent a text out to my brothers and sisters before Midnight to tell them how much I Loved and appreciated them and then they had me rolling in tears after that texting me back things like, "Shut up!" . . "Loretta who?" . . and other really funny stuff that I probably shouldn't repeat because some people may not get the joke. All in all . . . it's been a wonderful start into 2009 and I've hit the ground running.

"Now get out there, go place yourself UP!
and practice being you."
-- Dr. Loretta Standley

AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

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[Posted 3:33 PM EST - Monday afternoon, 01/05/2009]


AudioOsda Sunalei [Good Morning in Cherokee]

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I am a firm believer that it is up to us to teach others who we are. I think it's unfair to make others guess what we need, what we want or how we feel. It's actually pretty childish when you think about it. Since I believe it's my job to teach you about me . . then I want to start off 2009 by teaching you how to communicate with me. I'm a gal who absolutely Loves personal service; therefore, I enjoy giving personal service to others. I like the fact that I'm so accessible to you by phone or e-mail . . but I prefer phone. I've worked very hard on sculpting my communication with the masses and you'd be amazed how well organized it is.

After several years of chiseling out my style of communication through this website it's finally taken a wonderful shape. I'm finally at a point where I don't receive any forwards from anyone. Thank You God! I had to threaten several people by telling them that if they don't take me off their forward list then I would give their e-mail address to my Aunt Jackie and my cousin Cynthia down in Cherokee, NC because those two gals can shoot forwards off like cannons. That'll teach 'em! winky wink And many of you know that at the bottom of all my e-mails it says, "As a gentle reminder, please do not add me to 'any' forward list." So needless to say, the forwarding problem I experienced for so long has completely ceased.

I also decided to only take health questions by phone and this eliminated another load of e-mails. Answering health questions through e-mail was such a pain because I wasn't getting enough information. Sometimes a person wouldn't even say if they were male or female or their age, which are two very necessary pieces of information. I would send an e-mail back asking my question and the person would e-mail me back and simply say, "Yes" and not even sign their e-mail leaving me to search for their original e-mail. I'd sit there and say to myself, "Yes what?" They didn't use complete sentences. By the time they had gotten back to me I had already answered hundreds of e-mails and I had no idea who they were. Geez, it was crazy. So I eliminated all health question e-mails and now they are all phone questions. I do not answer any, and I mean any health questions through the e-mail but by golly if you want to call, I'm here baby! Let's roll.

Honestly folks, I prefer phone calls to e-mails. I am a bold cut to the chase type of gal and it's so much easier to answer a question (health, spiritual or astrology) faster on the phone than it is to volley several e-mails back and forth. E-mail has become so impersonal and it doesn't reflect the tone in one's voice. It drives me crazy! Then someone gets their feelings hurt. aarrrggghhhhh! If you must e-mail, okay, I'll force myself to read it (winky wink) . . otherwise, just give me a call and ask your question. It's almost too easy! Now don't be surprised if you catch me on my bicycle, it's okay, it happens all the time but at least your question is answered. Right? I'd rather be mobile and doing my thing rather than tied to a desk and thinking about doing my thing. Folks, I'm a Gemini, I can do two things at once, it's my nature. It's what we Gemini's do because we can't help it. My number is easy to find because it's at the top of every single page of this website. And as I always say, "If I answer you have not interrupted me. If I don't answer, just leave your name and number and I will call you back shortly."

And don't worry, I'm not going to say, "Now you owe me . . ." Believe me, I know the difference between a health question and a Personal Health Consultation or an astrology question and a Personal Insight Reading.

"Now get out there, go place yourself UP!
and practice being you."
-- Dr. Loretta Standley

AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

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