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Astro Chart, personal readings with DrStandley, health consults with DrStandley, eBooks and more

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Sun trine Jupiter on DrStandley.com

This aspect shows an easy flow of energy and is generally considered favorable. You will mostly experience trines as talents and advantages. However, trines can also show areas which are the line of least resistance. This means that you may be letting these talents slip by unnoticed and that you are lacking motivation.

It is important to understand that the Sun rules the identity, ego, individuality, power and pride, while while Jupiter is happy-go-lucky, fortunate, abundant and optimistic. Jupiter is lucky, adventurous and cannot be caged or locked in to one thing. Jupiter is very benevolent, generous and philanthropic. Jupiter rules religion, legalities, red tape, higher education and the higher court.

This trine makes you optimistic and happy-go-lucky seeing only positive outcomes. This aspect can see the positive outcome that no one else saw coming or even considered, since so many are focused on the negative. The Sun is naturally ruled by charismatic and enthusiastic Leo, while Jupiter is naturally ruled by happy-go-lucky, optimistic and wanderlust Sagittarius. No matter what sign you plop these two planets together in a trine, it is still awesome energy, although if they are in fire signs, they would take on a fiery qualities of their natural state. But still, the fact that they are trine together under any circumstances means they are taking on the fiery qualities of their natural state.

The Sun (which is actually a Star) and Jupiter (a planet) are the two biggest cosmic bodies in our Solar System. When you put these two cosmic bodies together BIG things happen because by nature they are too BIG not to be noticed. How do you not see or notice the Sun? Even when it's daylight and there is a storm present or cloud cover, the Sun still shines through. Jupiter is also one of the five visible planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) if you know where to look. Jupiter is known as the 'morning star' and is easiest to see in the predawn hours or the morning twilight. Jupiter is also known as the 'kind planet' because remember, the Sun is a star, not a planet. So to have the Sun and Jupiter dancing beautifully together in a trine is just about as magnificent as it gets. The Sun rules the Leo the lion, who is the king or royalty of the zodiac, but then Jupiter is also known as the king planet. Do you see the magnificence of this combination? It has royalty, abundance, lavishness, gold and more than 'plenty' showered all over it.

This energy cannot hide because it is too BIG not to be seen. This Light cannot hide under a bushel because it's too brilliant. This Light cannot be put out because that would be the end of the world. So when this energy shows up in the natal chart of an individual, it's a Light that will never be put out, even after their passing, their Light will shine on due to their impact on others.

Sun Trine Jupiter on DrStandley.com

This aspect represents an individual who really enjoys living their Life. There is popularity, flair, abundance and no consideration that they would not get want they want, it isn't even a thought or a blip on the radar. This aspect is a success no matter which wayit turns. This aspect brings so much popularity that wherever the individual goes, they are usually the most popular person in the room, OR they will be singled out to entertain, perform, tell a story, recite, give a speech or do something that would be for the one who does have the highest seat in the room. Remember, this aspect has royalty written all over it, so the attraction to royalty is evident in their associations, decorating, style, mannerisms and business dealings.

It would be highly unusual for someone with this aspect to go without the comforts in Life. The comforts in Life aren't like the normal comforts in Life such as - food, shelter and clothing because those are necessities in Life. The comforts in Life would be living on the nicer end of the spectrum. Comforts in Life come so easy that there may be a tendency to be lazy and self-indulgent, thereby not working as hard as the individual could because they will get what they want, anyway. But if the individual puts forth even a little effort, much less a lot of effort, there would be an explosion of results.

This aspect ALWAYS gets what it wants. It just does! In fact, wants and desires can come so easily with this aspect that not be putting forth your best efforts would be such a loss because the gains are so great when best efforts are made. This is similar to the A student who is doing C work. Doing C work would mean nothing was done and that the indivdual didn't even try. It would be impossible for this aspect to completely fail a person. Even if they did absolutely nothing they would receive more than a passing grade and get a C. No matter what happens, this aspect will just land on its feet like a cat thrown off a roof. This aspect reveals an individual's capability much more than they are letting on; therefore, they must make it a strong point to double-down and apply themselves even more.

When these two heavenly bodies are trine there is an incredible amount of abundant and blown out of proportion energy. Individuals with this placement do not know how to do anything small, only BIG and YUGE. Whether you Love him or loathe him, Donald Trump has this aspect with the Sun trine Jupiter. He is also known for saying, "Since you have to think anyway, you may as well think BIG!" With this aspect you can have more and you can accomplish more if you simply apply yourself more. This aspect 'has to' refrain from lethargic and self-indulgent behavior because it will only hold the individual back from all that they were meant to be and it would be a complete misappropriation of energy or a misappropriation of planetary funds.

This aspect reveals a generous degree of creative talent with a considerable amount of self-confidence. This aspect shows an individual can like oneself without being conceited or boastful, although Donald Trump shows what it looks like when it is channeled as conceited and boastful.

Personal pride and integrity show up plainly in the way the individual will conduct themselves. This aspect can make for a very lucky person, because things just seem to fall in place. This aspect clearly has 9 lives (and then some) because the individual will just keep landing on their feet.

The Sun trine Jupiter will cut a comfortable course that allows the individual the ability to maintain their own freedom and control of situations. This aspect is also intelligent and articulate that is very well informed on many subjects.

This aspect will open the doors to indulge oneself, while at the same time be very generous and philanthropic to others. It helps to relate well to people because this aspect can be magnanimous and give others the benefit of the doubt. It will also help to get past pettiness and give others the benefit of the doubt.

When the Sun is trine Jupiter, there is success, Good fortune, luck and helpful people. Sooner or later, usually much sooner than later, this aspect will win over the doubters and win the cooperation of everyone (the entire Solar Sytem). This aspect has an enormous amount of confidence, which can look egotistical, but then again an individual would have to have an enormous amount of confidence in order to handle and use this energy wisely. You can't be a mouse with this aspect. It just wouldn't happen. This aspect reveals the BIG PLAYER! At the same time, because so much is given to this person and so much is expected from them, that they are pretty much protected by Divine and spiritual forces. There is a lot on their plate and they are expected to win and impact the planet in a huge way. Where their own basic happiness, survival and needs are concerned, they will always be taken care of and will never be down and out. The spirit is naturally generous, almost to a fault, and then the Universe turns right back around and blesses the individual. It's a perpetuating cycle that cannot be stopped. It snowballs bigger and bigger and bigger. This aspect is most definitely concerned about their fellow man, even if it doesn't look that way to others. The individual is so BIG that how could they possibly think of their fellow man. Well, with this aspect, they do!

Since Jupiter rules philanthropy, benevolence, honesty, higher morals and standards of conduct, the individual with this aspect will no doubt be called to a higher purpose to make a difference or BIG impact on the world. Remember, Jupiter has global impact. This aspect is also prophetic having insight, foresight and hindsight. Jupiter's motto is, "I see therefore I am" which has the gift of sight, and the Sun's motto is, "I will therefore I am" which has the gift of power, strength, endurance, stamina and willpower.

This trine highlights the Sun's natural ruling 5th house of pleasurable activities, parties, romance, dating, Love affairs, playtime/acting, sensual emotions, Lovers, parenthood and sexuality, creativity, artistic pursuits, hobbies, recreation, procreation, babies, pregnancy, children. It also includes leisure, games, sports, speculation, money made through sport and fun, self-fulfillment, joy and bliss . . and Jupiter's natural ruling 9th house of the ambitions, dreams, goals, visions, intuitive insight, foresight and hindsight. It also rules prophecy. Jupiter rules new adventures, new experiences, the higher-thinking mind, religion, churches, college, higher education, teachers, legalities, legal red tape, brothers and sisters-in-law, philosophy, philanthropy, foreign land and foreign culture, long distance journeys abroad, global impact, airlines, vacations and international commerce. Now click the graphic for your Sun Sign below and go read today's Daily Horoscope, plus your Monthly, Yearly and Generational Horoscope.

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