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Astro Chart, personal readings with DrStandley, health consults with DrStandley, eBooks and more

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This aspect shows an easy flow of energy and is generally considered favorable. You will mostly experience trines as talents and advantages. However, trines can also show areas which are the line of least resistance. This means that you may be letting these talents slip by unnoticed and that you are lacking motivation.

It is important to understand that Saturn is very serious and does things in a practical and disciplined way. It has a military, government and authoritarian presence to it. Saturn stabilizes and controls its environment through discipline, hard work and responsibility. Pluto has massive power, which has the power to transform through destruction and then reconstruction. Pluto is a super-power, volatile and explosive. This can be channeled productively or destructively.

This aspect has the ability to understand what 'is' according to Universal Law. It is through sensing and understanding these laws at the most minute level that an individual can respond to the subtleties and currents both consciously and unconsciously. Knowing how to respond to these subtleties and currents makes one a master at using Universal Law and how life works.

Saturn trine Pluto works well in professions that deal with minute subtleties and currents in Life. These professions would be scientific fields like physics and engineering, to astrology, the occult and even meditation and yoga. Those in these and similar fields are able to comprehend Universal Law and nature at levels far different from others.

Saturn is firm and Pluto is powerful, together this aspect is longstanding willpower. Individuals with this aspect in their chart have a profound sense of mission in life that they must accomplish. They are compelled to fulfill a purpose, more than they are to achieve. Although this aspect is also compels the high achiever. This aspect has leadership capabilities as executive and managers. This placement can, will and welcomes responsibility and power. Remember, this aspect has the power of transformation and nothing stays the same once this aspect has made contact, especially if this aspect impacts the angular houses (1st, 4th, 7th or 10th houses).

As an executive, CEO or manager, there is an ability to succeed and motivate both the self and others. Plans are not only made, they are carried out. This aspect means business. The willpower is strong and relentless in pursuing goals.

Saturn is the planet that loves to work and enjoys organizing the work environment with managerial capabilities. When coupled with Pluto the work environment is transformed and changed.

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